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I Bet You I Could

“I bet I could suck his cock by the end of the week!” boasted Jessica, flipping her blonde hair behind her.

“You little slut!” laughed her best friend Amy, lightly pushing her, the two tumbling into each other. The pair were hanging out on Amy’s bed after school, as they had done almost every day since they were eight. Growing up together, the two would use the time to share whatever was on their mind, from fashion to fights with their parents. Now that they were eighteen, what was usually on their minds was sex.

Amy rolled off Jessica so that they were now laying down side by side, staring at the ceiling. “But, Mr. Crandall is, like, 10 years older than you for chrissakes, not to mention he could lose his job!”

“Yeah, but he still has a cock, doesn’t he?” Jessica pushed her tits up and together, straining her cleavage upward toward Amy. “And no matter who it’s on, the cock wants what it wants.” The two broke up into hysterical giggles once again.

Amy sat back up. “All right, Miss Confident, prove it. I’ll bet you fifty bucks.”

Jessica pursed her lips, intrigued. “If I suck off Mr. Crandall–”

“Within seven days,” interrupted Amy.

“–then you’ll give me fifty bucks?” finished Jessica. Amy nodded. “I’d do it for free!” she shouted, to more giggles from both.

“Fine,” eeked out Amy, her voice still choked with laughter. “I’ll up the challenge. You have to tell him up-front what you’re trying to do!”

Jessica’s eyebrows shot up. “That all you got?”