Stripping For My Boss

It was one of those nights where my wife and me went for happy hour in the afternoon. We got pretty buzzed by 8 pm. We were on the way back home and took a detour to avoid traffic. In the path of the detour was a strip joint. My wife egged me on about visiting the strip joint and thought it would adventurous for both of us. I always complained about me and her being kinky and doing wild things. She wanted to prove that she wasn’t a prude. She was feeling tipsy and it helped in her opening up. So I found parking easily and we both went in.

Once in there we realized it was “Amateur Night”, meaning they had night for regular girls to strut their stuff. They were able to make money as well if the guys offered. There was also a contest for the amateur girls and first place would win $250. It was ten dollars to get in and I asked my wife jokingly if she wanted too. She gave me a sly look and said no. We sat away from the crowd and stage; we had our own love seats.

We got some more drinks and observed the action on stage. There were about 6 professional strippers they were different kinds; black, Asian, and Spanish. My wife asked if they were hot and I replied, “They are not bad” with a smile. She gasped at my answer but continue to observe the girls. My wife has a thing for girl’s butts, she loves them nice and curvy. She was busy checking out one girl in particular, a Spanish girl she seemed to be Puerto Rican. Nice and big tanned ass, it was oiled up. Her tits were a B cup but round and firm. She had a pretty face to match and her hair had highlights as well. I was ogling her alongside my girl.

She caught that and asked, “You think she is hot?”

I didn’t answer to avoid an argument. She continued, “Do you think I’m still hot? Hot enough to be a stripper?”

I quickly answered yes to those questions. She was glad with my responses. Then she said, “Why don’t I do it right here for you?”

I was stunned at her intentions. It was practically a dare for me. I would always push her about being sexy and this was her chance to prove to me that she was game. I felt a bit awkward about her stripping down in front of others, but at the same time it turned me on. Maybe she was bluffing but the only way to find out is by agreeing to her proposal. So I didn’t chicken out and said, “Sure show me what you got.”

My wife didn’t even say a word and smiled. She got up and started to dance in front of me. She was dancing to some hip-hops songs being played. She moved her hips to the beat of the song. Her hand was caressing her clothed body and she was being very sensual. She smiled hard as she teasingly started to raise her white sweater. Her flesh was being exposed; each inch was agony to watch. Within 10 seconds her top was over her white bra. Once over her breasts she pulled the garment off and chucked it to the corner.

My wife’s next goal was to remove her black tights that she was wearing. She first turned her back to me and then bends over to touch the floor. Her tight clad ass pointing at my face, she wiggled her ass to tease. She toyed with the waistband of the tights and asked looking over her shoulder “You sure baby? You really want me to do this?”

All I could do is nod for approval. She forgot to take off her black high heels in order to remove her tights. She almost lost her balance in doing so but got it off. Next her black tights were sliding down her thick smooth thighs and legs. She threw her tights to the corner as well and put back on her heels. My hard on was straining under my jeans as she turned to face me.

There was my sexy, curvy 30 year old wife half naked in a strip club. She was wearing white bra and white satin panties to match. Her black high heels on which made her look 5’9 in height. Let me describe my girl; she is about 5’7 and 125 pounds, weight distributed in all the right places. She has 34 C size cup tits, a nice round plump ass, nice thick smooth thighs, flat tummy with a belly ring, and nice legs. Her hairstyle is a wild mane of dark brown and jet black streaks. Her skin tone is like soft creamy white.
She was standing up and looking down on me with her hands on her hips.

I was speechless but she felt in control and confident. Her high heels clicked as she came towards me and then she straddled my lap. She winked and started to grind on my crotch. Her bra covered breast brushing my chest and my hand was touching her smooth but cold thighs.

I whispered to her, “Damn you’re turning me on. I want to take you home and fuck you.”

Just then some of the older guys from afar chanted, “Take it off, take it off.” One of the guys told me to offer her money to take off her bra. They were eager to see her perfect 34 C size titties. My wife just laughed off their lewd comments. I ignored it too, I was just about to go around and cup my girl’s gorgeous fat ass as she was breathing down my neck.

Just then in the corner of my eye, I saw my boss from my new job and his business partner friend with him. I didn’t know if he saw me, but I quickly informed my wife of the situation. Her head was facing towards the crowd below and observing for me. I was looking the other way to avoid any further eye contact with my boss. How embarrassing it would be if he found out this was my wife and she is half naked in front of him and this entire strip club. I could never look at him in the face without losing any pride.

My girl asked for his description and I described what he was wearing. She then told me “Hey babe, I think he is coming this way. What should we do?!”

I said, “This would be so embarrassing if he found out who you are.” I panicked and whispered in her ear “Act like you’re a stripper here. He’s never seen you before, so just play along.”

Before she could reply I heard supposed say, “Hey Johnny boy, what you doing here? I thought I saw you before so I came over here to make sure.”

