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About Anna

It’s nearly 8 PM and I’m sitting here in a pissy mood. I agreed to go to the mountains with Jane and a couple of her friends this weekend. Jane’s sister has come down with the flu and needs help with the baby while her husband is away on a business trip. So here I am waiting for Peter and Anna to pick me up for a two hour drive to the mountains. What put me in a pissy mood is the fact that I don’t really like Peter and Anna. Well Anna is okay. She’s pretty and sweet, but Peter is absolutely boring. He’s 21, an ultra conservative and always has everything well planned. He and Anna have been going out since high school. They’ve come to the same college and are getting married this summer after graduation. I might as well be going off for a weekend with a 50 year old couple.

I could see his car approaching. In an instant my mood did a 180 degree turn. I could feel that little rush that runs up your spine and finishes in a smirk, joyful smile. A thought raced through my mind. I’d fuck Anna this weekend. No, I wouldn’t just fuck her, I was going to FUCK her.

As he pulled up, the trunk unlatched. I threw my bag in, and slid into the back seat behind Anna. We exchanged greetings and condolences about Jane. Then, as he started to drive, he told me about the weekend.

“Too bad Jane had to cancel, we’ll have a great weekend. We’ll head off tomorrow morning about 9:00 so we should be at the trail head by 10:00. It’s a good 3 hour hike to the summit but a bit faster coming down. So I figure we can hang out and have some lunch on the summit until 3:30. We should be back at the car by 6:00. I’ve reserved a table at the restaurant in town for 7:30 so we’ll have plenty of time to get back.”

Somehow I managed an inattentive response. “Great. Sounds like you have everything planned”.