Screen Test

“Come on in darlin’ and have a seat,” Leo Coffman said smoothly, “now, what can I do for ya!?!” “Well, Mr. Coffman, I saw your ad in the paper, and I was just wondering if the position was still available?!?” “You mean the ad in the Underground Times,” he asked casually!?! “Uh, yes,” she replied softly, “is the job still available?!?” “Baby, the job’s always available,” he replied dryly, “I run that same ad everyday of the year!” “Really,” she replied incredulously, “you mean that you just give away jobs that pay three hundred dollars a day!?!” “Honey, this is Hollywood,” he said gently, “ain’t nobody gives nobody nothin’, you earn every penny, and don’t you ever forget it!” “Then how,” she mumbled, “I guess I don’t understand!” “Listen, kid,” he asked, “where’re ya from!?!” “Iowa,” she replied quickly! “And how old are ya,” he questioned her!?! “I just turned eighteen two months ago,” she replied proudly, “why, does it matter!?!” “Oh, yeah, baby,” he replied softly, “you bet your sweet little corn fed ass it matters, now why don’t you do yourself a big favor and go get on a bus and go home, this ain’t no place for a sweet kid like you!”

“But your ad said females eighteen and above to make $300 per day and up,” she whined, “and since I’m eighteen……..” “Now look, baby,” he said evenly, “do you have any idea what we do here, I mean do ya know what you’d hafta do to earn those three C’s a day!?!” “I-it’s not illegal is it,” she asked warily, “I promised my mom I’d never break the law!?!” “No, it’s not illegal,” he shot back quickly, “but believe me, this isn’t the place for you, now scram outta here, okay!?!” There were a lot of things that Rachel McAndrews wasn’t, but unfortunately being stubborn was one them, so she crossed her arms and with a little gumption that even surprised Leo Coffman, she demanded, “Now Mr. Coffman, I don’t think that it’s fair that you won’t even consider me for this job, after all I’m a high school graduate and believe me, I really need this job!” Leo Coffman leaned back in his chair with his hands inner laced behind his head and said, “What’s your name darlin’!?!” “Rachel, Rachel McAndrews,” she responded! “Well, Rachel McAndrews, stand up and take off all of your clothes and let me check out your body!”

“W-what are you talking about,” Rachel stammered, “how dare you ask me to do such a thing!” “Let me ask you something,” Leo said, “just what in the fuck did you think you’d hafta do to earn 300 clams a day, do some typing and a little filing!?!” “We make porno movies here, baby,” he continued on, “that ad is designed to get young women barely out of high school to come in here to get fucked and sucked by some Neanderthal with a cock the size of the state of Idaho, now I tried to be nice and shoo your cute little butt outta here but you wouldn’t go, so if ya don’t mind, take off your fucking clothes or get outta my office, I’m a busy man!” Rachel sat there stunned at the tirade that Leo Coffman had given her, but when she thought about it for a second, she realized how dumb she had been to think that it would be a snap to earn that much money without having to give something very valuable in return, so after taking a deep breath, she stood up and began removing her clothing! Leo Coffman looked on with detached bemusement while the young woman from the mid west stripped in front of probably her first real live male, but when she was finally nude, he let out a low whistle and said softly, “Very nice, very nice indeed!” “So,” she asked nervously, “do I get that job!?!”

“You might,” Leo replied, “you certainly have all of the physical qualifications, but it’s upstairs that really counts in this business, and by that I mean can you handle doing it in front of twenty strangers on the set and still look like your having a good time!” “Well how will we know that,” she asked slowly, “I mean unless we try it!?!” “That’s a reasonable idea,” Leo replied, “but we can’t take that kind of a chance and have you freezing up on the set and throwing our shooting schedule off until we can find another actress, so what we do is shoot a screen test, with just a camera man, a director, and of course the other actors and actresses!” “Would I get paid for this screen test,” she asked doubtfully!?! “Of course you would,” he replied quickly, “you get the full three hundred if everything works out, and if it doesn’t, well we still pay you a hundred for your trouble, so, are you still interested!?!” After a moments hesitation she replied softly, “Okay, let’s do it!