My name is John; my boss’s name is Lance. He is an obnoxious older Italian guy. He is about my height but is a bit more built; he works out to stay in shape for the ladies. He thinks he is a ladies man and thinks he is a God’s gift to woman. He is about 42 years old and has a girlfriend of several years and they have an open relationship which as he tells it, means they can both have sex with other women. So he can organize the occasion threesome and cheats all the time but his girlfriend never sleeps with other men.

His business partner and my boss’s friend Joel is a geeky older guy with glasses and shorter at 5’6.

It was a small company and I had only been working for them for the last six months. Lance was a slimy underhanded business man. The kind who steals and cheats and lies to get ahead. The company had fallen on hard times and he actually owed me a couple paychecks. I would have quit but in truth there aren’t many jobs like this out there right now and this was better than nothing. I wasn’t surprised that he would hang out in a scummy strip club like this.

So I started to reply to Lance and Joel as my wife started to dismount my lap. I told them, “Oh I am here with some of my buddies, trying to take a load off.”

Lance replied, “I know what you mean.” He said that by ogling at my wife’s half naked body from head to toe. He then asked “Who is this lovely lady?” by taking her hand and twirling her around 360º.

She blushed and I said, “Oh….umm this is Candy. She was just giving me a lap dance.”

He grinned and took her same hand and placed a kiss. He told her, “Hey sweetie, why don’t you come over here and sit with me? I got more bills than Johnny boy. I am his boss at work. Isn’t that right Johnny?”

I could only reply a “yes”. He sat on the love seat next to me and patted his right leg for my wife to sit on. She nervously smiled and sat down on his right leg.

He looked up at her and said, “Us older guys usually have the most money and experience. So if you want to make some money, youre in the right place.”

My wife hated pigish men and her sarcastic reply was, “Oh is that right, so you’re like a sugar daddy?”

He replied, “Yeah if you want me to be and if you do all the right moves.” He finished with a wink.

My wife was a bit stiff sitting on his leg and looked uncomfortable. She crossed her legs to hide her camel toe panties, but at the same time her legs looked long and sexy.

Lance asked her, “You look a little uncomfortable. Are you new here? I never saw you before.”

Her answer was yes and that she started the other day. He said, “I thought you were, but you’re in good hands baby. I will break you in slowly.”

His right hand was behind her back and making small circles. His left hand began caressing her smooth thighs. He quickly said, “Oh baby you have some smooth thighs, but your body is freezing. Let me warm you up.”

His left hand was rubbing up and down her legs. He was admiring her tits, his face was eye level with them. Joel returned with two tall drinks of whiskey. Lance was now busy trying to open my wife’s legs with his left hand. He tried to stick it between her mid thighs, but she showed some sign of restraint.

Lance then took his drink and offered my girl to drink saying, “Sweetie take a long sip and make sure the security doesn’t see. I don’t want you getting in trouble for drinking on the job.”

He urged her and she took his offer. She inhaled almost half of the cup; I think she needed some encouragement to get through this ordeal. He then took the cup and started to slide the cup up and down on her legs and thighs. This made her skin feel even colder, her nipples popping out of her bra. She was almost quivering in his lap.

He teased her, “I could stop doing that if you could open up those sexy legs of yours.” He asked, “Can you?”

She opened her mouth to say something but she was breathing hard. She could only nod and then she slowly uncrossed her legs and opened them for him. Now with his free hand he made small circles in her inner thighs and was inching higher. He went extremely slow and my wife was watching intently at his fingers. She was anticipating his fingers going for her pussy.

He took his time before he covered his whole hand over her panty-covered pussy. He groped it hard; he felt her mound and the material of her panties. My wife slightly bit her lower lip from his touches. Lance told her, “Candy you must love your job, cause you’re wet through your panties.”

He could clearly see her pussy outline and openly traced her vagina lips and clitoris. She briefly closed her eyes from contact from those parts. He then went up to her belly button to play with her belly ring and then got a quick squeeze of her tits. He complimented my wife on the size of her tits and how big and natural they are.

Lance requested again for her to drink and to finish the drink, and she did. He then said “Why don’t you get fully on my lap and give the same attention you gave Johnny boy over there?”

She looked at me briefly before she got up and straddled my bosses lap! Within seconds she was grinding on his lap while my boss sat back and enjoyed the dry humping. My wife was doing a good job grinding her pelvis against his groin and soon was rubbing her tits against his chest. My bosses’ hand was all over her panty clad ass, he was squeezing her ass cheeks.

He was talking dirty to her saying, “Can you feel that bad boy down there poking you? I think he likes you!”

She didn’t respond but kept gyrating on him, her tits in his face now. Lance gave a quick peck on the tops of her cleavage. She didn’t mind cause she was too busy trying to do a good job. Her goal was to get him off her back. At least that’s what I assumed. Maybe she was pissed off that I would put her through all this. But it all failed when Lance told her to stop and motioned her to get up.

