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Katies Special Day

Katie took her time getting dressed – she had to be dressed well for the day, for the day she and her family had been waiting for, for over 6 months. It was a special day for her family and friends. There had been a lot of decisions to make, and everyone had suggestions, but in the end, so she didn’t favour anyone, she decided she would arrive on her own. Hence she was waiting for the time to leave – everyone else had gone on to the venue.

Katie had bought her outfit some time before, not sure whether it would be a hot day. Luckily for someone like her, now aged 24, poised and slim, short black hair, medium height, there was plenty to choose from. It was a hot day – it was hotter than anyone had expected, but the outfit had to be worn – the long sleeve dress. Luckily it was a light beige colour, suitable for the hot weather.

She had wondered whether it would be cold, and decided if it was, she would wear a shawl with it. She wouldn’t need a shawl! She would need little else, and decided that she would only wear a lacy thin bra, and risk not wearing any panties – she would carry some in her handbag in case, but it was so hot she decided to leave them off. Her mind had pored back and forth, but in the end she thought that if she wore them, they got sweaty, it would show under her dress, make her dress cling to them, and that wasn’t good.