“When do I get to meet the person I’ll be doing the test with,” Rachel asked nervously while sitting on the edge of a king size bed on a studio sound stage!?!” Leo was just about to reply to her question, when from of to the side, a voice answered, “I’m on my way now, just hold your horses, honey!” “I’d like you to meet Starla King,” Leo said as a way of introduction, “she’ll be the other actress in the scene with you!” Rachel was shocked into momentary silence at this turn of events, but she managed to stammer, “B-but I thought I’d be playing this scene with a male actor!?!” “Listen baby,” Leo replied evenly, “any woman can lay there and get fucked by a guy, the real test in our business is if she can suck a pussy and come back for more, if you can’t, there’s the door!” Rachel’s head was spinning at this turn of events, but after looking back and forth between Leo and Starr, she dumbly nodded her had and said, “Let’s get started!”

Starr King climbed up onto the bed with Rachel, and to calm the young woman she whispered, “Just let me do all of the work at first, I’ve done this a hundred times, and believe me, after a few minutes you won’t care who’s eating your pussy as long as you get your gun off, okay!?!” Rachel just stared at the twenty something actress, and in a weak voice replied, “Okay, what do you want me to do?!?” Starr looked at Leo and offered, “How about I eat her cunt for awhile just to get things going, is that all right with you!?!” Leo looked at Rachel and ordered, “Okay, Rachel, get on your back with your legs spread, Starr’s gonna suck you off!” Leo then nodded to the camera man to start rolling, and with another nod to Starr they were off and running, and although Rachel was short on experience, she immediately flooded her blonde pussy with cunt juice as the talented tongue of Starr King bored in directly on the tip of her hard little clit, causing her to moan loudly as the expert cunt lapper quickly brought her to a excruciatingly vicious orgasm!

Good start, baby,” Leo crowed, “you came like gang busters, and what’s even better, you made a whole lotta noise doin’ it, the men in raincoats are gonna just love ya!” With a dumb look on her face she whispered to Starr, “Who are the men in rain coats!?!” “Starr kissed her on the cheek and replied softly, “They’re the old guys in the theaters jerking off under their rain coats to hide their dicks!” “Oh, I see,” Rachel answered, while trying to picture in her mind what Starr had just explained to her!” “Okay, ladies,” Leo offered, “rest time is over, let’s trade places and see if she gives as good as she gets!” This was the acid test, could she put her own mouth on the vagina of another woman! It was one thing to close your eyes and get sucked off, but it was a whole different ball game when you had to do the sucking yourself! After Starr was in position with her legs spread wide, Leo called action, and almost like a magnet attracts metal, Rachel’s mouth was drawn inexplicably to Starr’s very aroused vulva! “Good grief,” she thought to herself, “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” But what was even more incredible, was that after only a moment or two, she had almost become addicted to the salty taste of Starr King’s smoothly shaved vagina! “Oh, god, Leo,” Starr gasped, “she’s a fucking natural, I think that I’m falling in love with her, or at least with her hot little tongue, it’s so fucking insistent, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my she’s so fucking gooooooood!” And she was too, bringing the porn star to the brink of orgasm several times, before finally allowing her to have her much need climax! While Starr panted like an old hound dog on a hot day, she managed to offer, “You’re a hot little minx aren’t you, and that little trick you did to keep me on edge, just incredible!” “So,” Leo said happily, “we’ve got ourselves a new fucking star!”