He then got up and announced to her and Joel, “That was not bad, I actually enjoyed that. Well then let me take you to the champagne room to test you out some more.”

He finished with a wink and wrapped his arm around my wife’s arm. He whisked my girl away and she turned her head over her shoulders, she was looking at me with a worried look. I now saw her 5’9 frame walk away from me only wearing a pair of satin panties and white bra. Her ass was swaying away from me. I could see her big ass cheeks peeking out of her panties. Her high heels were clicking away with my boss to the champagne room.

I was worried what my boss was going to do with her. He did mention about “Testing”, what is that about? Why does he need private session with her? Do people really have sex in the champagne room? All these thoughts crossed my mind along with if my girl would continue with her act. While Joel went towards the stage area, I panicked and I followed in pursuit towards the champagne room. A big black security guard met me there. He questioned me where I was going as I saw my girl and my boss go into a room.

I took a deep breath and started to explain my situation. When I was done explaining, he said with a laugh “Damn homie that sucks. But I can’t do anything for you, because she didn’t go in there against her will. So its all fair game.”

I had nothing to say to that but he saw the stress on my face. He then informed about their security cameras in each room along with listening devices. He said I could use it if I behave or he would kick my ass. He also told me that he was going to take a quick break. So I was left alone to visualize everything that was going on in that room. I guess they had these cameras and listening devices to protect the strippers from guys that get out of hand.

The scene before me is my boss sitting on the love seat and he invited my wife to sit on his lap again. But this time he told her turn her back to him. She did and plotted her ass on his lap. He asked to continue with what she was doing before. She was slowly rotating her hips and he asked her to lie back on his chest. She did hesitantly and then Lance started to have a conversation with her.

He asked her if she did anything else for a living. My girl mentioned she was trying to get into a competitive nursing school but she really wanted to be an actress or a model. Lance agreed that would be a good career move for her.

There was silence in between and then Lance continued asking if she had done any modeling shoots or music videos. I thought this wasn’t bad and seemed harmless. She said no and quickly Lance shot back, “You know the reason I ask, is because my buddy Joel hires models all the time. Maybe he could give you a job.”

My wife was thrilled from hearing that. Lance was manipulating my wife’s mind; he was giving her hope for what? Lance and Joel did hire models when they did trade shows to walk the convention floors in skimpy outfits, flirt with customers, make cheap web commercials and my wife knew that as I had mentioned it to her before so she believed him. I’m sure a little extra money sounded pretty good since I never seemed to have any money.

What she didn’t know is that Lance owed me money that he didn’t have and that his business was not doing well at all. Suppliers and customers were owed money and was fielding calls from creditors daily at the office. In fact, the dirty dollar bills that he was stuffing into my wife’s thong was technically my money. But she didn’t know any of this.

Joel is just one of the many people who invested money in Lance’s business. He didn’t have much money either. My wife was not aware of that, but only knew Lance is my boss. He owned the company.

I was actually shocked at my wife’s attitude toward Lance. She always told me she hated braggers, she said she hated chauvinists and yet here in the privacy of the champagne room she was responsive to his advances. Was I reading too much into it? Was she just acting? Was she mad or happy that I put her in this position? Was she thinking about me at all? How many drinks were in her now?

Lance was having this conversation while he felt up her thighs, pussy, and tits. He must have covered almost every inch of her body, but my wife didn’t mind. She was being comfortable now and busy being distracted from the convo and the great news. He then asked about her love life and asked if she had a boyfriend. She lied about that and said no. I guess to cover for me. He said that’s a shame by whispering in her ear and then nibbled on her earlobe. She pulled her head away from that. Lance then told her to get up and shake that beautiful ass of hers.

She got up and danced to the music blaring in the background. Her ass pointing out and was wiggling for his enjoyment. He encouraged her by saying array of complements about her ass and body and throwing more of my money at her feet. This made her dance raunchier. Her face was turned away from him.

Lance pulled off a sneaky move by unbuttoning his pants and pulling it down with his underwear. He whipped his cock out and started stroking it. My wife didn’t notice until she slowed danced her way back to face him. She opened her mouth from shock and questioned his actions. His reply was that it was customary for actions like this to take place in the champagne room and that he is a paying customer.

She didn’t know what to say and had to play the role. He reassured her that he was going to jerk his cock while she danced. So she continued dancing in front of him and in the meantime glancing at his hard-on. He was about eight inches but thick. My wife was definitely looking at it.

Lance suggested, “Why don’t you get on your knees? I mean it would look very sexy to me. Just sit there while I admire your beautiful face and body.”

So she got on her knees and her face was a foot away from his dick. She was eye level and got a better look. He caught her stares and she weakly smiled. He stroked his cock for a while; it was an awkward moment for my girl but he was grinning. Where else could she look? She wasn’t even dancing anymore. She became the voyeur now with a front row seat, close enough to smell the sex in the air.

