The Renter

I had placed an ad in the paper to rent a room. Having to pay all of the rent for such a large house was draining my resources. Besides, a guy of 18 who had moved away from his parents watchful eyes, needed to show them that he was self sufficient!

The ad said, “Wanted, male, 18 to 24, to share 2 bedroom house, with same. Rent, $200 per month. Call.” And the number was listed. I had the ad running for a few weeks and a number of guys came by to look. The house was a typical bachelor pad, sparse furniture and no frills. It was located in a quiet neighborhood and far back far from the street and other houses. I was renting from a couple who had moved to Florida and wanted someone to take care of the house.

I guess that either the house was too far away from civilization, or my house keeping was atrocious, because I had no takers. My money was starting to run low and having no extra income as I had planned, was getting to be a real drag. Then I got a phone call from Julie. I hadn’t considered renting the room to a girl, as I thought that it could cause some complications when I brought a date home.

She was in terrible need of a place to stay. Her apartment complex had been sold and the rent was increasing to a point where she couldn’t afford to live there anymore. I told her that I didn’t really want to rent to a female, but she must have sensed that I was getting desperate to find a renter. She talked me into letting her look the place over.

When I opened the door, I was taken by surprise. I had envisioned a plain looking girl with glasses. She had long blonde hair, which cascaded down to her waist. Her blue eyes sparkled with excitement and she was a very beautiful vision of loveliness. I ushered her into the room and began making excuses for the shape of the house. She ignored my comments and seemed to have a number of ideas to spruce up the house.

I was being entranced by her beauty and wondered if I should really rent her the room. Although there were some complications, I thought that it just might work out to our mutual benefit.

She said that her name was Julie and she liked what she saw. She also said that the closets in the spare room would be fantastic for her clothes. She was ready, willing and able to move in that night. She had been staying at a friend’s house for the past few weeks and it was getting very cramped. I hesitated but when she said that we could try it out for a month and see how it would work out, I relented. I needed the extra money towards the rent.

Julie moved in that night. She didn’t seem to have much with her when she came back, but would move the rest of her things in the next weekend. She put her room in order and came back out into the living room, where I was watching TV. She had a few pictures with her and asked me if I would mind if she put them up on the wall. Having none up myself, I said “Sure”. She started making herself at home right away.

The next day was Saturday and I was out in the yard cutting the grass. Since it was very hot, I had my shorts and shoes on, but that was it. I was really sweating while I pushed the mower around. How I wished that I could afford a power mower. As I passed the living room window, I thought I noticed Julie at the window, but wasn’t sure. The sun was shining against the window and the reflections from it were quite bright. It sure was hot!

As I was finishing up the yard, Julie came out of the house with a tray of glasses and some lemonade. “I thought that you could use this about now” she said, “You have really been working up a sweat”. As she said that, she put the tray down, poured me a glass and sat down. As we talked, I could not help but notice that she kept looking at my body.

I felt somewhat uncomfortable. Julie was sitting opposite me and kept looking me over. Not staring, mind you, but more than a casual glance. I was muscular and was in pretty good shape. Her eyes seemed to be probing me, checking every crevice of my body. Still we talked although nothing was said about sex. I don’t think that she was intentionally trying to embarrass me, but it was working. I was getting excited!

All of a sudden, she said that she had to start dinner and I had to get back to the lawn. I watched her as she walked towards the door; her bottom swaying in the sexiest way. I had quite a lot of trouble keeping my mind on the lawn. I wasn’t sure, but I think that she was watching me occasionally from the window.

When I was done, I put the mower away and went inside. The smell of the pot roast was fantastic! My mouth started to water as I headed towards the bath room. There was only one bathroom and it was in the hallway. Julie and I would have to share it. As I started up the shower, I found that the exhaust fan wasn’t working, and would have to leave the door ajar to let the steam out. I like the shower hot and can really fog up a bathroom. I slid the shower door shut behind me and started lathering up. The whole time I was in the shower, I got the feeling that I was being watched. It was probably a feeling left over from earlier, when I thought Julie was staring at me.

