Pregnant Workout

“Are you nuts? You want ME to lead the pregnant women’s class?”

Harold, the owner of the fitness club where I work, shrugged and leaned back behind his desk. “Fred, you know that Mimi went in to have her own baby last night. Her students will be here in half an hour and there’s no one else.” He pointed to the door. “Go on, get ready. It’s only for a few weeks, and it won’t hurt you.”

Fuming, I stalked out of his office and headed for the instructors’ locker room. Damn! A roomful of pregnant women, and Harold expected ME to lead the exercises.

It wasn’t that I objected to the job. Oh, sure, I expected to feel like a fool being the only man there showing all those women how to work out – but that wasn’t the problem.

I LIKE pregnant women. They’ve been my favorite sexual- fantasy objects for years. The problem was this: How in hell was I going to get through a forty-five minute class in front of a half-dozen young preggies in leotards – without everyone seeing that I had a colossal hard-on? If they complained, I could lose my job!

I showered with icy water and put on two jockstraps, carefully tucking my eight-inch cock downward into my crotch. I’d never before wished that I had a little one, but today wasn’t a good day to be hung, I thought.

I waited in the private workout room at the back of the club. The girls came in by ones and twos, wearing sweaters or maternity tops over their jeans or Bermuda shorts. Some were just barely “showing,” some were really way out there – and dammit, they were all terrific looking! I was hoping for at least one woofer that I could concentrate on to discourage my libido, but there wasn’t an ugly in the bunch. I almost laughed. “Just my luck,” I thought wryly. “Stuck with a roomful of pretty young foxes.”

There was Tina Margolas, small and dark with HUGE tits and her belly out to THERE; Bobbi Peterson, a plump brunette with a world-class ass and a heartbreaking smile to complement her sixth-month bulge; Carolyn Dyer, a delicate-looking blonde with a baby face and a discreet little tummy; Melissa Redgrave, soft and round with jet- black hair and a bulging nursing bra visible under her blouse; and Sandy Draper, an unregenerate hippie chick with a big smile, a bigger belly, and REALLY big, low- slung, braless tits.

As they came in, they all blinked in surprise at seeing me there to greet them. “Are you our instructor today?” asked Sandy, the sixties throwback. When I nodded, she grinned, looking me over, and said, “Far out!” Her eyes were bright and wide, and a little bloodshot; I wondered if she’d been toking up before she came to class. She smiled broadly and went into the women’s locker room to change, tossing her loose, waist-length hair. Her enormous tits were swinging from side to side as she turned away – I could see them even from directly behind her. I was sweating already.

The Susan Mercer waddled in, and the situation became hopeless.

Susan was the class of the group. She had flame-auburn hair, skin like fresh milk, and a face that would give wet dreams to a priest. Big bedroom eyes and a full- lipped mouth that looked like she could suck a bowling ball through a garden hose. If there was going to be a who’s-going-to-be-first-to-deliver contest, Susan would win; she looked like she was about ten and a half months pregnant to me. I’ve never seen a woman so pregnant (later, I learned that Susan was carrying twins). Her enormous tits rested on her belly like half-inflated footballs, their dark, orange-sized nipples clearly visible through her T-shirt. She gave me a big smile and headed for the locker room, her broad ass working as she walked away.

My two jockstraps were getting painfully tight. I was in trouble!

It was worse than I thought when they came out. All of them were in wonderful shape, even considering their swollen bellies and tits. They all wore skin-tight leotards, some with matching tights, some barelegged and barefoot. My bad luck was holding; not one wore a bra under her leotard. I was faced with twelve of the fattest, darkest nipples I’d ever seen, clearly visible through the stretched-out fabric of their overstressed workout suits.

Tina’s leotard was black and all but transparent; the tiny preggie wore no tights, and her plump bare legs and pretty feet would have been real cock-stiffeners for me even without her distended teats and belly. Hippie Sandy wore a tie-dyed outfit that was torn and re-laced at the seams. The sides of her humongous teats bulged out against the laces, and her long rubbery nipples pressed against the worn fabric. The others wore variations of the same, stretched-to-the-max leotards and fat, wobbling jugs.

Susan was the worst, of course. The woman was drop-dead, cum-in-your-pants gorgeous anyway – her face would have looked right at home on the cover of any magazine you can name – but oh, my God, was she pregnant!

Her belly was magnificent, stupendous, awesome; it pushed her pink leotard outward until it looked like sheer stocking-material. I could see her stretch marks clearly through the distended fabric. Her tits showed about eight inches of luscious cleavage, pale pillowy tit-meat bulging out of her low-cut leotard like rising dough. Her legs and feet were bare, and she wore no underwear at all – there was no panty line at her waist or hips, and her big ass jiggled freely when she moved. My cock was fighting to get loose.