Lance then got some lube to the right of him, the room had provided. He asked my wife, “Won’t you be a darling and spread this lube all over? It could really help me get off and plus I don’t want this stuff all over my hands.”

With that he squirted a good amount onto his cock. He looked her hard in the face and she felt obligated in some way to do it. Her right hand reached the head of his cock and began to glide up and down on it!

I was shocked and my stomach was turning in knots. Her hand was now coated with the lube and she did her best to spread the lube all over. Some lube leaked to his balls.

Lance said, “Oh man that feels good. Your soft hand with that lube is excellent.”

A good three minutes passed from her stroking his cock with lube. His cock was now glistening with the lube. Lance looked at the bottle of lube and said, “Oh this lube is strawberry flavor. Hey sweetie why don’t you taste it?”

My wife pulled her hand away and licked the tip of her index finger. Lance quickly corrected her saying “Not like that hun, over here.” He then twitched his cock to get her attention.

My wife laughed and said “Haha your very funny mister. You’re a sneaky guy aren’t you?”

She paused and said that she couldn’t. Lance reached for his wallet and took out some bills. If he could spend this kind of money on cheap strippers I wondered why he wasn’t paying me, but I was hardly in a position to say anything about it now that my wife had given him a hand job in the back room of this club.

He said “I will give 50 dollars for you to take off your bra and to take some licks off my cock. Plus I will make sure Joel gives you a modeling gig and maybe a little commercial work.”

The wheels were turning in my girl’s head. Lance pestered “Come on now, this is the champagne room. It will be quick and easy money. Remember I am a paying customer.”

My wife was playing a role for me but now she sees an incentive for herself. The next minute I see her right hand at the base of his cock, and her head moved towards his unit. She now began licking the head of his cock! Lance relaxed back in his seat and put the money and wallet at the end table. Lance said, “Oh that feels good. How does it taste sweetie?”

My wife’s reply was “not bad”. He instructed her to lick the base, the head, and even his balls. Lance made it seemed like her objective is to lick clean off all the sticky lube. He also reminded her to take off the bra. She pulled her mouth away and reached back to undo her bra. She slides it off her shoulders and tossed it to the side. Her naked round jugs for his display, she also had erect nipples. She went back to licking.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My wife always claimed she despised sellouts and whores but where are her high morals now? That’s when Lance instructed her to put her mouth over the head of his cock. He was complaining that the lube wasn’t really coming off. He suggests her to use some salvia.

My wife playfully said, “Oh is that right. You want me to put my mouth over that?” Lance didn’t say a word as she gripped the base of his cock and hovered her face over his meat. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth to take his cock! His cock was now in her mouth and she was descending down slowly.

Lance pulled her hand away so that she can take more meat. My 30 year old hypocrite midwestern housewife was now half naked with only her panties on; she was on her knees and is beginning to give my Italian boss a blowjob.

She was nice and slow in gliding her mouth over his dick. She was coating her spit all over his member. He was cheering her on for her performance. He loved the new found attention on his cock. He rested his head back and closed his eyes.

He was saying “This is a good stress reliever after a long hard day.” He had his hand behind my wife’s head and helped her guide up and down on his pole. He let go in between to cup her tits and to tweak her nipples. Now I see my wife’s head bopping up and down at quicker pace. She knew he wanted to bust a nut and that’s the only way he would leave her alone. She was focused and determined to do so. She would occasionally massage his balls while she blew him.

Lance in the mean time got something from his wallet. My wife was still frantically sucking him, but Lance wasn’t going to cum anytime soon. He got up while holding the back of her head, his cock still inside her mouth. He took and long stroke out and a long stroke back in her mouth.

He was basically face fucking her and my girl anticipated each stroke. Slurps and gagging noises could be heard from the room. Her own salvia traveling down her chest from gagging on his cock. Her breasts were looking nice and wet from her salvia.

He was grunting each time his head would enter the back of her throat. He was saying “Yeah you sexy bitch, take daddy’s Italian sausage. I love how you’re wetting my cock. Yeah wrap those lips around and suck the shit out of it.”

He released the grip of his hands from her head and my wife slowed down her head bopping. She plopped her mouth of his cock to look up at him. She asked him “What’s wrong? Aren’t I doing a good job?”

Lance didn’t say a word as he was ripping the wrapper off a condom. She asked him “What are you doing?”

While he put on the condom he said, “Listen blowing me is not going to get me off. I want to test your insides and then I will make sure you get a job from Joel.”

With that comment, he helped her onto the love seat. My wife barely protested and was being manhandled by him. Her eyes now following the movement of his condom covered cock. It was bouncing up and down as he was positioning between her legs. He pulled her big butt to the edge of the love seat and put her long legs up in the air. He went for the waistband of her white satin panties and started to yank them off.

