Party Girl

Ken was getting bored. The party, at least in his mind, had been a total waste.

He sat on the couch, looking through his drink to the light in the living room, which was full of people socializing, chatting or otherwise.

Ken had been completely and entirely unsuccessful tonight, which was very strange because he always ended up taking someone home when he went to one of Sonny’s parties. It was still early, only nine, and people were still coming, but he didn’t have an especially good feeling.

Then he saw Brooke, drinking a glass of wine casually on the stairs. What a gorgeous woman she is, he thought. The softest looking brown hair flowing down to her full breasts, sparkling green eyes, and just the right complexion. Textbook stuff, he called it; short nose, short forehead, pouty lips. Then of course there was her body, which her outfit didn’t exactly hide. Her long tanned legs and slender upper body were draped by a beautiful white and pink dress, a spring sort of dress. He shook his head, smiling, as his eyes met hers, and he walked over.

“Didn’t know you’d be here.”

“You’re so full of shit,” he grinned. “You know full well I always come.”

Brooke smiled, almost fiendishly. “Well, not tonight anyway. Usually if you don’t have a girl crawling all over you by now, you split for a club.”

Ken was a very attractive guy. He was tall and built, very toned. He had brown mahogany eyes that shone when he talked to good looking women and slick black hair. Tonight he was in a light blue dress shirt with khaki slacks, and had left his jacket at the door.

While they went on, Ken couldn’t help but wonder how she had been married to Frank for so long. After all, they were only twenty four, and a woman like Brooke could have anyone she wanted. Especially guys better looking, smarter, and a hell of a lot less boring than Frank. He liked the guy, but he had always doubted that he had what it took to keep a vixen like Brooke satisfied.

Ken’s thoughts were broken as Brooke let out a gasp.


She had spilled her wine accidentally on her dress. The bright red wine spread slowly down her breasts to her stomach and she looked up at Ken, as if to say “what the hell do I do?”

Ken looked around for Megan, the hostess. “There’s Meg,” he told her, pointing to the kitchen. “Tell her, I’m sure she’d put this in the wash for you and give you something to wear.”

“Well, isn’t this going to stain?”

“Haha… probably.”

“Don’t laugh!” she snapped playfully. “This isn’t funny!”

“Of course not,” Ken chuckled.

“Well, I’ll go talk to Meg,” she told him. “I’ll be back.”

With a subtle swish of her hips Brook walked off to the kitchen to talk to Megan.

Ken stood at the foot of the stairs, watching her. Now all he could think about was Brooke. What it’d be like to have her. To be able to have sex with her every night and every morning. Just watching the stain move down over her breasts down her taut stomach….

It was starting to be more than he could take. He was thinking that maybe he should go before he said something stupid to her. Maybe he should just go home, masturbate, and call it a night. Then Brooke once again interferred with his thoughts.

“Hey!” she smiled. “You look like you’re off in another world.”

He grinned slightly. “Yeah, just thinking.”

“Well Meg says to just go in the bathroom and wait for her. She’ll give me something and wash this, see if she can get it out.”

“So is this where we say goodnight?”

Brooke frowned. “Well, I was thinking that you could come with me. Keep me company, you know?”

A little taken aback, Ken nodded and followed her up the stairs to the first door on the left. Brooke opened it and walked inside casually, followed by a slightly nervous Ken.

“Man,” Brooke said, slipping out of her dress, “can you believe this shit?”

Ken tried to look away from her sexy body, now only in a black bra and panties, but was finding it very difficult.

“I mean seriously, that was a nice dress.”

Ken nodded, but his attention was elswhere, namely trying to stop staring at Brooke.

She leaned back against the wall and pressed a bare foot up against it, starting to stretch. “But oh well… these things will happen.”

“Yeah,” Ken agreed. “But let’s talk about something else.”

“Like what?”

Ken’s mind went deathly blank. Worse than blanks he’d gotten from other situations, like tests in college, or philosophocal discussions. This was just nothing but sex. He wanted to fuck his friend’s wife, and here she was, almost taunting him. Arching her back, as though she were displaying herself for him.

Still waiting for an answer, Brooke looked into his eyes, and he knew she saw his lust. She had to. It was right there, screaming. But she seemed not to notice.


Ken shook his head. “Sorry, I…”

She laughed. It looked as though she was enjoying his torment.

Brooke reached out and grabbed the belt loops on Ken’s slacks, and pulled him into her. He felt her soft crotch against his, and he felt himself stiffen.

She smiled as she started to kiss him. Ken didn’t instantly react, as he thought he would. He sort of stood here motionless, letting Brooke’s tongue playfully enter his mouth. After a few seconds he realized that it was really happening and he started to kiss her back.

Ken ran his hands down her sides and cupped her rear, pulling her into him. He pulled away for a moment, a thought hitting him.

“What about Meg? Isn’t she coming?”

Brooke laughed. “No. I didn’t tell her to wash my dress. I told her that I wanted to fuck your brains out.”

Ken smiled broadly as he let his lips return to hers and started grinding his hips into her.

After letting their tongues taste the others mouths for a minute or so Ken kissed her lower lip and started moving down, to her neck. He moved his hands up and rubbed the small of her back, feeling her arch into him and hearing her little squeal as he kissed down her breasts. He ran his face down her smooth stomach to her panties and pressed his face into her covered crotch. Brooke started breathing more heavily as she let go of his hair to remove her bra.