I looked up at her face, and the bitch winked at me, smiled, then slowly licked her pillowy lips – running her tongue all around her open mouth with a lascivious leer. She knew, all right. She knew.

“Well, let’s get started,” I said. My voice cracked, and the girls giggled and looked at each other knowingly.

The workout session was a nightmare. Every single one of them could see my erection – I finally had to pull it upright in the jockstraps, or else it would have been looking out and saying “Hi” from the leg of my shorts. I knew I didn’t have to worry about complaints, though. They were all smirking and winking at each other and giggling as I tried to keep some sort of dignity and lead the exercises.

The pelvis thrusts were the worst. There I was, practically shoving my hard cock in their faces, as they rolled their big bellies at me and grinned at my discomfort. Sandy started shimmying her shoulders, making her enormous tits wobble and flop, and the other girls soon followed suit, laughing openly as I watched their bounding teats and sweated. Even Carolyn, the baby-faced blonde, half-squatted and started doing a lewd bump-and- grind as I watched. Her hot-pink leotard was moist at the crotch.

“Having a HARD time, Fred?” she asked with a grin. The other girls giggled and clapped, and plump Bobbie started doing a jiggly, tit-shaking belly dance as I watched. Melissa, the raven-haired beauty who came in wearing a nursing bra, squatted and started pumping her barely- covered pussy at me rhythmically, her little finger stuck innocently in the corner of her mouth. The fabric at her nipples was dark and wet from her milk-leaking tits. I thought I was going to shoot my wad right there.

“Well,” I stammered, “You g-girls are in really good shape, considering…” I was on the edge of cumming in my jockstrap, and I think they all knew it.

“We like your shape too,” giggled Tina, eyeing my crotch.

“Yeah!” said Sandy.

“Come on,” I said shakily. “It’s time for your knee lifts…”

Have you ever watched a half-dozen big-titted pregnant women lie on their backs and pull their knees back and wide open in front of you? Their pussies were barely covered by strips of material, and they were grinning and bumping their well-padded pelvises up at me sensuously.

I looked down at Susan’s pussy mound and wished I hadn’t. The crotch of her leotards was sopping-wet, and all but transparent. Her fat little pussy lips were clearly outlined under the filmy damp material, and there was a distinct bump where her clit would be. She was obviously shaved clean, her pussy hairless and smooth.

She grinned up at me and spread her legs wider; her pussy opened stickily under the wet fabric, and she smiled and rocked her ass back and forth…

That did it. I shivered and shot in my jock, and they all saw as a wet spot began to form at my crotch, they cheered and clapped.

I felt like a total fool.

Finally, the 45 minutes was up and I dismissed them. “That’s it for today, ladies,” I said. “See you next week.”

Sandy blinked. “You’ll be leading us AGAIN?”

I nodded miserably. “Mimi’s going to be out for a while, recovering and taking care of her baby. I’m supposed to take over till she comes back.” I looked at the women; all six of them were smiling broadly. “Is that okay? I could have the boss find you another female instructor, if you like.” I was hoping…

“No, no, that’ll be fine,” said Susan. Her low, throaty voice gave my cock a final twitch before they ran off into the locker room, giggling.

I guess I should have suspected then that something was up, but I was too glad to get out of there, job still in tact.


A week seemed to pass like an hour, and before I was ready it was time for the pregnant class again. I came out of the lockers and headed for the private exercise room. I was wearing only one jockstrap this time. My cock was already hard, but what the hell, nobody had complained, or I would have heard about it by now.

When I tried the knob to the private room, though, the door was locked. “What the hell…?” I knocked. After a moment, the door opened a crack, and Tina, the small dark one, peeked out.

“Is that you, Freddie?” She blinked up at me with those big eyes, a wicked smirk on her face.

“Yeah, it’s me,” I said irritably. “What’s the deal?” It wasn’t unusual to lock the door during private sessions, but it did seem a little odd to lock the instructor out.

“We have a surprise for you,” she giggled. “Close your eyes and come in.” I shrugged and closed my eyes; got to please the clients, I thought.

She took me by the hand and led me into the room, and I heard the door latch and lock behind me.

“Okay, open,” she said. I opened my eyes and promptly came in my pants again.

All six of the pregnant women were there, including Susan, and they were all stark naked.

“We decided our leotards were too… restricting,” Tina said with a giggle. She rubbed one pretty bare foot on the other and smirked up at me. “You don’t mind, do you?” she said as another most spot spread out over the crotch of my leotards.