He tossed her underwear on the floor and spread her legs. He rested her legs with high heels on his shoulders. He was smiling at her face while he patted his cock on her clitoris a couple of times. He also made mini insertions at her vagina lips. He was teasing her and asked, “Do you love your job, huh? Do you love getting easy money to fuck? Do you love your job, huh? Do you want my cock?”

My wife looked him deep in his eyes but didn’t answer. She bit her lower lip and refrained from moaning. She didn’t want to come off easy, but the foreplay was too much. She had alcohol in her system and had so much overwhelming attention from him. She has been grinding on cocks and got no relief for the night. She was bound to say something and she did by “Oh fuck I love my job…. yeah put it in before I change my mind and fuck someone else.”

My boss was grinning as he grabbed the base of his cock and starting to insert his dick inside of her! My Boss went slowly at first; he went balls deep and their pelvic bones touching.

He went to kiss her stomach and kissing his way up to her tits. He was rocking his hips back and forth slowly while he sucked her nipples, his mouth almost engulfing her tit. He also licked and lapped her nipple. My wife loved that attention. Her hand was holding the back of his head as he licked her aureole.

My wife was moaning as she looked down at him, and he looked up at her as he licked. He stopped to kiss her on the lips and they started to make out as they fucked.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My heart skipped a beat, my stomach was in knots, and lastly my dick was hard. I didn’t know what to feel; jealousy, anger, heartbroken, etc.. But my hormones overtook all those feelings. My dick was hard as rock because I was watching my girl acting slutty. It was like she was my own porn star and also she was breaking a taboo.

I wanted her to be sexy, but now she is really putting on a show. Seeing her moan from another man was erotic and isn’t a usual occurrence.
Lance broke off the kiss as he began to fuck her faster.

She was moaning “Oh yesss,yes. Keep going, please don’t stop.”

He had his two hands on her tits and gripped them as he fucked.

Lance asked her, “Argh you like my cock? You like this new condom? I just got them; they’re the thinnest condoms out there. You could almost feel my naked cock, right?”

Her response while panting, “Yes I could feel all of you. Oh yes give it to me. Give me that nice big cock of yours.”
Lance pulled all the way out and in one swift second he ripped off the condom and sunk back inside her, never stopping his fucking her.

“Oh my god! What are you doing?”, my wife said alarmed. Lance slammed into her loins over and over again, now unprotected.

“You’re not stopping me”, Lance grinned at her saying, “Did you just get really wet, sweetie? Do you like this?”

Lance held onto her hips and took some deep strokes into her pussy. He was balls deep with each stroke inside, my wife would hold onto her stomach with each insertion. I guess he was deep into her womb.

My wife wasn’t stopping him. That’s for sure. Instead, she stared into his eyes and begged him not to cum in her. Lance laughed and promised that he would not cum inside her if she did two things; she had to cum on him before he could cum in her and be as vulnerable to pregnancy as possible before he decides if he’ll let her swallow his load instead.

My wife agreed quickly and they swapped positions so she was on top of him getting herself off as fast as she could. She tried to close her eyes and imagine something else but he would pinch her nipple hard and bring her back to the reality of it which truthfully was making her cum faster. It was a powerful orgasm that shook her whole body as they locked eyes.

The black bouncer came back and witnessed the action on the screen. Before he left for his break, he saw these two just grinding on each other with clothes on. Now he saw my wife butt naked, straddling, riding and fucking my boss hard. He said to me, “Damn, your girl went that far? Even a stripper would only tug or barely give a blowjob. How much did she get for that?”

I meekly said, “I guess 50 bucks.”

His reply was “What? For 50 bucks?! That is dirt cheap for a lay. Well I guess she isn’t wifey to you no more.”

I didn’t know what to say. I just continued to look on screen with the bouncer. Lance said it was his turn now and he flipped onto her back on the love seat, driving himself deep inside her again and again, faster and faster. I stopped breathing while I watched. It looked like my wife and I were both going to let my boss decide if he was going to impregnate her or not.

We saw her legs resting on his shoulders and his white ass pumping away. We could hear balls slapping filling the room. My wife’s tits jiggled with each fuck and her ass rippled as well on the love seat. She never looked so sexy.

Lance finally announced he was going to cum soon. “Oh shit here it comes. Oh fuckkkkkk yeah!!!” He humped some more before he came to an abrupt stop and pulled out. My wife was trying to catch her breath, beads of sweat all over her face. He aimed himself at her face and she regained her composure. In appreciation she started to suck him enthusiastically as he humped her face and shot his greasy wad into her mouth. My wife swallowed his babies and then sat gasping for air.

He discarded the used condom in the trash and got dressed. My girl was starting to do the same. They started to talk when the black guy cut me off and said, “Hey you should be out if you don’t want to get caught watching them.”

