My Wife Gets a Little Slutty

My wife Helena was going to her company Christmas party which I unfortunately was not able to attend. I had to go to a friend’s to help him install his Christmas lights on his house so his old lady would stop bitching at him. I told my wife that I would pick her up at the party around two in the morning so she could have a safe ride home.

An old friend of mine who worked for the same company as she did said he would stop and pick her up for me. I was surprised to see to see the expression on his face when he saw my wife come out in her short skirt and tight silk blouse. She put on weight in all the right places a few years ago after having our daughter so she looked wonderful with her thirty four c breasts and her nice round ass in that skirt. So I nervously joked with my buddy John that he better keep the men away for me which he promised to do.

I left the house to help my other friend put his lights up and finished around ten o clock so I decided that if I run home grab a quick shower and change I could be with my wife around eleven. As I figured I got their around eleven and thought it would be a great surprise for her to have arrive a few hours early. I looked around the crowded bar and restaurant area to find my wife sitting at the bar with John doing shot for shot with him. She was definitely getting loaded as she does not drink heavy except for a couple nights a year.

I was going to walk over to them when I saw John take his hand and slide it up her leg up to the hem of her short skirt. She did not remove his hand from her leg for alcohol makes her very hornier than hell. Something inside me wanted to stop this from continuing but I stood where they could not see me and continued to watch. She got off the bar stool and went to the bathroom which was at the end of a dark hallway. She entered the bathroom and when she came out John was waiting outside of it for her.

He gently pushed her against the wall and the two of them began to kiss passionately working their tongues in and out of each others mouths. His hands were exploring her firm tits and then up under her skirt. After a couple of minutes of this they stopped due to the approach of another coworker. I felt that nothing more would happen so I went over to the bar where they sat drinking. They were both were surprised and kept drinking together till around one o’clock.

My wife feigned to be tired and wanted to go so I asked John if he needed a ride and he asked me if he could spend the night at our place and have me take him over to the bar to retrieve his car in the morning. So the three of us went back to our home where my wife and John still wanted to party. So I grabbed a bottle of wild turkey and gave John a bottle of Jack Daniels which was his favorite. My wife sat and drank out of a bottle of wine , soon the three of us were drunk and I must of passed out.

Around three o’clock in the morning I heard what sounded like kissing so I opened my eyes just a little. My wife and friend were sitting on our couch making out wildly. He had her shirt undone and her black lace bra unhooked. His hand was fondling her tits he slid it down to her legs and ran it up her skirt to her black lace panties. He slid his hand inside her panties and fingered her very wet slit. She was starting to pant from the light orgasm he gave her with just his finger, he decided that this was not enough and slid down onto his knees and pulled her panties off. He opened her legs and began to go to work on her pussy, he licked and sucked her clit while sliding two fingers into her pussy to finger her. She had an even larger orgasm this time and when pulled him up off his knees and undid his pants to pull out his hard cock. She was very pleased with the eight inch member she pulled out which she stroked and then sucked into her mouth. After a few minutes of this he could not take much more and told her to stop. He pushed her onto her back and spread her legs and began to fuck her for all he was worth.

She was panting fast now trying to keep up with his pace, John for the whole time was licking and sucking on her firm tits. He rolled her off and rolled over onto her stomach. John took her from behind doggie style which is her favorite position. She had herself another mind-blowing orgasm as he thrust in and out at a startling pace. My wife reached under him and began to fondle his balls with her long fingernails which feels good. Soon he could not contain himself and he shot his load in her hot wet snatch.

They both got dressed and sat talking quietly for a few minutes he decided to call a cab and go get his car. After he left the house she came over to the easy chair where I had been sleeping and pulled out my dick. She sucked it into her mouth getting me good and hard. I woke up and saw that she was now mounting me, the sensation from her wet mushy cunt and the visions of her fucking my buddy made it almost unbearable not to come but I held out for ten minutes. Long enough for her to reach a satisfying orgasm. I can’t wait to see what other company functions she wants to attend.