The Photographer

“You do understand the nature of the photographs we’ll be shooting,” Carl asked, “I just want to get everything out in the open so that later on we don’t have a problem!?!” “I understand,” the matronly female replied, “most of them will be me by myself, but some will involve other people!” “And just to make it even more clear,” Carl responded, “those pictures with the other people can involve both men and women and are of the x-rated variety!” Glenna nodded her head slowly and asked, “And how much money do you pay for posing!?!” “It varies,” he answered, “Two hundred a day for solo, three hundred for soft core, and five hundred for the hard stuff, now are you sure you want to go through with it, it’s pretty easy if you have the temperament for it, but if not”! “I need the money,” Glenna replied, “but I want you to know I don’t have a perfect body by any stretch of the imagination, in fact I have a few sags here and there, and my breasts aren’t what they once were either!” Nodding his head, Carl replied, “That is exactly what muy client wants, the grand motherly type who is all woman and oozes sensuality, not some plastic little girl who’s all silicone and hair spray!” With a short laugh Glenna shot back, “Well, I’m certainly not that!” “All right then” he said “let’s get started!”

“I’ve never done this before,” Glenna offered, “are you sure that your customer wants a sixty year old has been!?!” “You look just fine, baby,” Carl said soothingly, “okay now, lean over a little and let me see some of that cleavage spilling out of your bra!” “Oh, wow,” he enthused, “what size bra do you wear, you’re really huge!?!” “Uh, 42dd,” she replied softly, “do they look too big?!?” “Are you kidding,” he replied as he snapped away, “you can never be too big in this line of work, now be a good girl and drop the bra for me!” With nervous hands, Glenna reached back and undid the five clasps that held her industrial strength brassiere in place, and with almost little girl shyness, let it slip from her shoulders to the floor! “Holy smokes,” he gasped, “incredible, just incredible, baby, you have the juiciest jugs I’ve seen in a long time, and those nipples, christ alive, it looks like you must have breast fed fifty babies!” Hearing his comments about her chest not only raised a little red in her cheeks, it also caused her vagina to dampen! It had been a long time since a man made such sexually suggestive comments about her body, and just because she wasn’t in her prime, a lady never tired of hearing a man tell her that he liked the way she looked!”

For the next hour Carl snapped away, taking hundreds of photos of Glenna posing topless and wearing just a panty girdle, and just like he had said earlier, if you got comfortable in front of the camera, it was a snap! After a whirlwind of quick poses, Carl asked, “Are you read for the next step, honey, I think the world is ready to see your pussy!?!” A slightly red faced Glenna nodded her head and began slithering out of her skin tight girdle as Carl’s camera clicked away! “Oooooolala,” he said with enthusiasm, “now that is a bush and a half, oh yeah, that’s it, show us your hairy muffy, yeah baby go, good, good, yeah that’s it, sit down and spread for me, show us that slit, oh yeah baby, your a natural!” She never thought it possible, but she was a true slut for the camera! Taking a large breast into her hand, she lifted the big nipple to her mouth and sucked on it, while with the other hand she held open her pussy so Carl could get some shots of her hard clit, and after taking a raft of pussy and tit shots, he had her turn over so he could get some of her big fat white ass! “Good, baby,” he offered, “show us that ass, oh yeah what a nice fat butt you have, fucking love it!

Okay, Glenna, let’s take five,” he said, “I’ve gotta reload the cameras, so just relax for a couple of minutes!” Glenna was getting used to being naked in front of the camera, and even though there was a robe available to cover up in between takes, she didn’t even bother picking it up, rather she just lay back with her legs spread and her fat hairy pussy overtly exposed to Carl’s eyes! After he was finished with the film, he came over and sat down on the platform next to her and said, “Good job, baby, my buyer is really gonna like these shots, there’s a big demand for “Grandma” stuff, I guess people are getting tired of perfection and wanna see women the way they really are!” “Can I ask you a question,” he asked, “if you don’t wanna answer, just say so!?!” “No, go ahead,” she replied, “fire away!” “I’m just curious,” he asked, while letting his hand run up and down her bare leg, “why are you posing like this, you just don’t seem like the type!?!” His hand was having an electric effect on her, and she had to catch her breath to answer, “Well, my husband of forty years passed away, and to be blunt about it, I need the money badly!” He continued to massage her leg and continued, “Are you ready to make some extra cash then, I think we’re about ready for the next step!?!” She was about to reply, but the air whistled out of her lungs as his hand rested against her pussy and he wriggled his finger into her now very steamy love box! Instead of an answer, a long low moan gurgled up from her throat and her hands just naturally went to her nipples and began softly twisting the big nubs! Carl continued to finger the excited woman and observed, “Well, I guess you already answered my question,” while out of nowhere he produced a huge latex dildo which he held in front of her face and went on, “now I’m gonna go back to the camera, and I want you to use this on your pussy, got it!?!” She was so excited by now she was next to incoherent, but she managed to nod her head yes as she took the big satisfier from his hand! When he finally got ready for this first shot he opined, “We’re almost ready, baby, but remember, I don’t want any faking, I want real orgasms, so whenever you’re ready, go to it!”