That was true and I quickly left back to the original spot where we had been sitting. I was met by Joel who was waiting on Lance. Lance reappeared and asked me what I was still doing here. I lied and told him that I was still looking for my friends. He said, “That’s a shame kid. They left you alone like that; maybe you should get some new friends.”

I said, “Maybe instead of spending your money on strippers, you could be paying your employees…”

Lance played it off saying, “You’ll get your money, don’t worry about it. Besides, I only spent fifty bucks! I can see why you like her Johnny! A little extra meat, but super fucking cheap! Am I right?”

I couldn’t believe he just had my wife and was now calling her fat! I couldn’t say anything to him now! I didn’t ever want him to know that he had just fucked my wife so I went along with it.

I was thinking in my head that I should get a new job as soon as possible. I did not want my wife modeling for these guys.

There was still no signs of my wife. She was either in that room or maybe slipped into the restroom. I couldn’t find her. Lance kept openly talking to Joel in front of me. He said, “That broad in there is a easy lay. I just got fucked her, swear to god. You can get it too right now. She wants to be an actress.”

Joel and Lance gave each other a high five and laughed wickedly.

Joel said, “Guess it’s time for another ‘photoshoot’, isn’t it?”

Lance then explained to Joel about promising her a job and that my girl likes to spread her legs for money and to play up how much money they had.

Lance said to Joel with a wink, “I told that bitch you going to interview her now. Now go get em tiger.” He high fived Joel again and sent him on his way to the champagne room.

Lance was leaving because he got what he wanted. He was satisfied with getting his rocks off, courtesy of my wife. I instantly knew why my wife didn’t come out yet. She was still in there and waiting on Joel’s special “interview”.

I followed behind and my mind was racing again. What is my wife up to or what has she turned into? Did I ask for this by daring her to loosen up?

I saw Joel go into the room and the black bouncer said, “Damn your girl got another client. I guess she is not leaving anytime soon. ”

He then let me know I could stay for a little because his manager is around. The black guy and me watched closely on the screen.
My wife was sitting upright on the edge of the seat. Her knees tightly closed and hands closed resting on her knees.

Joel just got in and stood in front of her. His hands in his pockets, there was a moment of awkward silence. Joel broke the ice by saying “I heard there was a talented actress in here?”

She replied yes and Joel said “Well you ready for your first interview?”

She just nodded her head and Joel boldly unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants. He pulled it down along with his boxers. He seemed more aggressive than his appearance; he had liquid courage as well.

Joel was standing naked from the waist down, his pants and boxers resting around his ankles. His white erection pointing up, he was about 6 inches.

Joel didn’t even have to say a word as my wife got on her knees and crawled towards him. She used no hands as she inhaled his cock with ease. She had good practice deep throating Lance before.

She spat on his cock for lubrication and licked up and down on his length. She was giving another great sloppy blowjob to a second stranger for the night. Joel was complimenting on the head she was giving. She even sucked his balls while she stroked his cock.

Joel was all into the blowjob and told her “Oh yeahh. Show me how badly you need to be famous! Show me why I’m giving you this job and not some other girl!”

She then grabbed his ass cheeks to bring his cock down her throat. That’s when he said, “wow that’s good but I don’t want to cum yet. I want to fuck you doggie style over there.”

He pointed to her where he wanted to fuck her. She just simply got up and went where instructed. She slipped off her panties and kicked them to the side.

In the meantime Joel was struggling get on his condom. He asked for assistance and my wife told him if he promised to pull out before cumming that he didn’t need one. He was acting like a little kid anxious to fuck her.

My wife’s ass was sticking out and he was busy aligning his cock for entrance. He had to tippy toe to get in her. My wife was wearing her heels and just a bra on.

Joel finally dug into her moist haven and they both moaned in together. He was touching her back, ass, and legs as he slowly fucked her. He helped her unhook her bra and slipped them off her shoulders. He went deep and grabbed her pair of tits. He cupped them as he performed his pelvic thrusts into her. Her ass jiggled with each pounding from the little geeky guy.

My wife was basically looking right into the second camera. I could see her sex faces and all the moaning she was doing. I could see her boobs bounce back and forth, and see Joel’s happy facial expressions behind her.

He was now occasionally slapping her ass. He didn’t last as long as Lance. He was now holding her hips and thighs, fucking faster to a climax. My girl knew and talked dirty to him so that he could finish with her. She said “Please sir, give me that hot nasty cum. I really need it. Come on you can do it.”

She really tempted him.

He fired back, “Oh yeah you want it? Where do you want it huh?”

Her response was, “Oh anywhere, my tits, my ass. Just cum for me.”

Joel told her “I will definitely cum if I cum on your face!”

She said, “ok, but don’t get it in my hair.”

Joel was thrilled from hearing that and announced of his upcoming orgasm. He pulled out quickly and showed urgency for my wife to sit on the floor.