I dressed for dinner (something I hadn’t done when I was alone) and we sat down to eat. Julie was wearing a loose-fitting blouse which left little to the imagination. I could see where the top of her breasts met and her nipples were somewhat visible through the cloth. She was very beautiful and I was started getting aroused! She had set a very neat table, napkin holders, matching plates and even a vase with flowers in it adorned the table.

“You have been very busy today, haven’t you, Julie”, I said. “Well, you worked hard today yourself and you deserve a good home-cooked meal”. I asked her about herself and she about me. We had a number of things in common and I felt very much at ease with her. We seemed to be hitting it off from the beginning.

After dinner, we sat down to watch a movie on television. I guess that I dozed off, because eating such a big dinner always makes me tired. When I woke up, I think I noticed Julie looking at me again. I think I was getting paranoid. I decided to go to bed, but couldn’t get to sleep.

I started wondering why she might have been watching me cut the lawn and while I was sleeping. The more I thought about her, the hornier I got! Since I sleep in the nude, it was easy for me to put my hand on my dick and rub it. It felt so good that I didn’t want to stop. Julie was so good-looking and I was getting so excited!

I was so involved in taking care of my needs, that I didn’t notice that Julie had come into my room. She was wearing one of those see-through nighties and the hall light behind her, left nothing to the imagination as far as her figure went.

“Hey Joe, I knocked on the door, but I guess that you didn’t hear me.” I had pulled my hand out from under the sheet and tried to look innocent. I didn’t know what to say.

“You were knocking on the wall and it kept me from going to sleep, she said.

I realized that my bed must have been hitting the wall as I was jerking off. Before I had time to make up an excuse, Julie came closer to me. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she put her hand on the mound that my dick was making under the sheet. It was hardly un-noticeable!

Her hand pressing down on me was almost too much to stand! I was ready to explode. Sheepishly, I told her that men sometimes have to take matters into their own hands. There was no reason to lie, as she had caught me red-handed. She started to rub me and said “Your house needs a woman’s touch and from what I see here, a woman’s touch is something that you need also.”

“I have been watching you today, you know. I think that you are the cutest guy that I have ever seen.” Blushing, I thanked her. She was taking her fingers and slowly letting them travel up and down my dick.

“You have the sexist body. It has muscles in just the right places and I like the way that your stomach looks like a washboard.”

“Julie, if you don’t stop rubbing me, you are going to make a mess!” I joked. She pulled the sheet down and my swollen dick made sort of a thump as it hit my belly. She then took her hand and started stroking me again.

Julie was really getting into jerking me off. She was sliding the skin down so that the head of my dick was exposed. “Uncircumcised, ummm, different, but enjoyable.” She took my dick into her mouth and started sucking it. I felt the warmth of her mouth around it and it felt so good. She started bobbing her head up and down, and applied more suction on each stroke.

After a while, she removed her mouth and put her hand back on me. She was stroking me faster and faster, up and down. I closed my eyes and my breathing was getting heavier and faster. I thought about her sucking and jerking me, when all of a sudden, she stopped. When I looked, she was undressing and squatted down on me, guiding my dick into her juicy pussy. She started lifting her self up and lowering herself down on me. She was bouncing faster and faster, up and down.

It took only a few minutes before she brought me off. She didn’t stop when I shot, though; she just kept bobbing up and down for another few minutes. She was moaning loudly now and starting to come herself. I was massaging her tits and they felt so good. The nipples were getting hard as I rubbed them between my fingertips. Finally she came and we alternated between snuggling and having sex, the rest of the night.

That was a number of years ago and we are married now. The problem is that we still have this spare room. Julie says that if we rent it out, it must be to a girl. She says that one man around the house is enough for her.