Later back in the dressing room, Starr offered, “Look over there, Rachel, that’s Lance Walker, he’s Leo’s biggest male star, and I do mean biggest!” “He doesn’t look like a porn actor,” Rachel said softly, “he looks just like anyone else you’d meet on the street!” “Honey, when he drops those drawers he doesn’t look anything like anyone else,” Starr said while giving Rachel a playful elbow in the ribs, causing both women giggled like a couple of school girls at a slumber party! Hearing the commotion from the other end of the room, Lance glanced over and asked, “What the heck are you two so happy about, you’re actin’ like a couple of kids!?!” “Oh, hi, Lance,” Starr replied sweetly, “this is Rachel, she’s gonna be in our next feature, Leo just hired her today!” Lance gave the cute little blonde the once over and asked, “Have any experience, baby!?!” “Uh, no,” Rachel replied softly while feeling herself go damp in Lance Walker’s presense, “I mean not until today that is!” “What’d old Leo have you do,” Lance asked with a smirk on his face, “have Starr here suck you off!?!” “Oh leave her alone, Lance,” Starr interjected, “she had a great screen test, and I bet you a dollar that she sould fuck you under the table!” “O-hooooooo,” he crowed, “so little farm girl from Iowa, you have a real fan here in Starr, but have you ever had anything like this,” as he unhooked his belt and dropped his pants and shorts! Rachel involuntarily gasped at the size of Lance Walker’s penis, and as if drawn to it like bees to honey, she dropped to her knees and began fellating his rapidly growing erection!

Lance Walker had been sucked off by some of the most experienced suckstresses in the business, but even after only thirty seconds he realized that Starr King had been right, this young woman was a sexual machine, with only one speed, overdrive! Rachel had only had sex with one boy back home in Iowa, and although it had been pleasurable to be sure, the incredible fury burning in her pussy was being driven by the massive erection protruding from Lance Walker’s crotch! “Jesus in heaven,” Lance moaned, “she’s fucking unreal, like a fucking vacuum!” “What’d I tellya, dummy,” Starr replied smartly while helping Rachel out of her skirt and blouse, “but what I wanna see is if she actually fucks ya to death!”

Both Starr and Rachel pushed the porn king down on the floor, whereupon Rachel lowered her hot little blonde haired pussy onto his thick cunt stretching shaft!” “Oh, god,” Rachel gasped as all ten and an half inches of cock flesh disappeared inside of her, “h-he’s gonna rip me apart, oh my!” “Don’t give up so soon,” Starr opined while cupping the young woman’s pert breasts, “it takes a while to get used to it, but in a little while you’ll be coming like a fucking rocket!” Rachel just sat perfectly still for a few minutes, giving her pussy a chance to get acclimated to such a monstrous dick resting inside of her, and just as Starr had predicted, her cunt slowly began to relax and accept the big pecker not as an invader, but as a welcome guest! “Oh, yeah,” Rachel moaned, “I can feel it comin’ on, it’s like a huge avalanche running down hill out of control, ohhhhhhhhhh I feel so full of cock, it’s so wonderfulllllllll!” Seeing that the little corn fed tart was really getting into it, Lance grabbed her around the waist, and in one quick explosive maneuver, rolled her over on her back and with piston like efficiency began slamming his salami sized organ in and out of her like a mechanical trip hammer!

Soon she was meeting his thrusts and giving as good as she got, while they drove each other to the very brink of climax! “H-how do you like that, you little cunt,” Lance groaned, “I’m gonna fuck you to death!” With her cunt now aroused far beyond anything it had ever felt before, Rachel managed to stammer, “T-then it’s gonna be a dual suicide, because if I go, I’m takin’ you with me!” Now it was a mad dash to the climax finish line, with the two sexual titans running neck and neck, or should I say, groin to groin! Neither one wanted to be the first to cum, but finally, Rachel’s vagina convulsed in a series of brutally devastating orgasms, that induced Lance’s monster pecker into a gusher producing orgasm of its own!

What’d I tell ya,” Starr asked Lance grinning, “she’s a fucking load isn’t she!?!” Lance rolled off his new co-star, and while still trying to catch his breath he replied, “Yeah, she’s pretty good, but does she do windows!?!”


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