The Entertainment

It was a lonely Wednesday night when the urge struck me. I’m not usually a lonely man, but lately the well’s been a little dry. I have a lot of female friends, but don’t get laid much. As a result, I’m constantly frustrated. They say I’m good looking, and most of them know from experience that I’m not a bad lay, I just can’t seem to maintain a relationship.

Anyway, I was feeling like getting some action, but wasn’t sure how to go about getting what I wanted. I didn’t want run-of-the-mill, ordinary missionary style penetration. I wanted hardcore, up the ass, my dick in her mouth, ride-her-dirty smut. Better yet, how about two kitties to play with? The possibilities were endless. So naturally, I called up two of my old lays, gorgeous girls who I’m still friends with only by virtue of their tits being the best I’ve ever seen.

I called Maxine first. “Hey, Max, I’m having a party here tonight. Just a couple people, will you come?”

She’s a little bit of a booze whore, so the first thing she asked was whether I would have alcohol. “Of course, honey, just bring your beautiful self.” One down, one to go. Literally, hopefully. Jenny’s phone rang and rang, and I was afraid I would be stuck with just one girl, when suddenly she picked up.

“Yes?” Her snappy voice softened when she recognized my voice, and the dick attached to it. She fucks me when she’s between boyfriends, and it’s good for both of us. Now, both the girls thought I would be having a party, so I had to act fast when they got there. Of course, there was no party.

Max showed up first, in a silky little dress that barely covered her cunt, and every time she tugged it down it showed a sliver of the brown circle surrounding her nipple. Her nipples, good god that girl had nipples. The nipple of each breast was long and constantly erect, while the dark circle surrounding it was small and flat. Her breasts caught my attention as she bent to set her bag down, perfect round double d’s, balanced precariously over her flat stomach.

She never wore a bra, which always left stunned men behind her wherever she went. I quickly moved behind her to catch a look up her skirt, and was rewarded by the view of the sheer back of a white thong separating her asscheeks. Max should have been a model. Her ass just begs for something between those juicy glutes. I handed her a drink- a strong one, since I had stocked up on Everclear, just as the doorbell rang. Jenny walked in like she owned the place.

She was taller than Max by about three inches, and took advantage of it by wearing high heels with loose pants. Tonight, she wore gauzy white drawstring pants, and I could tell she was without underwear. She also wore a tiny halter top which barely covered the tops of her pale breasts, not huge but a perfect C cup. I love Jenny’s breasts, since the nipple is barely visible and has no aureole. She’s a natural blonde who also shaves. She and Max air-kissed, hardly hiding the fact that they wanted to jump on each other. They are closet lesbians, preferring to fuck each other but craving a dick every once in a while. I handed Jenny a drink and went to set up the bedroom and put some music on. When I came back out, the girls asked where the party was, and I had to confess that there was no party, but I hoped that they would stay.

Max cocked an eyebrow and Jenny smirked. “Well, party boy, you’ll just have to watch us party then.” Max unzipped her dress and let it fall, showing her whole perfect back and ass, then turned and shimmied a little, letting me watch her tits jiggle while Jenny stroked her ass. The stroking quickly turned into gentle spanking and pinching, and I watched Max’s perfect ass turn deep red and her nipples swell into almost phallic proportions. Yes, this would be a fun night.

Jenny kissed her wetly while squeezing her ass, letting her fingers wander past the thong between her cheeks. Max moaned and ground her hips into the intruding hand, then found Jenny’s breast and rolled the nipple between her fingers. Jenny walked Max over to the couch and bent her over it, breasts dangling and ass spread. “Max, honey, you’re being bad. I’m going to have to punish you. Max wriggled her raised butt, getting her sweet slime all over my couch and bouncing those wonderful breasts again. Jenny rustled in her bag, and found her prize.

“Ok, honey, hold still.” She stood behind the couch and raised the paddle. Thwack, down it came. Max screamed with pleasure and began twisting her nipples. Again, and Max’s little butt was practically humping the paddle. Jenny ripped the thong off, and swiftly brought the paddle down on Max’s pussy. Moaning, Max flipped over, spread wantonly, and begged for more. Jenny paddled her breasts vigorously, until they were the same red as her wet little pussy, then flipped her again. Jenny dipped her finger several times in Max’s slit, then began to work on her puckered little asshole.

Max cried out, in pleasure, but this looked like something new, even for them. Jenny fingered Max’s asshole until it was spread and glistening, and finally slowly inserted the paddle end between her perfect red cheeks. Oh, that looked nice, and the paddle accentuated that perfect spread. Smacking her friend’s ass, Jenny told her to stand up and keep the paddle between her butt cheeks. Max obeyed, and it was the most lewd thing I have ever seen. Jenny suddenly noticed her hand was dirty, and held it out to Max to clean. Max dutifully sucked her juices off Jenny’s fingers, while frigging her cunt, which made the paddle bounce suggestively. God, I wish I had taken a picture. Max began to play with Jenny’s pussy through her sheer pants, which were already quite soaked. Her gauze covered finger went into Jenny’s hot cunt over and over, spreading the wet circle in her crotch. She reached for the drawstring finally, and dropped the pants to the floor, except for the crotch which stuck to her lips.

