Sperm Bank

I was nervous about going as I’d never done anything like it before but kept thinking that it was an everyday thing to the staff there. I was also told that they pay £30 per deposit. I went through the plain front door and up the stairs. There was a bell at the door. The brass plate above the bell said “Fertility Clinic”. I rang the bell, and a few seconds later a buzzer sounded, and I went in. The reception desk was to my right, and a man of about 30 greeted me. He was dressed in a white tunic.

“Hi, I’ve got an appointment at 9.15.”



“That’s fine, just take a seat in the waiting room and a nurse will come and get you in a few minutes.”

I walked to the waiting room, and there was a another guy in there already. I started wondering if he was there for the same thing as me, and if it was his first time. I assumed it wasn’t as he didn’t look as though he was nervous. Neither of us spoke. A moment later, a girl in a white nurses uniform, and he left with her. A minute later another girl came in and I couldn’t help but look at her. Long dark brown hair, dark eyes, and generous breasts, from what I could see under the uniform. She looked about 25 years old. She gave me a wide smile.

“Mr McLean?”


“If you’d like to follow me”.

She went out and I followed and couldn’t help but look at her ass, and look for the VPL, as I always do. I noticed it was very high. G-string. Lovely. We walked along a corridor and she stopped at the last door of three on the right. The corridor had cream painted walls, and the white doors had no signs on them. She opened the door and went in, and I followed. The room was about two by three metres in size. There was a chair, and a cushioned bench. On the end of the bench was a pile of about 10 magazines. Not the kind that they had in the waiting room. A small television and DVD player was wall mounted above the end of the bench, and on the chair was a selection of unmarked DVD cases. There was also a box of tissues. She was holding a small clear plastic pot, with a screwlid.

“Now, this is the sample pot. Once you’re finished just leave the pot on the bench and go to reception and let them know, and they”ll pay you as usual.” She checked the sheet of paper she held, and said…

“Oh is this your first time?”


“I didn’t realise. Are you okay with everything? Have you got any questions?”

“I don’t think so.”

“If you have any problems, just press that buzzer, and I’ll come in. It’s straightforward. There’s magazines there for you, different kinds , and some DVDs there if you want to watch something to help you. The sound on the TV is always turned down. Tissues for you, and we ask that you take them away, so there’s no bin. You’ll need to masturbate directly into the pot, which is sterile, so there’s no chance of contamination. Okay?”

“How long have I got?” I asked.

She laughed gently. “There’s no time limit….most guys take about 15 minutes, but we won’t be throwing you out before we’ve got your deposit. I’ll leave you now.”

She left the room and I gave it a couple of minutes to get used to it. I checked the door and noticed there was no lock on it. I sat on the bench and flicked through the magazines, and felt myself starting to get hard. I unzipped my trousers and eased my cock out. I moved over to the chair and slipped my trousers down to my knees, and tried to read a magazine, but reading one handed was a bit difficult, so I decided to watch one of the films. I stood up with my cock jutting out, and my trousers slipped down to my ankles.

I selected one of the unmarked films and put it in the DVD player. It took a few seconds to come on and I rested back in the chair. The film showed a blonde with average sized breasts, sucking off a guy, standard stuff. I started to wank and tried to relax back, but felt a bit on edge as though someone might walk through the door at any moment. I knew they wouldn’t but I found it difficult to relax, but kept on trying to jerk off. I noticed ten minutes had passed since she left and started to think I’d better get going and shoot off quickly. However hard I tried I just couldn’t relax whether it was because it was my first time or because there was no lock on the door.

After twenty minutes, I was still not close to coming and starting to get a bit worried about how long it would take me. Then there was a knock at the door.

“Is everything alright in there?”

“Ummm, yeah fine, thanks.”

“Do you mind if I come in?”

The door opened slightly, and I quickly pulled my shirt down over my half hard cock. Her head appeared round the door, and she came in. She noticed the empty sample pot.

