Roommates Naughty Girlfriend

It was the summer of 2002 and I had just turned 21 years old. I lived in a house near my college campus with two other friends. I had a steady job as a server at a fancy restaurant most nights, which brought in great cash, so my days were wide open for lounging around in the sun while my roommates were hard at work.

This particular day didn’t start out any different from any other day of the summer. My friends and I had gotten pretty drunk the night before and I may have still been feeling the effects the next day. It was terribly hot outside. Too hot for a hung-over bum like me to go into the summer heat, so I cranked up the AC and decided to lounge on the living room couch. It was about one o’clock in the afternoon and I was enjoying some awful daytime TV. There was only so much of this garbage I could take, so I flipped the TV off and directed my attention to our coffee table. Or rather, the porno magazines that were on our coffee table. I began flipping through the one magazine casually.

There had been no intention to jerk-off at that point, but the pictures got to me. I had been wearing my favorite pair of basketball shorts and a basketball jersey with the intention of playing ball again that day, just like I did nearly everyday of the summer. With all the running around in the sun all day, I had scored myself a pretty athletic body with a solid tan.

I looked at a spread showcasing two lovely blondes sucking on each other’s tits and started working my cock from the outside of my shorts… Before long my unit was a full attention and ready to go, but just before I could pull my shorts down the back door opened! There wasn’t much reason to panic, it was probably just one of my roommates coming home and everyone glanced at the porno mags from time to time. My only concern was getting caught masturbating on the couch! To my surprise it was not one of my roommates that had entered, but my roommate’s girlfriend. Her name was Kara and she looked half Asian… but it was a more Southeastern Asia look, perhaps Filipino. Either way, she was blessed with permanently light caramel skin, beautiful long dark hair, and a petite frame. Good for her.

“Hey Steve” said Kara with a half smile. I didn’t bother to get up from my position on the couch, but did manage to give her a friendly hello and a smile.

“What brings you here?” I asked.

She plopped down on the other couch in the room and placed her shoulder bag next to her. I couldn’t help but try and peek up the mini jean skirt she was wearing that day. Lucky me, there was a brief shot of panties. Light blue, not a bad color choice.

“Just waiting for David to get done with work. He should be here in 30 minutes or so. We are going to a movie this afternoon.” she responded.

She continued to tell me what movie they planned to see and what it was about, but I had stopped listening. Instead I admired her outfit. She was a sexy girl, but today she looked exceptionally hot. A short jean skirt, tight blue tank top, flip-flops, and her hair in a ponytail. She was petite, but had a pretty decent chest for her size, which was protruding from her extra tight shirt.

“Whatcha looking at?” She asked as she moved from one couch to the one I was sprawled across. This wasn’t very surprising. Kara was a flirtatious and “touchy” character. She always seemed to enjoy being close to people.

“Oh you’re gross!” She reacted to the porno magazine that was still open in front of me. “Why do you even like this?”

“Those chicks are hot.”

“I guess…” She had leaned back against my legs on the couch and started to flip through the magazine. I told her that I wasn’t done browsing and she would have to share. So she fell onto her side in front of me and we began to page through. Eventually she got more comfortable and kicked her sandals to the floor. Kara raised her feet onto the couch, which put us in an almost spooning position.

As we looked at the magazine there were a lot of funny remarks and laughing going on. She commented on girls taking loads of cum to the face. She wanted to know why it turned guys on so much, but I couldn’t seem to give her a satisfying answer. We continued to kid around. But, as she flipped through the room got much quieter.

She seemed to begin to look at the photos longer on each page and there wasn’t much being said anymore. We had worked our way into complete spooning position on the couch and Kara’s perfect little ass was snugly pushing into my crotch. It wasn’t very long until I started feeling the stirrings of an erection. Slowly I placed my hand onto her hip and she didn’t object at all. In fact, at one point, I thought I felt her move her body so that her ass was pressed harder into me.

My erection grew and at this point I knew she could feel it. As she continued to turn the pages of the magazine I began to move my hand slowly down from her hip to the outside of her thigh where her mini skirt stopped and bare skin began. Her breathing was heavier and I knew that she was getting aroused like I was. Slowly I worked my hand under her skirt and began to slide it up her smooth thigh. I rubbed her thigh and ass as we pretended to still care about the magazine in front of us.