He was yanking his cock in her face. Cum started to spew out and hit my wife’s nose first. My wife was caught off guard. Another stream hit her upper lip. She opened her mouth from the astonishment. Joel took that opportunity to feed his cock into her mouth. He then began milking out any remaining man juice into her mouth.

She just looked up at him as he was grunting and moaning in ecstasy. She was collecting his babies in her mouth.

After his orgasm subsided he pulled his penis out of her mouth. My wife had a huge load in her mouth like a cum basket. Joel had a lot of cum built up inside of him and released his agony with my wife. She was about to lean towards the trashcan to empty her mouth, but Joel looked down at my girl and said, “You know swallowing could greatly increase your chances.”

He was still implying about the modeling and acting career. In my head I was like don’t do it. But she did the opposite as she took a big gulp of his man juices.

Joel said “That’s a good girl. That was a great first interview. Just give me your number so I can get your portfolio later and possibly a second interview.”

My wife started to say her number; that’s when the black guy cut me off again and said, “Well I think they are finishing up now, but you gotta leave man. By the way, if it wasn’t for my manager being around, I would also offer my big black cock to your wife’s hungry white pussy.”

He paused for my reaction, but I had a look of despair. He then said “Nah man, I am just kidding though. You had a rough night. But I have to admit she is one fine ass.”

I left the champagne room with a major boner from everything I witnessed. I had negative feelings but overwhelmed with erotic thoughts. I was sitting at our original spot and waited for her.

Shortly after Joel left my wife came out. She was wearing her bra and panties as before, but you could clearly see a large wet patch on her panties and her hair was all messy.

I asked why she took so long. She told me “Oh babe, your boss and his friend wanted private lap dances. I gave each one their own private dance. Just the same stuff you saw me do out here before.”

She just lied to me. She just cheated on me with my boss and co-worker. I didn’t say much afterwards. She got dressed and I brought her home.

She asked me during the car ride why I was moody. I told her I was tired. In her defense she said, “Listen hun, I just played along like you told me. Everything is fine now and they don’t know I am your girlfriend. Baby I promise I will make it up to you.”

Was it really so horrible to think of me ‘dancing’ for other guys?”

She put her hand on my pants and felt how hard I was. Then she took me in her mouth and tried to make it up to me. I didn’t last long. We didn’t talk about what happened, instead we fucked four times that night. I never lasted long and she was happy to let me cum inside her.

Monday at work during lunch break, I ran into Lance and Joel. They were happy and seemed to scheming a plan.

Lance asked me, “Where did you find that stripper? A thoroughbred stripper that puts out is hard to find. It’s like a one in a billion. I have always wanted to hire a stripper to model for us.”

Lance continued, “Joel is now calling that dumb broad for another session. We think she’ll make the perfect booth bimbo. Maybe this time me and him will tag team that bitch before we take her on the road.”

He told me his plan is to lure my wife for a second interview. Joel was already on the phone with my wife, they agreed on a spot to meet. He told her to bring her portfolio and to wear professional attire like a skirt and dress shirt.

Their plan was for her to meet Joel near a bar. Then Joel would offer her to come with him to have drinks and talk about her career options and different projects that she would be right for. He would get her liquored up and then mention that she should come back to the office with him. He would entice her by saying the that he could retake her headshots there to update her portfolio.

The office should be empty by this time and they can use the little photo studio there to snap a few pics. Maybe see if she’ll take some naughty nudes. Once she is there, Lance will appear and request her to give them an encore performance from Saturday night. They would make it easy for her, if she was cooperative then she was hired and if not, then her prospects were slim. If she agrees she will have her first ever threesome with two guys. They also planned to secretly tape the whole event. I had another twitch in my pants and obvious growing erection through my khaki pants. This was going to happen on Tuesday evening.

It was Tuesday morning and I tried to get my wife to stay home and just hang out later. But she blew me off by saying, “Oh baby, I am going out with Tina (her friend) to paint her new apartment. It’s going to take all night so I’ll be home late.”

I knew it was all a lie. She thinks she could handle this her own way of getting in. She didn’t know what was coming. Quite frankly I didn’t care anymore. I just wanked off after work, thinking of my soft creamy wife getting fucked by two dudes. What a slut if she did!

Wednesday during lunch break Lance greeted me with a huge grin. He told me to meet him and Joel in the conference room after work. I was anxious to know what happened. 5 o’clock didn’t come any sooner as I knocked on door of the conference room. Joel unlocked it and I took a seat inside.

They had set up a TV and VCR. Lance played the action on the screen. Their plan had worked as I saw my girl screaming and moaning, she was being sandwiched between Lance and Joel. She was butt naked with only a pair of black stockings and high heels on. Lance was below her and fucking her pussy, while Joel was fucking her ass.