They were standing around me in a semi-circle. Tina was frankly posing, showing off her pale, swollen belly in profile. Melissa and Bobbie were warming up with some “windmills,” their heavy teats swinging freely as they bent forward and touched their toes. Sandy was practicing some really raw belly-dancing moves, half-squatting with her hands behind her head and pumping her pelvis sensuously. Her tits swung and wobbled heavily as she hunched, eyes closed dreamily. Carolyn was just standing and watching me, weight on one leg, hefting one big tit idly and thumbing her nipple.

Susan was down on her hands and knees, her profile to me; her belly brushed the mat, and her huge nipples swung barely an inch above it. As I watched, she smiled, turned away from me, and got to her feet.

That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? She got to her feet. But it was the most devastating thing I’d ever seen. First she planted one bare foot out beside her and lifted her heel, posing her bare leg gracefully – and incidentally showing her shaved, gaping pussy from the rear and framing her huge hanging belly and tits with her arched leg. She smiled back at me and winked. Then she planted the other foot, with her hands still on the floor; she was squatting low and wide open now, showing off her hairless crotch outrageously. Her hairless pussy lips flared out like flower petals, her fat ass cheeks split wide to show her pink, twitching asshole – and her enormous belly was still touching the floor. She smirked back at me over her shoulder as if to say, “Like it?” and finally, slowly, stood, making sure that her bare ass stuck out at my face as she straightened.

“Your back gets sore when you’re this pregnant,” she muttered as she turned to face me. I stared at the woman standing there naked in front of me; she was the most beautiful, sexy thing I had ever seen. Her tits and belly were unbelievably huge, her pouting pussy mound protruding vulnerable and bare. I was staring shamelessly at her intimate shaved slit. I looked up; she smiled.

“I’ll b-bet,” I quavered.

“Come on, Freddie, let’s work out!” said Sandy. Her eyes were like road maps, and she smiled vacantly. Stoned for sure, I thought.

“Except that we want you to work out like us,” said Melissa. “Bare ass naked!” Her voice was soft and childlike; she brushed her mass of black hair from her face and licked her lips eagerly.

“Now, wait a minute,” I began.

“No, Mel’s right,” said Bobbie. She was plump, like I said, but her nude body was curvy and delicious, just right. “It wouldn’t be fair if you were dressed – it’d make us feel self-conscious.”

The other girls all got bashful expressions on their faces and pretended to be embarrassed, nodding and covering themselves with their hands – as if their hands could cover anything. Susan’s hands couldn’t even cover her nipples. Bobbie stepped forward and pulled off my T- shirt.

“Not bad!” she exclaimed. The other girls smiled at my muscles, and I grinned and flexed a bicep for them. What the hell…

She pulled down my shorts and my jock together, and my cock sprang out. “Wow!” “Mmmm…” “Look at that!” They breathed hushed exclamations at my ridged equipment, and Bobbie touched the tip of my cock reverently. Her finger came away sticky, and she licked it. “Ooo,” she said, “that’s a big one!”

The others all approached, and for the next few minutes I had to stand there with my shorts and jock around my ankles while twelve soft hands felt and caressed my bare cock and balls. Don’t ask me how I held back – watching those heavy, milk-swollen tits swinging and slapping each other as they crowded around me, feeling those taut, swollen bellies against my ass and hips. I guess the fact that they’d just made me cum only a few minutes before made it possible.

Every one of them, it seemed, just had to squeeze the end of my cock; when Susan did it, I said “Beep” like a bicycle horn, and she laughed.

“Time to get started,” said Tina. She seemed to be the leader of the group, even though she was the smallest physically. The girls lined up in their usual positions as I pulled my sneakers and socks off.

“You mean you want to EXERCISE?” I asked. They all grinned.

“That’s what we paid for,” said Bobbie. “Come on, let’s go!”

Those bitches made me go through the whole routine, all 45 minutes. I was in hard-on hell, watching them jiggle and flop and bounce, all of them buck naked and covered with sweat; my boner stood out like a flagpole. Their eyes were glued to it the whole time, blowing kisses at it, licking their lips…

You can’t imagine the frustration of watching six beautiful, naked, very pregnant women doing sensual exercises, all of them deliberately teasing you. Lifting and fondling and jiggling their huge, heavy tits, stroking their bloated bellies and plump bare ass cheeks, bumping and grinding their sweaty pussies at your face. My cock was dripping onto the mat before we were done, long skeins of clear fluid dangling from the tip. They watched greedily, all but drooling for it.

Soon it was time for the knee lifts again. They were all on their backs, holding their knees back and wide open in “fuck-me” position, rolling their asses in unison.