Ken kissed and rubbed his face into her crotch as he slowly took the straps of her sopping panties and lowered them down to her knees. Ken looked at her pussy, seeing how wet it was, looking like a pair of lips longing to be kissed. He kissed it. Brooke moaned softly as he kissed it again, pressing his mouth against her juicy lips. He fondled her rear while he started sucking lightly on one of the lips and he felt Brooke’s hands in his hair again, balling into fists. He heard her sounds and tasted her crotch and he felt himself already throbbing. Just a little longer, he thought to himself.

Brooke starting hitting the back of her head against the wall, trying not to make too much noise. Feeling his mouth between her legs was almost more than she could take. Then she felt his tongue slide up inside her and she almost jumped. Her heavy gasps were getting louder, and the nipples atop her heaving breasts were getting harder and harder. When she felt his nose graze over her clit softly she let out a cry and felt herself exploding in passion. Her stomach was tight and her nipples ached, and she could feel herself running down her legs while Ken lapped up what he could.

Ken ran his tongue up and down over the lips, trying to get as much of her juices as possible. Once the flow stemmed, he gave it one last lick and wiped his lips on his shirt, taking a hand from her body to unbutton his pants. He rose slightly, kissing up her stomach to her stiff nipples, and he stopped to take one into his mouth. She started moaning again as he planted his lips around it, raking his teeth on it and letting his tongue drag over. The hand he used to unbutton himself moved up to take the other nipple, running the palm over and pinching it gently. Her breasts were so soft, and they felt so good, he felt his entire crotch burning.

Brooke was barely able to keep herself quiet, knowing that a party was going on downstairs. She moved her hand over to the door and locked it, then started to remove Ken’s shirt. She felt herself getting extremely wet again, and she knew she wasn’t far from another orgasm. Brooke tilted her head back and waited for him to enter her, letting him take her.

“God, I’m about to scream,” she wheezed.

Ken got his cock out and the tip immediately hit her clit, just missing his target. He felt her shiver against him, and he had to fight off the urge to let himself go right there. Regaining his composure, he pressed it against the lips and started to push. He felt her tightness and felt her fingers digging into his shoulders and kept pushing. It felt so warm, so humid, and he had no idea how he was going to last.

Brooke wrapped her legs around his waist and forced him to move into her faster; she couldn’t take the waiting. She felt him slide in fully and felt herself lose it again. She moved her head down and bit his neck to keep quiet as another orgasm wracked her petite body. Ken started to thrust and he suddenly felt the walls clamping tightly on him. He tried to keep going, but her elasticity was too much for him. He could feel himself starting to shoot his wad up inside her and he moaned against her breast as he started cumming.

They bucked into each other as they came together, until their climaxes died away. Then Ken pulled his face from her chest and looked at her. She giggled. “I’m all sticky now…”

They laughed together. Ken pulled out of her and grabbed the shower curtain.

“Maybe you need a shower.”

Brooke smiled devilishly and walked over to him, giving him a long, deep kiss.

Ken opened the curtain and started the water, making sure it was nice and warm. He took her hand and led her into the tub with him and turned the shower on.

The spray hit their shoulders when Ken got an idea. He turned Brooke so her back was against him and she was facing the shower head. It was a removeable head, and he took it and sprayed the water over her breasts.


He smiled as he kissed her neck and ran his hand over her flat stomach. The spray hit her breasts and concentrated on her nipples for a bit before he moved it down. The warm spray hit her stomach and moved down until it sprayed her pussy lips. Brooke let out a long moan. She felt her body melting back into Ken as the water hit her cunt, moving up and down between the lips and to her clit. She unconsciously started bucking against the water and also felt Ken growing hard between her thighs.

Ken moved his hand up to fondle her breasts as he started moving his hard on back and forth between her soft thighs. He heard her sensous moans filling the shower and felt he was about to cum. He stopped and moved his hand down to place his cock at her pussy.

Brooke was inundated with an incredible orgasm with the water and feeling Ken between her thighs and was shaking, barely able to stand. She braced herself on the tile wall and the curtain and felt him start to enter her mid climax. The sensation was incredible. Brooke was finally unable to control her voice and just let out a loud wail.

Ken started thrusting into her from behind and massaged her breast while he kept the spray of water on her box. He knew he wouldn’t last long here either, and started bucking into her a little harder and a little faster.

Brooke suddenly thrust her hand down to her crotch and ran her fingers over her clit. She was about to explode again, and turned her head to kiss Ken. They kissed hard while they both started to cum again. Ken pounded into her without abandon while Brook bucked back into him and viciously pressed her fingers onto her clit.

They both fell back slightly, but neither of them cared. Then Ken fell back and Brooke fell with him as their climaxes ended and they started laughing.

“I’ll bet they heard you,” Ken told her.

“Yeah… but then again, they don’t know who it is.”

“I guess so.”

“So if we stay up here,” she started, turning over and positioning herself over him, “we should be fine.”

Ken smiled as he ran his hands over her body. “It’ll probably be a couple hours, too.”

“Yeah, a shame…”

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