Her boobs smashed against Lance’s chest. Joel was pulling her hair. They were all in unison as they fucked her. She was getting attention in both holes. They talked dirty to her. Lance asked her, “How does that feel with two cocks inside of you? Never thought you would be doing that huh?”

She yelled, “Nooooo….but but it does feel gooddd.”

Lance replied, “That’s my girl. You don’t need any husband. You got two boyfriends in us, isn’t that right?” Her reply in the heat of the moment “No I don’t need one. I got you two studs to fuck me. Please fuck me, don’t stop.” That was all the encouragement the two older guys needed as they ravished her body all night. They played the tape in low volume and fast-forward to the best parts. There were scenes where each one had a private missionary session with her which including making out during fucking. Scenes of her blowing both of them at the same time, her doing doggie style and giving head, her getting titty fucked, and of course being DP’ed. They were breaks in between where all of them drank more alcohol. She had moments to leave but the guys persisted she stay and do some more since it was her last time. She ended up staying for a while, three hours to be exact. She was their bitch for three hours and used up her ass, pussy, and mouth. I saw the tape time stamped between 8:30pm and close to 11:30pm when the tape finished. These guys showed me the tape like it was their golden trophy and was flaunting it to me. At the end Ron asked me “You know kid we could use a third next time. She does have one more hole to use…..her mouth.” He said with a chuckle and Joel laughed. I excused myself saying I had some other pussy to fuck. These guys were planning on using her again by blackmailing with their hidden tape. These older guys had a girl half their age to fuck and to use as their sex slave. Oh well, time to break up with her…..

Epilogue/Part 2… (I probably won’t actually get around to writing a part two, but for those who wondered what that would be like, here’s a taste)

My wife started working for my boss. She would come down to the office to try on outfits for her “modeling” job.

She entered Joel’s office wearing her regular clothes and then after twenty minutes, she would come out wearing a sexy skirt and tank top with high heels. She would pass my desk and Walk into Lance’s office for approval. There would be a bunch of shuffling and bumping around and a half hour later she would emerge in a skimpier outfit with even higher heels and looking somewhat disheveled she would trot back to Joel’s office. I knew they were fucking her each time she went into one of their offices and they kept reducing her clothing until she wore nothing but the highest heels, a string bikini and string bikini bottoms to match! My wife was pretty much naked now. Joel’s idea was to give her a name tag that said “My name is Candy” and another that read “free samples”!

She was sweaty and breathing hard. My wife was passed between them.

There were only a few other guys that worked at the office. Every time my wife strutted from one office to the other, they would all started talking and laughing. They didn’t know it was my wife, all they saw was a slut. I couldn’t tell them the truth so I went along with our lie that she was a stripper that Lance and Joel had picked up at the club and were now hiring as a floorwalker at trade shows.

Half the guys had to say that she wasn’t that fit or pretty with the other half saying that they would fuck her. They rated her body like she was a piece of meat and I had to join in.

We could hear them fucking her and hear her moaning through the door while she was bent over their desks or giving them blowjobs or riding them in their chairs or whatever I could imagine was going on behind those closed doors. We could also hear her laughing and giggling too.

At first she was ashamed to be putting me in this position, not able to look me in the eye as she stepped awkwardly past my desk in hooker boots, booty shorts and a tube top, all adorned with the company logo. I knew that she was blackmailed into it, but she didn’t know that I knew. I was just letting her be a slut for other men. We never discussed it, I just pretended not to know at home and we pretended I wasn’t her husband at work. I couldn’t believe the way we were living.

My wife became comfortable in her new work life. I would drop her off two blocks away from the office and then drive in before she got there. We would kiss goodbye like normal couples do and by the time she got to the office she would completely forget our life together and was now Candy the stripper/part time model/actress. She greeted me as that person instead of my wife and as she became comfortable with it, she even flirted with me a little as she passed each day.

Of course she flirted with everybody now, that was her new role; her career was to please others. And Lance and Joel were pretty diligent about exploiting her in any way they could.

They hosted a photoshoot for a calendar and my wife was naked every month. Sure they fucked her while she was trying out all the costumes but they were also producing a calendar and to be business savvy, they offered to cut her in as a producer with a share of profits if she would fuck the photographer to get his services for free. My wife was eager. Her life as a slut was actually making money for her!

They paid all expenses for her on trips to trade shows all across the country. My wife would walk the floor in a humiliating slut suit flirting with everyone. She was treated as property and since she had no leverage over the to men guiding her “career”, she was lent out and rented quickly in the bathroom or sampled freely to help make sales. My wife was good at her job too.

Within the first two months of my wife being hired, Lance started actually paying back all the money I was owed! With my wife on their sales team, the sales numbers had quadrupled. Of course she wasn’t anything more than a cheap whore but she seemed to enjoy just being used as a pleasure object.

Her attitude at the office was light and friendly at work with everyone and at home she was content and fulfilled even if she was usually exhausted.