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Buddy Fuck

My Wife Andrea worked for an economic development company that traveled with business leaders to different cities to entice companies to move to our city. On one of these trips she was with two fellows who we actually knew pretty well.

Andrea and these guys had done these trips before and always had a great time. They were very friendly, but had never had any sexual contact; just friendly flirting as friends will do. This particular night in San Diego, they were in a party mood and went to a bar to have a few drinks. At the bar, Andrea sat on a bar stool facing the room while her two friends stood on each side of her.

A table full of guys started flirting with Andrea by making comments about her legs. Evidently, they were getting a good look at her legs as she was on a high stool and they were right in front of her at a table. That put them much lower and at eye level with her good looking long legs.

The guys were just having some fun and she was enjoying crossing her legs and recrossing them. She had on a very business-like dress that buttoned up the front (her favorite for obvious reasons) and had it undone just a little.

She had on sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose with no panties and high heels.