“Have you not managed anything yet?” she asked

“No, it’s a bit hard…”

“Well that’s a good sign,” she joked. “I know, it’s the first time, it’s always difficult the first time.” She looked up at the porn film where there was a close of the guy’s hard dick sliding into a smooth wet pussy.

“Is the film not helping?, that usually does the trick.”

“Yeah, it just feels a bit weird…”

“What we can do is offer some assistance as it’s your first time.” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I can masturbate you ’til you ejaculate, and make sure your sperm goes straight into the cup, so we are sure of a good sterile sample.”

I stalled. Stunned. “Seriously, you…..uh….do that for me?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s an extra, sort of unofficial part of the service that we can do. We usually have to do it three or four times a week. All the nurses do it, it helps the customer, and well, it’s like a perk of the job.” she said.

“OK, what do we do?” I asked.

“Well, I have to see what I’m working with,” she said, kneeling down and lifting my shirt tails, uncovering my penis which was now in a soft state. She told me to lie on the bench, and slip my trousers down to my ankles, and pull my shirt up to my chest. I did this and felt so exposed, but it just felt like a visit to the doctor, when I’d had to take my cock out in front of the female doctor.

She stood beside the bench, and I gasped as I felt her hand rest on my soft penis, and start to massage it gently. I felt it swell, and she felt it too.

“That’s better,” she said, and kept massaging it, as it grew further and lengthened until it was at full mast. A reasonable seven inches. She had my hard cock in her small hand, and grasped it for a few seconds.

“Ready?” she said


She started to wank me, and I stared at the ceiling and tried to relax, not quite believing I was getting wanked by a nurse. After a minute or so she spoke.

“When was the last time you masturbated?”

“Four days ago.”

“Were you holding off because of the appointment?”


“Most men do. It will help because your sperm should be thicker,” she said as she kept a steady pace wanking me.

“You said you have to do this about four times a week.”

“Have to, yes, but some of the girls do it more often.”


“Well, to be in this job, you have to be unfazed by the thought of what the men are doing in the rooms, just feet from your desk, so you have to be quite open minded, and for some of us, it’s not just a case of being open minded, but, well you know…..getting a kick from it, and some of us……like me…..get a kick from providing the assistance, and so we tend to offer it more often….more than we should. But at the end of the day, we get the deposit. The man, no doubt, leaves feeling a bit more satisfied, and we get, well….more job satisfaction.”

“When you say you get a kick from it………”

“You know, we enjoy it, this part of it.”

“You mean …you ….uh ….. get ………….turned on by this.”

“Yes,” she said looking directly at me as she kept on masturbating me. There was a period of silence. I could hear the gentle slap of flesh against flesh and lay my head back for a moment savouring the feeling of her small hand on my cock.

I looked up. “How many men do you do this for every week?”

“Personally, I tend to get to do it for two or three men a day.”

“That’s about fifteen a week…….sixty a month…..bloody hell.”

“I know. I told you I like this job. Can you imagine if you had a job where you got to, basically….have sex of some sort with sixty women every month?”

“That is unbelievable. What is like though, getting to wank off all these men?” I asked.

“Like I said, I love it and I do get turned on by holding all these men’s…” she hesitated for a fraction of a second and looked me directly in the eyes. “…cocks, and watching them shoot off. It just feels amazing when I have a man’s dick in my hand and he starts to come.”

She had slowed her pace on my dick as we spoke, which I was grateful of, as I didn’t want this to end too soon.

“Do you not hate having to do it to men like….well, old men or guys you don’t….fancy?” I asked.

“Well, doing it for the older guys is fun, though we don’t get many really old guys in because their sperm count is lower, but in the past, we’ve had first timers in to get their sperm count checked and I have wanked off quite old guys then. It gave me a kick, cos I’m sure it turned them on being jacked off by a young girl in a nurses uniform.”

