My Wifes New Job

This is a true wife story. It happen in 1975. Debi, (my wife) was 22 and I was 21. Comments or true wife story swaps are welcomed. Debi and I had been married less then a year. As with many young couples there was never enough money to last the week. Debi decided to look for a job. Looking through the employment section of the paper was rather depressing. Nothing much to be had. The exception was the need for young good looking women to work in massage parlors. Debi laughed and said maybe she should try it. I was surprised to feel my dick jump with excitement at the thought. She was surprised by my reaction and after some discussion she agreed to apply at one not far from our house the next morning. We fucked and sucked the night away anticipating the next day.

Debi got up early and picked out a sexy outfit of hot pants and a halter top. She looked great. Debi was 5′ 7″ (118 lb.), 36/23/35, with long blond hair. I wished her luck and kiss her good-bye a little after 10 that morning. The phone rang at 1035. Debi’s had talked with the owner and would be working on a trial basis pending a complete interview with the manager later that afternoon. Until that interview she would work with another girl learning how things worked. The girl who was giving Debi the rundown on how things worked was named Tina. Tina told Debi that no special skills were required and explain how she should massage a customer. Getting it perfect was not important as most customers were really not there for a massage. Tina then explained that most men wanted what she referred to as extras. Sexual favors for a tip. What extras Debi did and what she charged for them was up to her with a few exceptions. She was told not to fuck any walk in customers. Hand jobs and blow jobs were what must guys wanted and they were allowed. Tina told Debi she would learn more during her interview with Tom, the manager.

Tina also took Debi on a tour of the place. After entering the front door there was a counter and a few chairs. Behind the counter was a lobby area with a couch and some lounge chairs. This is were the girls sat while waiting for a customer. To the back side of this room was a hallway which was separated by another door halfway towards the back. The first hallway had two doors on either side. These were the massage rooms. Each room contained a massage table, clothes racks and shelves with towels and various other items used while servicing the customer. Each room also had a glass enclosed shower stall. The back portion of the hall contained one room on each side. One was the office with a desk, chairs and a couch. The other was a complete bedroom with all the trimmings. Tina said the room was for special clients but did not elaborate.

With the tour over Debi and Tina returned to the lobby and sat on the couch. The owner Rob whom she had first talked to about the job then left for some business. This left Debi, Tina and Carl. Carl was the cashier/security guard. Tina explained that Carl was there to protect them from any crazies that might happen to come in. Carl was an imposing figure. He was black and stood 6′ 2″ with a well developed body. Debi was glad he was there. After sitting and talking for a short while, a customer came in and Tina took him to a room. As Debi talked with Carl a good looking man in his mid twenties came in. He talked with Carl a few minutes. Carl then came over to Debi and quietly asked her if she was ready. He also told her that if she wasn’t he would have the guy wait for Karen another girl who was due in any minute. Carl told her that the guy wanted a half hour switch. A switch was a massage type where Debi would undress to her panties and the customer would massage her for fifteen minutes and then she would do him for the same.
Debi was nervous but decided to jump right in. Debi escorted the man to a room. Once in the room they both remove their clothes. Debi’s nervousness was somewhat relieved by how nervous the guy was. He told her his name was Jeff and this was his first trip to a massage parlor. After some more small talk Jeff decided he would massage Debi first. Debi laid on the table on her back and Jeff started. He went right to her tits and rubbed them and her stomach gently. Debi could not help noticing his cock standing at attention and brushing her arm as he rubbed and stroked her tits. His cock was about 7″ and very thick. As he continued his hand wandered down and Debi opened her legs slightly so he could rub the insides of her thighs. Occasionally he would move his hands up and slide right over her panty cover pussy.