“Oh, ggoddd…” I moaned. My dick was pulsing. Susan’s shaved hole was so fat and bare and wide open, and she was HUNCHING it at me…

“Give it to me first,” said Sandy. I looked at her, she was stretching her hairy pussy open with her fingers, breathing hard. It was gleaming with her juices.

“What?” I said, not quite believing what I’d heard.

“That’s right,” Tina said. “We drew straws, and Sandy gets it first.”

“Go ahead,” said Bobbie. Her voice was muffled; she was sucking her own tit, and a little milk was running from the corner of her mouth. Her other nipple was leaking a thin stream of white, and her fingers were busy in her pussy.

“Please…” Sandy’s thumb was circling her clit as she peeled her hole wide.

“I don’t know…” I hesitated.

“Our husbands are all pretty much ignoring us, Fred,” said Melissa softly. She, too, was stroking her crotch. “We need it, bad. All of us. We talked about you last week and all agreed, you know… if you like what you see… well… you can… you know.”

I knelt down in front of Sandy, took my cock in my hand, and started rubbing it against her sopping lips. She gasped and twisted, still holding herself open. “Please,” she said again, and aware of the others watching us, I slid it in.

She was fever-hot and slick as oil. I pumped her deep and slow, all the way in and all the way out; I knew that slamming it in fast and ferocious like I wanted to wasn’t advisable in her condition, so I held back and gave her a long, slow, gentle fucking. Her big, loose tits sloshed liquidly between her arms as she continued to pull at her pussy lips, holding herself open for my sliding cock.

Sandy shuddered and came grimacing and hissing after only a short time, and I realized that these girls were, if anything, hornier than I was.

“I’m next,” squealed Bobbie delightedly, even before Sandy had completely stopped shivering. “Are you good for some more?”

“Just try me,” I grinned, and moved over to her. Bobbie was the chubby one, and as I popped my wet cock into her sparsely haired cunt, the phrase “fat little ball of fuck” popped into my mind. She was, too; she shimmied and jiggled and quivered gaily on my bone as I opened her up, enjoying the slick rippling of her tube on my cock head. “Harder,” she gasped, and I bounced against her carefully as she tensed in orgasm and pulled her ankles back nearly to her face.

“Now me,” cried Carolyn. The baby-faced blonde closed her eyes demurely and bit her lip as I rubbed my cock head on her little pin clit. I teased her for a long time – I wanted to see this bashful babe begging for it. She did, too; before I slipped it in, sweet Carolyn was moaning, “Oh baby, please, fuck me, fuck me out – fuck out my pregnant pussy with your big thick dick! Fuck me, please!” I fucked her harder than I did the others, since she wasn’t so far along. She was a screamer, it turned out, but her voice was muffled by the other girls’ hands over her mouth as I rammed it to her orgasming hole.

Tina was next. The tiny little thing was so pregnant, I was almost afraid to put it in, but she got into a doggie-style position that was irresistible. Her pussy was slippery as soap and tight as a handful of rubber bands. She came almost instantly, her tits dangling and swinging wildly till I grabbed them and held on – then she just shivered, vibrating like a tuning fork and making a high, keening sound as she fought her way through waves of orgasm.

Maybe you’re wondering how I managed all this. Have you ever been so hard you couldn’t cum? I guess that was what happened to me. I fucked all of them but Susan, and still didn’t get off; it happens sometimes. Not that I regretted it at all. Oh, no. Six delicious pussies nestled around my cock for almost half an hour? Would you?

Melissa was next-to-last, and it was a good thing. I suspect they knew that Susan turned me on the most and kept her for last – either that or she liked the idea of taking sloppy sixths.

Anyway, Melissa had me sweating and straining before she squirted milk all over my chest and came, her cunt- muscles clenching on my bone like greasy fingers.

Melissa got to me, and I felt that I was getting close. I looked up, and there was Susan standing over me, her enormous belly in my face. She shook her head. “Not here,” she said.

I shrugged, disappointed. “Well, that’s ok,” I said. I figured she meant that she wasn’t going for it. Trying to be cool, I looked at my watch. “I guess that’s all for today…”

“Oh, no it’s not,” said Susan, her voice smoky and insinuating.

“Come with us,” said Tina.

I followed them, cock stiff and shining from all their juices, into the private dressing room next to the classroom. I began to grin as they led me into the small group shower. The session wasn’t over yet.

“It’s kind of hard to wash in our condition,” smiling as she turned on the water, “so we’ve been kind of soaping each other up. Want to join in?”