At this point my lips were on her neck as my one hand still caressed her perfect ass… She reached a hand back and didn’t waste anytime reaching down the front of my shorts to grab my hard prick. She worked it up and down slowly like a pro. I moved my hand to the front of her skirt and she spread her thighs just enough for me to rub her already dripping wet pussy through her panties. Kara tilted her head back and we french kissed while she stroked my cock and I rubbed her pussy.

Soon I had her whole skirt hiked up and slowly pulled her panties down. First with my hands and then with my feet the rest of the way, so as to not break the kissing. She had managed to pull my dick from my shorts and began to guide it into her hot pussy. It found it’s mark on the first try. Slowly I inserted it into what felt like the most perfect pussy I have ever entered… it was hot, wet, and tight.

I was entering her when she broke from the kissing for a minute to let out a gasp, as I continued to slowly work my very erect cock in and out of her body. While doing this my hand worked over her hips and her nice little tits. I pulled up her shirt and played with her nipple as the thrusting grew in speed slightly. We fucked slowly in the spooning position for a while, but we were both too fucking horny for anymore of that.

I pulled her up onto all fours and removed her miniskirt and tank top. Then I dropped my shorts and removed my shirt and lined up behind her. She swayed her tight little ass slowly waiting for me to enter, but I could almost smell her sweet pussy so I had to get a taste! I leaned down and buried my face into her wet pussy from behind, my nose nestled deep in her crack. I flicked my tongue up and down quickly on her pussy lips. It tasted so sweet and I didn’t want to miss a drop.

I placed both hands on her ass and spread her cheeks so I could get deeper into her pussy. She moaned in pleasure and started to let out little yelps and short blurbs like “oh shit” and “god yes” which encouraged my to work a little harder.

After a couple minutes of enjoying Kara’s tasty pussy juices I lined up behind her and slowly entered my throbbing dick into her well prepared pussy. Placing both hands on her hips I didn’t waste time with slow fucking now. We started going at it at a furious pace. Sweat was dripping from us and I began to give her ass slaps as I fucked her pussy as hard and deep as I could. The slight moaning had now turned into shouting.

She turned her had back and looked me straight in the eyes as she said, “Fuck me!”

“You like that?” I returned.

“Oh fuck, yes!”

“Are you a bad girl?”

“Yes! I am! Oh shit!”

“You’re a little slut aren’t you? For letting me fuck you…”

“Yeah, fuck me. I want it! Oh god, fuck yes!”

The louder she got the harder I spanked her and the harder I fucked. She would continue to turn her head around and look at me as she talked dirty. I didn’t hold anything back and she seemed to love it as she reached her own hand down and played with herself as I pounded her still dripping wet pussy! It felt as though she had already orgasmed a couple times and I could feel her juices running down my balls onto my legs…

“You dirty little bitch, you wanna get fucked?”

“Fuck me baby” she said as she looked back at me again with a dirty look. “Fuck that naughty pussy!”

I was at the edge and about to explode. We had been fucking very hard for almost 20 minutes! She could sense my body getting ready to explode and before I could let my cum go all over her back she quickly pulled away and turned around. She started stroking my cock and lowered herself in front of me.

She put my dick into her mouth and then pumped away with her hand she looked up at me. “Just like the magazine.” She said quietly, yet seductively. She then pumped at my cock harder and harder. “Come on! Gimme that cum, baby. I want to taste you like you tasted me! Give it to…”

Before she could finish her last line I had began to burst gobs of hot cum all over her face and chest. It had caught her off guard and she placed my dick in her mouth to catch the rest of my huge load. I almost collapsed! It was the longest and hardest I had ever cum and Kara took her time sucking every last drop of cum off my dick and balls. She even squeezed the remained out of my shaft and looked my in the eyes with every swallow…

We both fell onto the couch panting and naked. She smiled at me and started putting her clothes on.

“He could be here soon” she said. I dressed myself too and decided it was a good idea to get out of the house before David came home. Before I walked out the door Kara gave me a long hard kiss and said that is was great, but it was our secret.