After a few minutes of this Jeff asked if there were other things they could do. Debi asked what he had in mind. Jeff stumbled with the words and asked if he could eat her. Debi told him that was not allowed but if there was something else… Jeff then asked for a blow job. Debi agreed but told him it would cost him $25 extra. Jeff agreed and went to his pants and got out his checkbook. Debi then told him she could not accept a check. Jeff reached into his pockets and pulled out all of his cash which turned out to be $16. It wasn’t the right amount but by this time Debi was so excited that she told me she would have done it for free!

Debi took the money and Jeff laid on the table. Debi’s description of the scene was incredible. Here was this stranger laying naked on a table in front of her waiting for her to take his cock in her mouth. His cock was twitching and the head was covered with pre cum. Debi’s cunt was dripping her own juice. Debi moved over beside him and her hand stoked his cock as she dipped her head to it. She raised his cock to a straight up position so he could watch as she started her work. Her tongue immediately went to work on the head licking off all of the creamy clear pre cum. She felt her body quiver and had an orgasm. For the next few minutes she worked her tongue and lips over his entire shaft and balls. Jeff was moaning and his hand was rubbing her ass. He moved his hand to her crotch and wiggled his finger inside the elastic of her panties. Once inside he found her hole and began fingering her gently. Debi could wait no longer and her mouth opened and took his cock inside. His dick was so thick it filled her mouth completely. Her lips slide up and down as her tongue lapped at the underside of his cock head. Within a few minutes Jeff was moaning and Debi could tell he was ready to dump his load. She slowed her mouth motion to intensify his pleasure and tilted her head to his stomach in preparation. Jeff could hold out no longer and his cock exploded in her waiting mouth. It took all she could do to keep up with the flow. His creamy cum filled her mouth as quick as she could swallow. She pulled her head back so that just his throbbing cock head was in her mouth and used her lips to milk out his stream. Debi continued to suck on the head for another few minutes to insure she didn’t miss any on his tasty load before removing his cock from her mouth. She wiped his cock off with a warm wash cloth and then dried him with a towel.

His dick was rock hard again by the time she finished but unfortunately his half hour was up. They dressed and he thanked her for the best blow job he had ever had. He said he would be back. So ended her first customer. When she returned to the lobby Tina and Karen were sitting on the couch talking. Karen introduced herself and asked how her first customer went. The girls sat there talking for awhile. They explained to her that they each would take turns with walk-in customers. The exception to taking turns was when a guy came in for a certain girl. These were called special clients. Customers that a particular girl had worked well for or had a special arrangement with. Debi smiled and thought of Jeff.

Business was slow except for a few special clients for Karen and one for Tina. At around 2:30 Rob and the manager Tom came in. Rob talked to Carl for a few minutes and Tom introduced himself to Debi. Tom then asked Debi to come back to the office where they could talk. Debi followed him to the office where they both had a seat on the couch. Rob came in and sat at the desk facing them. Tom noticed Debi’s wedding ring and asked if she was still married. Debi told him she was and he asked what her husband thought about her working at a massage parlor. She told him I encouraged her to apply and was excited by the whole thing. Rob told Debi he understood she had her first customer and asked how it went. Debi said fine. Tom then asked Debi if she would answer some very personal questions. Debi agreed.

He started off by explaining that the way to make money working at a massage parlor was by providing sex of all sorts to customers as extras and how did she feel about that. Debi said she had no problem with it. He then went into specific sex acts and asked if she had performed or would she be willing to perform them. Debi’s pussy started to tingle as he asked. Hand jobs, blow jobs, fucking, allowing herself to be eaten, ass fucking, etc. Rob and Tom listened to her answers and asked detailed questions about each.

After about 15 minutes of talking Tom asked if Debi would mind taking off her clothes and show them what she had. Without hesitation Debi removed her clothes and stood bare before them. Both of them compliment her body and had her turn to view various parts. Rob then asked if she would mind letting them sample her goods. She once again agreed. Her cunt was leaking juice by this time. Tom had her sit on the edge of the couch and removed his pants. He then stood in front of her and asked for her best blow job. Her mouth watered at the sight of his 8 inch cock which was hard as a rock and standing at attention just inches from her face. She immediately went to work licking at the head and up and down his shaft. Rob moved over to the couch and sat beside her. He opened his pants and moved Debi’s hand to his cock.