For the next half hour, six naked preggies soaped me all over, and I soaped them. I don’t guess I’ll ever be that clean again – they all gathered around and squirmed against me till we were all slick with slippery lather. My hands had all the soapy tit they could feel, my cock was continually stroked and caressed by slippery girl- fingers, and my ears were filled with delighted feminine giggles. Six slick, swollen bellies fought to get near me, and I did my best to grab and feel and stroke all the naked skin I could reach. It was so much fun I went soft.

Finally, they eased me down until I was lying on the warm, wet tile floor. You can’t imagine the view from there. They all peered over their huge tits and bellies at me, grinning – then Susan awkwardly straddled me, and my cock sprang to iron hardness again.

She was crouching over me, glistening and naked, her hairless, gleaming pussy-mound discreetly split open. As I watched, the others helped her squat, holding her up, and her hole gaped wider as it approached. It was swollen and fiery red, thickly coated with juice.

She was finally poised with her soft pussy lips kissing the tip of my soapy bone. “You want me?” she breathed, watching my face.

“Oh yeah, baby… Give it to me…”

“You want me?” she asked again, rotating her ass slowly. Her sloppy pussy slid around and around on my cock head. She was teasing me, like I teased Carolyn.

I knew what she wanted to hear. “Oh yeah, baby, fuck me – fuck me with your luscious pregnant pussy, your bare- shaved pregnant fuck-hole… Get down on it and fuck, pump me off, I need it so bad…”

She dropped all the way down on me and I moaned. Susan’s pussy tube was hot as an oven and squeezed and milked my bare cock like a sucking mouth. She smiled down at me and began to bounce gently, her bare pussy slapping against me wetly.

She was so beautiful; I stroked her legs adoringly and slid my hands around and around on her belly; I reached up and took her huge nipples in my hands and squeezed them like I was squeezing oranges. She shuddered and screwed her ass down on me harder, breathing faster.

I was determined to outlast her. The others weren’t helping, though; the sight of them bending over us, so many huge, wet, soapy tits swinging in my face, so many big bare bellies…

We were grunting and straining, struggling to hold back our orgasms; Susan’s beautiful face was distorted, congested with her oncoming climax, teeth gritted as if in pain. She hunched and fucked hungrily as the other girls helped her. Her pretty fingers clutched desperately at their hands as they held her up so that she could get the cock she needed so badly.

I reached down under the curve of her bloated belly, and stroked her clit. Susan cried out, her mouth opening helplessly as I milked and massaged her fat little button. Her pussy began to make juicy squishing sounds on my cock as she pumped on it.

We gave up at the same moment. She sat heavily, all the way down on my cock, as I grunted and started blasting her out. The long, ripping squirts of sperm jetted into her grasping, clutching hole as we looked into each others’ eyes, squinting through our blistering orgasms and making some kind of a connection; I had one of her huge nipples clutched in one hand and was squeezing her bursting clit with the finger and thumb of the other. Beautiful Susan jerked and spasmed for long, long seconds on my spurting cock as I gave her all I had.

The other girls cheered, stroking and touching both of us as we came together. Afterward, they helped Susan get off me and washed her gently and carefully – and then started on my cock.

Sixty soapy fingers on your cock right after you’ve cum – Brrh! What a feeling!

The next week, I showed up a little early for the class, and Harold called me into his office.

Uh-oh, here it comes, I thought. Someone had an attack of conscience, and I was about to get fired. Oh, well…

“Bad news, Fred,” he began, and I nodded resignedly. The jig was up, all right.

He cleared his throat and went on. “Listen, Mimi’s decided that she wants to stay home and take care of her baby. Do you think that you could take over the pregnant class, uh, permanently?”

I just stood there, gaping. Harold raised his hands, pleading.

“Look, I know it’s a pain in the ass. I’ll give you a raise – an extra twenty a week. How about it? I’m really in a jam here.”

I may be a jock, but I’m not stupid. “Well, okay,” I said reluctantly. “I guess I could do it.”

“Thanks, Fred,” he said, heaving a sigh of relief. “Well, you’d better get in there. They’ll be here soon.”

As I turned to leave, he spoke again. “Oh, yeah, one other thing.

Last week, the class ran pretty long.”

“Yeah, it did – ” I was about to apologize when he cut me off.

“That’s good, Fred, giving them extra help like that. Give the customer more than she pays for, and she’ll keep coming back for more.

Think you can keep it up?”

I nodded, grinning all over. “Yeah, Harold, I’m pretty sure I can do that.” He gave me an odd look, then went back to his ledgers.

I headed for the locker room to change, stopping off at the desk to pick up some extra towels. Might need them today, I thought. I unzipped my gym bag and looked at the three bottles of cooking oil I’d brought.

Should be enough…


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