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Halloween Party

October 31st rolled around and it was time for Hanna’s annual Halloween party. Hanna was a wealthy, 55 year old widow. She liked company and invited everyone at the plant to her ‘mansion’ for the party.

The enjoyment was twofold. Firstly, people dressed up and competed for costume prizes. Hanna awarded $100 to up to five people if she couldn’t identify you with your costume on. This was hard because Hanna knew everyone there! There were also prizes for sexiest costume, most original costume and other prizes.

Secondly, It was an adult party. You could dance and drink the night away without anyone knowing who you were. I planned to go as Uncle Sam. Complete with glue on beard and mustache. I was going to go to Randy’s house and drive him to the party. I brought my costume to Randy’s house where we would dress together.

When I arrived I nearly had a stroke after his gorgeous wife Tammy answered the door. Tammy had her 5’3″ frame, complete with her D cup breasts, into a sexy, low cut, French maids uniform. I tried to pry my eyes away from her cavernous cleavage.