Debi’s mouth now worked on the first few inches of Tom’ dick while her hand rubbed Rob’s balls and cock. Tom moaned as Debi’s mouth worked his cock. After about 5 minutes of this Tom stopped her and suggested they all move across the hall where they would be more comfortable. Once there Tom and Rob removed the rest of their clothes. Tom laid on the bed and had Debi lay next to him and go back to work on his cock. As she suck and licked it Rob position Debi so that her legs were open and he could get to her cunt. He commented on how wet she was as he played with her clit and hole. It took all Debi could muster to concentrate on the cock in her mouth while she came as Rob rubbed and fingered her cunt. After another 5 minutes Tom began moaning louder signaling his pending eruption. Debi gently moved her mouth up and down his cock slowly. The anticipated explosion came and Tom’s cum flowed into her mouth. She felt herself cum again as she eagerly suck and swallowed his load. Tom sighed and encouraged her to suck him dry.

Rob then stopped his rubbing and told Tom to move it was his turn and he couldn’t hold out much longer. Rob replaced Tom on the bed and Tom position Debi so that she was on her knees with her head over Rob’s cock and her ass facing the side of the bed near the edge. Her mouth when right to work on Rob’s cock. His cock was not all that big and she was able to take it’s entire length. She suck hard and fast on Rob’s cock as Tom began rubbing her ass. She felt Tom’s fingers exploring her pussy and asshole. As she continued to work on Rob’s cock she felt Tom’s dick press at the entrance of her cunt. He slowly worked it up her hole until his balls were pressing against her clit. Tom began a rthymic motion feeding all 8 inches all the way in and then out slowly. Debi was having one orgasm after another. She was so out of control Rob had to reminder her that his cock was in her mouth and wanting attention. Debi’s mouth instinctively when back to work and within minutes brought Rob to a strong explosion. She continued to suck as Tom’s cock pumped her cunt faster. Tom then let out a wail and shoot his load into her. Tom then collapsed onto the bed and they all laid there for a few minutes. Tom and Rob both thanked Debi and told her she gave great head.

As the guys got dressed Tom asked Debi if she would mind if they took some pictures of her for their client book. Tom told her they had special clients that they would arrange for service outside the parlor. These were called outcalls. Most of the clients were arranged by Rob. Rob would set it all up and allow the clients to select a girl from the book. Debi agreed but the thought of going somewhere by herself kind of scared her. Tom told Debi to wait on the bed and Carl would be in to take the pictures.

Carl entered the bedroom and explained to Debi different poses he wanted and the picture section began. Debi was once again feeling her pussy juices starting to flow as she laid spread eagle for Carl’s view on the bed. She could see the effect it was having on Carl by the large bulge in his pants. After 10 minutes of picture taking Carl announced he was done. Debi reached up and rubbed the front of his pants and said it didn’t feel like he was done and maybe she should help him. It didn’t take Carl a second to drop his pants and reveal his huge cock. Debi’s mouth went right to it as she felt herself cum again. Carl’s cock was beautiful to her. The black color added to her excitement. She wrapped one hand around the base and the with the other gently stroked his balls. as she sucked she pumped his cock with her hand. Carl did not last long . Debi moved her mouth back until just his big cockhead remained. She continued to suck the head as she jerked him off until he shoot his cream into her mouth. Her hands milked his cock and her mouth accepted all they could milk. Carl thanked her and told her she could suck him anytime she wanted. Debi smiled and thought to herself, a job with fringe benefits.

Debi got dressed and after talking with Tom a few minutes about her schedule left for the day. Needless to say she was not done sucking cock that day. She did me all night long. I could tell she was thinking about the various cocks she had sucked that day and that was OK because so was I.


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