My Slutty Date

One night, my date and I went to see a show at the local theater. Apparently, because it was a late show, and because it was during the middle of the week, there weren’t many people in the place. We sat in the back, as usual we usually did.

The movie that we were watching was a romantic thriller that was going around at the time (perhaps you heard of “9-1/2 weeks”?). It just was starting to get interesting as the actors started to get into one of the make-out scenes. That’s when my date placed her hand on my lap and started to rub my throbbing boner.

I hadn’t expected this from her since this was our first date out together. I was presently surprised that she was showing interest in my equipment so early in our relationship.

I decided to take appropriate action; my hand moved onto her leg, and I started to trace my way up under her skirt. I could feel her move to allow my hand better access to her privates. (YES!)

It suddenly came to me that she wasn’t wearing any panties at all and that my fingers were touching her sopping slit. As I probed her canal with one finger, I felt her hand at my zipper as it was being undone. Then I jumped as my throbbing dick was being taken out of its restraints.

After a few moments, we were both masturbating each other, while the actors got into it on the screen. Then we looked into each other’s eyes and must have thought the same thing… at the same moment… no one was looking at us and the theater wasn’t really packed…

She got up and sat down on my lap facing the screen. I could feel her hands fiddling with my stiff dick, and then she was guiding it up to and then inside of her dripping cunt.

As I pushed in, she let out a restrained low moan, realizing that she dare not draw any attention to us. Then finally, she was sitting completely on my lap, with my rod completely buried inside her. We started to rotate our hips, grinding ourselves together as the movie went on. Every time that the something erotic happened on screen, we’d both be turned-on by it and change our rhythm to match the excitement.

But after only a few minutes, we both reached out limits and our bodies jerked as we both came at the exact moment. We both started to drench each other with our respective juices and groaned passionately. I was squeezing her tits as I thrust up into her and she was squeezing my balls at the same time she was fingering her clit. It was marvelous.

Once our initial orgasms subsided, I reached in my pocket for a Kleenex, (always be prepared I say) and we disengaged ourselves. I cleaned myself up, as she reached into her purse for some tissues for herself.

We continued to watch the movie, finding that it was interesting that no one had caught us in the act, so to speak. After the movie was over we left the theater. On the way home I wondered what the janitor would thin when he found the cum incrusted Kleenex’s on the floor where we had been.


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