“Well, it’s doing the same for me.” I said, as I felt an intense pleasure in my cock head, as she moved her fingers up my shaft and rolled my knob between her fingers.

“I do get quite a lot of good looking guys in, and I do usually offer it to them, and also there are the regular visitors, who get the service every time.”

I noticed that I could see her nipples through her white uniform, and thought they must have been very firm, as they were pressing against the material. I noticed that I could see the outline of a lacy bra underneath. I tried to keep glimpsing at her tits, and her hand on my cock which was more difficult to see, so I just gazed at her tits. I’m sure I noticed a slight bounce as her arm went up and down.

“Like I said, I get turned on,” she said quietly.


“You’re looking at me…..at my breasts……I know I’m poking through a bit.”

“Yeah, I saw that.”

“Do you think it would help if I undressed? As I think we’re in a bit of trouble here….” she said, looking at my penis “….must be nerves.”

“Uhh yeah, that would be good, yeah.” I said, trying to sound casual.

“Only topless.” she said, as she unbuttoned her uniform to the waist, and pulled it down, took her arms out, so it hung, held by the little white belt, at her waist. Her breasts looked bigger in the lacy bra, and I could see the darkness of her nipples through it. She unhooked her bra behind her back and leant forward so it slipped off, and I saw her tits.

They were very firm, looked like a D-cup, very smooth around the nipples. Her nipples were quite thick, and jutted out, beautifully.

She put her hand on my cock again and started to wank me. I watched her breasts swing and bounce back and forth with the movement of her jacking on my cock. Occasionally, she would change pace or move her hand down and rub my balls to bring on my orgasm. I started to moan.

“Are you going to come soon? Because I have to collect your sperm in the pot. Just give me a warning of your ejaculation.”


Her hand moved a bit faster, and I watched her breasts, and looked down at her hand on my cock, and could feel the sensations rising slowly, coming up through my thighs. I spread my legs slightly and raised my bum up to try to direct the feelings to the tip of my cock……through my thighs, behind my balls……tingling in my balls…..

“I’m coming,……uh….uh..fuck.”

She jacked my cock and aimed it up towards my chest, put the pot near my knob and angled it up to catch my sperm…….through my cock and out….my cock tightened up with the orgasm….and suddenly pumped out my come. First jet very strong….my ass raised up to push it out….my head rolled back, the line of white come pulsed into the pot, and as my come pumped out, she pulled my cock back from the pot, and a line of thick come landed on her fingers. More spurts, she angled the pot up, and it shot in……me still pushing my cock up. She was still jacking my cock through my orgasm, feeling the pulsating shaft, going soft and hard between spurts. I was gasping.

More spurts, and more thick spunk collecting in the little pot. As the last spurt came, she kept wanking me through it so the feelings remained and died away, and a few seconds later, she stopped and held my still hard penis in her hand, a dribble of come had run down from the tip and over her thumb. She held the pot up and we looked at the contents.

“Very good, good amount, and nice consistency,” she said. She turned and put the pot down on the chair, and turning back, standing there topless, said..

“I seem to have some of your deposit on my hand, Mr McLean. Well, both my hands,” she held them up for me to see. I looked at the globules of my own spunk on this topless nurse’s fingers.

“This can’t go in the pot, as it’s not sterile, so I’ll have to dispose of it…….but I can’t stand wasting it on tissues,” she raised her right hand up to her mouth, and slowly put her mouth over her thumb and I saw my spunk disappear inside this girl’s mouth. Then her left hand, and the string of spunk running across all her fingers. She held her hand up and let her tongue hang out and let me watch as she slowly ran her tongue through my come, licking it off her fingers and onto her lips. When it was all gone, she closed the pot, and started to put her bra on, and then button her uniform.

“Well, thank you for your deposit, Mr McLean. If you’d like to get cleaned up and go to the front desk to collect your money, and make another appointment for next week”. She smiled at me and walked out and I got dressed and went out to the reception, and collected my £30, and booked again for the week after.