Laughing, Max bent Jenny over on the floor, doggy-style, and began lapping at her cunt. The paddle, in her ass, was bobbing away as she licked. When Jenny began to cum, Max put a finger in each of her sticky holes and made her suck them dry. Jenny rolled over, wiggling out of the halter top, which really wasn’t hiding anything, and Max took her whole tit into her mouth. Incredible, watching her roll that pretty flesh around in her dirty mouth, all the while rubbing Jenny’s clit. Jenny looked bored, though, and soon pushed Max away. She started to stand, but Max pushed her down, and smiling pushed her thumb into Jenny’s puckered ass. Then she moved her into a crawling position and whispered “you’ll just have to take me with you.”

Jenny awkwardly began to crawl across the floor, feeling Max’s thumb with every wiggle. Her wiggling became more pronounced as she moved, eventually using less motion to propel herself than to force Max’s thumb to stroke her shit hole, while all the while the paddle was bobbing away between Max’s cheeks. Man, these girls were something else. They knew they were putting on a show, too, and were taking advantage of my helpless, swollen cock. I had eight inches of dripping cock in my hand, but I knew they would leave if I joined in without an invitation. They finally made it across the room to the kitchen, where Max lifted Jenny up onto the sink and spread her facing the tap, clit and pussy lips almost touching the faucet.

She turned on the water cold, and while biting Jenny’s bruised nipples splashed icy water in her cunt and over her hard little clit. Jenny struggled, but Max was as strong as she was sexy, and it looked like payback for the paddle. She looked around, and finding an empty Absolut bottle next to the sink, she filled it up with cold water and began to work it into Jenny’s pussy. The chill had her shaking with need in seconds, but the real fun began when Max started really stroking it. The cold water was splashing onto her cervix with every thrust, driving Jenny crazy. Finally, Max let her down, and sucked her clit back to warmth. Max reached for her purse, displaying her open ass and cunt to me, and finally offered herself.

“Aren’t you bored over there, baby? Come play with me.” She pulled a bottle of oil from her bag and a large red double dildo, and licked each head suggestively. Jenny made a grab for the oil, but missed, causing her to fall on her stomach, smashing her tits and leaving her ass in the air, as open and vulnerable as a man could ask for. Max handed me the oil, which I poured over Jenny’s round butt, concentrating particularly on her cunt and anal bud. The oil began to drip on the tile, and Max leaned under Jenny and began sucking at her clit and pushing her tits against the rug her face was on. Afraid of being ordered out of this heaven, I gingerly put my middle finger against Jenny’s rosebud, but her sudden moaning and movement convinced me and I got bolder.

I massaged the puckered skin around her butt hole, enjoying the tension there as she waited. Slowly, it began to loosen, and my finger slipped in a bit. Max restrained her as she tried to push it in, frantic to be filled. I wasn’t ready yet, though, and pulled Max out by the tit. Standing them both up, I swatted their asses lightly and pushed them toward the bathroom. Jenny bent to turn on the shower, and I began to rub my hard cock on her exposed pussy. She moaned and bucked her hips, and although I wanted to take her there, I knew there were better ways to cum. I told her to stand under the water and wait for me, while I got Max ready.

I laid Max on the tile floor, face down, and told her to finger fuck herself while Jenny and I got busy. She squirmed, trying to reach her pussy, raising her ass. It was still loose from the paddle fucking, which gave me an idea. I found a narrow shampoo bottle and wedged it between her cheeks so I could see every stroke of her hand.

Jenny was waiting for me in the shower, so I grabbed a new bar of soap and jumped in. She dropped to her knees and began to suck me while the water splashed over her head onto my balls. After a few moments, I pulled her up and turned her so that her head faced the water nozzle behind the spray, and her ass faced me and had a curtain of water over it. I spread her hands and feet like I was going to frisk her, and pushed the wet bar of soap up her cunt. Working it in and out, I created some lather that looked promising. Beginning to wash her ass, I soaped the cheeks and pinched her clit. She looked almost ready to cum, so I moved to her ass cleft. I ran my cock up and down it, feeling the soft skin and frothy soap.

Gathering a handful of later, I began to work it into her rectum. Suddenly, Jenny screamed and her pussy and ass muscles began to spasm. The soap shot out onto the floor as I stuck two fingers in her lubed ass. Still coming, she moaned “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckmeeeeeeeee!” Slowly, I slid my throbbing cock into her ass, feeling the clenching muscles pull me in. Suddenly remembering Max, I looked over to see her standing behind me, dancing a little with arousal. Good girl, she did know how to keep a shampoo bottle in her ass. I pulled her into the shower with us and moved the bottle from her ass to her pussy, and while fucking Jenny’s ass with my dick pushed the bottle in and out of Max’s pussy.

Both the girls came hard, grabbing at each others’ tits and Jenny’s ass trying to milk my cock as hard as it could. I stepped out of the shower and let them clean each other. Gently they worked water into their used holes and cooled their flushed skin. I stumbled into the bedroom to sleep, but not five minutes later the two girls came in giggling…I didn’t get much sleep that night, but that’s another story.