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Rodeo Games

The first couple of hours at a Rodeo can be a little bit disorienting. Things are going on all over the place. Our trailers were parked near one corner of the parking area, probably about ¼ mile from the main show rings. The sounds of the PA system were just really distant echoes. Our group had set up our stuff, gotten our horses comfortable and ready to go, and now I had a long wait before my rides came up.

This wasn’t my first show, not by a long shot. I had started to ride when I was 12, more than 6 years ago. I had tried a few different things, and after Daddy broke down and spent a good deal of money buying me my horse Buddy, I have ended up doing barrel racing. It is fast, intense, and really enjoyable. However, because it is a highlight of most shows, we tend to go on late in the day, so they can keep a good crowd.