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The Costume Party

We were going out for the evening. My work was throwing a costume party for Halloween and we were going to go as a a bee and a flower, me as the bee and him as the flower.

We got dressed and left for the party I was already in a mood and so was he. We really did want to go so we decided to wait until we got home to fool around… we needed to get going, it was over on the other side of town. So we got to the party and the place had been decorated in this fantastic way, lots of dark corners for adult fun. Just waiting for me to drag my “honey” into one.

We went to the punch bowl and got our first taste of the refreshments and then went out on the dance floor. The party had already begun to swing, the DJ had just started a slow smoochy one, so we swung out on to the floor and wrapped ourselves together dancing real slow and close. I decided to tease him by nibbling on his neck and running my hand along his crotch and slipping him the tongue when he kissed me.