Jesus she was turned on, her cunt was leaking all over the place and her nipples were begging to be sucked, but instead of ramming the big rubber cock into her cunt, Glenna put the big head into her mouth and sucked hard, while pretending to give the fat dildo a blow job! “Oh man,” Carl entused, “you are one hot fucking bitch, that’s the way baby, suck that dick, act like you fucking want it so shoot into your mouth, oh yeah, do it, baby!” Listening to him encourage her on only made her hotter, so it was only a matter of time until she couldn’t stand it anymore, and almost without warning, rammed the thick cudgel of a cock deep into her begging pussy! “Oh god,” she moaned, “it feels so fucking good, it’s so fucking huge, my pussy feel totally packed with cock, oh jesus I’m fucking cumming, Carl, I can’t fucking help it, my clit’s just going off on me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, godddddddddddd help me I’m cummingggggggggggggggggg!” Carl was going from one camera to the other while trying to get the best possible angle for each shot, but now it was him that was sweating as he watched the matronly bitch put on a show that would have put any twenty year old to shame!

“Christ alive,” he said to himself as he walked over to the platform, “she is fucking hot!” “Oh, baby,” he said softly, “you really put on a show, are you sure you’re all right!?!” With the thick cock still hanging lewdly out of her hairy cunt, she replied “I-I’m just fine, but that was a really hard one, I haven’t cum like that in years!” “Tell me baby,” he asked while sitting down beside her, “when’s the last time you had a real live dick in your mouth!?!” “Over a year,” she admitted, “and do I ever miss it!” “Do you swallow,” he asked casually while gently taking hold of the end of the dildo and pressing it into her, “you look like the kind of woman who loves the taste of cum!?!” The sassy talk form Carl and the renewed pressure on the rubber cock, made Glenna’s pussy flood once more, and again her breathing became shallow as she tried to answer him, “I-I love sucking cum and swallowing, oh, oh, oh, that feels so good, ohhhhhhhhh, yessssss, I guess I’m just a cock sucker at heart, ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Now while actually moving the thick cock in and out of her pussy he asked, “So Glenna, would you consider yourself a cock hound or just a cock sucker!?!” This was insane, this potty mouth of a photographer was absolutely driving her crazy with lust, and as incredible as it seemed, she was on the verge of another giant orgasm! “I asked you a question, dear,” he persisted, “cock sucker or cock hound, which is it!?!” “Uh, ohhhhhhhhhh, god,” she stammered, “I-I don’t know, neither, no, no, that isn’t right, ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy, that feels good, I-I’m a cock sucker, that’s it, a cock sucker, ohhhhhhh!” “Of course you are,” he said sweetly, “and just to show you what a nice guy I am, I’m going to give you this,” as he stood up and let his hard cock bounce just inches in front of her mouth! When her eyes finally focused on it, she nearly went wild trying to put it into her mouth, but he playfully leaned back, just keeping it barely out of her greedy reach! “So,” he said in an innocent voice, “does my hot bitch Glenna want some hard pecker!?!” “God,” she panted, “don’t torture me this way, please let me have it, it’s been so long for me!” Now sharply twisting the dildo in her cunt, he asked in an even voice, “So tell me, bitch, how much do you like to suck dick!?!” The harsh twist of the dildo made her gasp, but she quickly recovered and begged, “Y-you know I can’t help myself, so please, let me put it in my mouth, I promise to swallow it, so pretty please, let mama have your hard young pecker!”

He kept moving the dildo and teasing her incessantly for the next five minutes or so, until he finally let her “capture” his cock and take it eagerly into her mouth! He was just getting into it, when she nipped sharply on his smooth head and causing him to yelp in pain! “You might have me at a disadvantage, junior,” she said with a wink, “but just remember this, you have your cock next to thirty two sharp teeth, so you better treat me nice!” “Touche,” he replied as he pounded the dildo in and out of her cunt, “you suck me and I’ll fuck you, deal!?!” “Deal,” she replied as she inhaled him back in!” She was absolutely rapacious, this sixty year old senior citizen, never in his life had he had his pecker sucked so expertly or enthusiastically, while on the other hand, she was thinking that not since she was much younger, had she had a cock that was so long and thick and made her feel like such a pussy! It was in front of this back drop that both of them exploded in a tumultuous mutual orgasm that left them both totally wiped out!

After a five minute recovery period, Glenna offered, “Too bad we didn’t have the camera going, that would be x-rated money!” He laughed a bit, then held up his hand to show her a remote control shutter switch, and replied, “I got it all baby, and I must say, you are a fucking natural!” She stared at the switch for a moment and then asked, “You mean, you got it all, I mean everything!?!” He nodded and replied, “Like I said, baby, everything!”


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