The Massage

Cindy parked her car in the client space outside the spa. She was smiling despite the horrible day she had just had. She was finally going to treat herself to a massage. She couldn’t think of anything she needed worse right now.

She entered the spa and the attendant showed her to the ladies changing room where she could undress and put on one of the nice white fluffy robes that the spa provided. Cindy stripped off her clothes and stored them in the locker.

After donning the robe, she went out to the lobby and waited to be called. She sank down into the overstuffed chair and closed her eyes. “Mmmmmmmmm, so comfortable,” she thought. She felt some of the day’s stress slip away. She was almost asleep when she heard someone calling her name.

“Cindy?” she heard a deep male voice ask.

“Yes,” she answered, opening her eyes and looking up at the young man standing before her. “Wow, are all the masseurs this cute?” she thought to herself.

“Hi, I’m Josh,” he said extending his hand. Cindy reached up to shake his hand and gasped at the electric shock that ran thru her at the touch of his hand.

“Damn, calm down girl,” she told herself. “You’re old enough to be his mother.” “Well, maybe just his aunt,” she thought, smiling to herself.

“This way, please,” Josh said as he gently took her elbow and lead her toward the massage room. They entered the room, which was dimly lit, with soft smoothing music playing in the background.

“OK, I’m going to leave the room for a few minutes and I want you to take off your robe, hang it on this hook, and then lay face down on this table with your face in this opening,” said Josh. “OK,” smiled Cindy.

She quickly disrobed and laid face down on the table, covering herself with the sheet.

There was a knock on the door. “Ready?” asked Josh. “Yes,” replied Cindy.

Josh applied warm scented oil to his hands and started rubbing her shoulders. “You’re very tense,” said Josh. “Yes, I know,” answered Cindy. “Well, just relax and I will take care of those knots,” said Josh. He massaged her shoulders for several minutes until the knots had disappeared.

Cindy found herself becoming aroused by the feel of masculine hands on her body. “Stop it,” she told herself. It’s just a massage.

“Is it warm enough in here?” asked Josh. “Oh yes,” answered Cindy. “A little too warm,” she thought to herself as she felt her face flush.

Josh took the sheet and pulled it down until it was just covering her buttocks and concentrated on her lower back. As he rubbed her lower back in a circular motion, he occasionally touched the tops of her butt cheeks. Cindy felt her pussy beginning to get wet.

“Oh God,” she thought. “Why am I getting so turned on by this guy?”

“Um, could you do my legs now?” she asked. “They’ve been bothering me all day.” They weren’t bothering her, she just wanted to get him away from her ass. “Sure,” said Josh.

He moved down and started rubbing the back of her legs. Mmmmmmmmm,”sighed Cindy. That was more like it. She felt her whole body relaxing.

Josh massaged her legs, moving higher and higher. As he moved up her legs, he moved his hands down and started rubbing the insides of her thighs. Cindy sighed contently. This was wonderful. Maybe she should get a massage everyday.

Suddenly Cindy felt one of his thumbs brush against her pussy lips. Her body jumped in response. “Just relax,” said Josh in a soothing voice. “Easy for you to say,” responded Cindy. Josh chuckled softly.

Then she felt the sheet being removed from her ass. She was now completely naked. Wait, was he supposed to do that? But before she could ask any questions, Josh started kneading her ass cheeks. “Oh God that feels good,” thought Cindy. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she said aloud.

Josh extended his thumbs and moved them to the bottoms of her cheeks. He started rubbing across and down until he had his thumbs on her pussy.

“Oh God,” moaned Cindy. She should stop this. Really she should. But ………

Josh slowly rubbed his thumbs across her pussy lips feeling the moisture that had already formed there. Unconscientiously, Cindy spread her legs further apart, allowing him better access to her pussy.

Josh moved his right hand down and slowly inserted one then two fingers into her wet pussy, sawing them in and out. “Oh Jesus,” groaned Cindy. She lifted her hips off of the table and pushed back at his fingers.

Josh leaned down and kissed the side of her neck sending shivers all over her. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked. “Noooooooooooo,” said Cindy. “Good,” replied Josh. “Turn over.”

Cindy rolled over on the table. Josh groaned at the sight of her laying there naked. “God, I love this job,” he said, grinning wickedly.

“Looks like you have something that needs rubbing too,” said Cindy, eyeing the huge bulge in his pants. She reached out and unzipped his pants, pulling out his long hard cock. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, come here and let me suck that lovely cock,” said Cindy. “Hold on,” said Josh. He quickly stripped off his clothes and climbed up on the table straddling her head with his legs.

Cindy lifted her head and took his hard cock into her mouth pulling his hips down to her face. She groaned at the taste of him. She opened her mouth as wide as she could to take as much of his cock into her mouth as possible. She relaxed her throat and moved her mouth up and up until she finally had all of him in her mouth, pushing the head of his cock down her throat. She swallowed, causing her throat muscles to contract around the head of his cock.

Josh groaned loudly as he lowered his face to her steaming pussy, inhaling deeply. He extended his tongue and slowly licked down one side of her pussy and back up the other side, teasing her. Cindy bucked her hips up at him, silently asking him to eat her. Josh chuckled softly and dove his face into her pussy, circling his tongue around her swollen clit. “Arruughghgh,” groaned Cindy around his cock.

Cindy removed his cock from her mouth and said “Oh yes, eat me Baby.” “Eat that pussy.” Josh licked that much harder causing her to buck her hips up at him.

She then moved her mouth up and slowly licked his balls, making sure to lick all around them. She then sucked each of his balls into her mouth, gently rolling them around. Now Josh was the one bucking his hips. Cindy chuckled softly, and then moved down to take his cock back into her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down on his cock, turning her head from side to side to cause more friction.

“Oh Jesus,” exclaimed Josh. “Wait,” he said as he removed his cock form her mouth and got off of the table. “Get up on your hand and knees,” he told her. “I want to fuck that hot pussy.” Cindy quickly complied, pushing her ass up in the air.

Josh climbed back onto the table and got behind her. “Arruughghghh,” he groaned as he looked at her glorious ass with her swollen pussy lips were peeking out at him. He thrust his cock into her with one long push.

“Oh yessssssssssss,” moaned Cindy. “Fuck me!!!!!!!!!”

Josh grabbed her hips and started stroking his cock in and out of her pussy. “Oh God,” she moaned. She started thrusting her hips back at him, taking him in as deeply as she could. He fucked her harder and faster. They were both moaning loudly.

Josh reached down and grabbed her dangling breasts squeezing then. Arruuugghghghh,” moaned Cindy. She could feel herself getting close to cumming.

She started rotating her hips on his cock while pushing back at him. “Oh God, I’m going to cum,” she said.

Suddenly Josh felt his cock being flooded with her juices. Her pussy muscles were contracting around his cock trying to milk him.

“Oh fuck,” he yelled as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and sprayed his cum all over her ass. “Damn,” he groaned as he finally quit shooting and leaned down to kiss Cindy.

They both collapsed onto the table breathing hard. After a few minutes, Cindy raised her head and smiling up at Josh said, “Damn, that was the best massage I’ve ever had.”