Mile High Club

I’ve always wanted to join the mile high club. The thought of fast exciting sex at thirty thousand feet makes my blood race. When it finally happened, reality was much better than fantasy. I was on my way to Las Vegas on a much deserved weekend of R&R. While waiting to board at the gate in the airport I had the opportunity to look over the passengers on my evening flight. It’s always been a habit of mine to play little sex scenarios in my mind with the women I see. On this particular evening the red head in the black skirt was looking very enticing.

Mmmm, the taste of those pouty lips was so delicious and the warmth of her soft, delicate, skin was almost intoxicating. I could just feel her erect nipples through her silk blouse poking into my chest. My erection was making it’s presence known … “Flight 404 now boarding at gate 7.”

Well, back to reality. Let’s see whom I get to share the ride with. As I made my way to my seat, I couldn’t help but notice the incredible rear end on Ms. Black Skirt. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed her sitting in the same row as my assigned seat. As I took my place, next to this gorgeous woman, I could feel and uncomfortable strain in my pants. I smiled and introduced myself. She smiled back with that incredibly sexy mouth and my manhood stirred all the more. The take-off was pretty normal and I carried on a nice conversation with this fine example of womanhood.

Shortly after the stewardess rolled by with her beverage cart, I broached the subject of the mile high club. She was a bit shocked at the idea but at the same time I noticed a twinkle in her eye, not to mention the rigidity of her nipples clearly visible through her blouse. At what I judged to be the right moment, I excused myself and made my way to the restroom hoping she would follow my lead.

I slipped into the tiny little compartment the hardness in my pants unbearably restrained. After unsuccessfully trying to relieve myself, I knew something had to be done about the raging hard-on I was sporting. I loosened my belt and unbuttoned my pants letting them slip down around my ankles. I was slowly stroking my member, pre-cum generously flowing out of the tip, when I heard the door open. I purposely had left it unlocked in the hope of realizing the fulfillment of my fantasy. “It’s occupied,” I called over my shoulder to ward off any innocent bystanders.

“I know,” the feminine voice responded. My cock leapt in anticipation of what was to follow. She slipped into the tiny little room and this time the door locked. I felt a warm, soft, hand reach around me and gently circle my scrotum with it’s fingernails. I felt a sensation like electricity travel up my spine. I could feel chills all over my body and my cock was aching for attention. Her expert fingers wrapped themselves around it and she began to slowly stroke me. I turned and pulled her hard against me pressing my lips to hers. Her mouth parted and I inserted my tongue. She was tastier than anything I’d had before and she took my tongue into her mouth and wrapped hers around it. I reached for her skirt and pulled it up. I groped for her panties in order to remove them and was very pleasantly surprised to find there weren’t any. I reached both hands around and gripped her butt, squeezing her cheeks while pulling her enticing pussy toward my anxious cock.

From that position, I couldn’t enter her but the head of my cock parted her luscious slit anyway, leaving me to enjoy the warmth and moisture of her hot pussy. Her clit was very hard. I grabbed my member by the base and rubbed it against her little button. She let out a low moan as I guided her over to the miniscule lavatory. I lifted her up to the sink pressing my cock against the opening of her quivering vagina. As I entered her, the plane hit a small pocket of turbulence forcing me to slide in much harder than I intended. She let out a little whimper but pulled my head hard against her lips, her tongue thrusting wildly into my mouth. I began to push in and out of her in fast hard strokes. I was already past the point of no return and knew my load was coming very soon. I didn’t want to let go until I knew she was satisfied too but I needn’t have worried. Her breath was coming in hard gasps and I could feel the contractions rippling through her vagina. This pushed me over the edge and I could feel squirt after squirt of my cum, making it’s way into her eager orifice.

My knees were weak and I felt like taking the longest nap in history. Without a word, she hopped down, opened the door and was gone. I shook my head, as if trying to wake up. I gathered up my wits, (and my pants) and made my way back to my seat.

“My, you were gone long,” said Ms. Black Skirt, “Did everything go alright?”

“Better than alright,” I answered, looking at the pretty blonde in the seat behind me. She just smiled a contented smile and gave me a wink.