Michelle at College

Being a drunken, puking, insecure, naive mess freshman year of college, I at least was able to date a girl a year older than me who was also a drunken, insecure, chain-smoking, sex-addicted mess. She certainly was not naive, though. And this is how she made me a little less so.

I wasn’t even planning on spending time with her that night. We were in a confused stage in our relationship; I had come home from winter break, during which she’d gone through some problems and sort of ignored me. Since then, we’d reconciled and were hooking up over and over. But our relationship had just degenerated in to random fucking. I didn’t care at the time, because she was sexy–black hair, pale complexion, blue eyes, thin. She listened to metal music and was flunking out of school. Just what I needed. Let’s call her Michelle.

I was hanging out in a friend’s dorm room, drinking, when she called. She asked me, slurringly, to come to her friend Andrea’s party. There was some creepy guy there hitting on her and she wanted to be with me. I guess I should have felt touched, but I was kind of annoyed. She started backing down, saying “fine, fine Adam, you don’t have to come, I’m just drunk.” But I said I’d come. Her friend’s boyfriend came and picked me up and drove me over to her friend’s trailer home (yes, it was a trailer home). Being a guy, I know that in the back of my mind I was really thinking that I could at least screw her that night, and that would be fun.

And screw her I did. She was fine when I got the party; the guy had gone. I drank a little, hung out. At around 3, everybody had left, except for Andrea, Andrea’s boyfriend, her annoying roommate, her annoying roommate’s, boyfriend–and myself and Michelle. We pulled out Andrea’s couch bed and got busy pretty fast, as we had done so many times before. We were making out and I sort of meekly asked Michelle if she wanted to fuck. She teased me and made me say directly, more or less, “I want to fuck you.” So our pants came off, her shirt came off, with her black bra contrasting her white, white tits. She massaged my cock for a minute and then guided me inside her. (She was on the pill. I didn’t need a condom. I must have come inside her dozens of times).

Since I was still sort of sexually inexperienced at this time–this being the girl I lost my virginity to–I didn’t fully get how to handle a woman. I stuck my cock only halfway in. I felt like she was so wet anyway, and all the way might hurt or something. But no. Michelle whispered in my ear “Stick yourself all the way inside me.” So I did, feeling my dick slide in all the way up to my balls. She sighed, held on to my neck and said “go as hard and as fast as you want.” I had already started pumping though, and I finally decided Forget this timid bullshit. I am going to fuck Michelle hard.

So I went all the way in, all the way out, like my cock was a battering ram. I felt my legs hit her shins. I felt her breath on my neck. I heard the bed squeak, the whap-whap sound of my nuts against her. Her breathing became heavier and heavier and she was trying not to make too much noise because I bet everybody else could hear us (annoying roommate told me later on: you guys weren’t so quiet). She finally whispered in my ear “Adam, you’re going to make me cum.” JACKPOT! I slid faster and faster for that last minute or so until her legs contracted over my hips and I blew my load into her. I pulled out a little too soon, unfortunately. However, I had actually caused her to squirt on her friend’s sheets; between the two of us, we had a lot of cleaning up. I guess her friend still noticed a couple stains later on. We never fucked on her couch-bed again.

I officially broke up with Michelle soon after. At least I gave her one intense orgasm.