Japanese Hot Spring Tour

Our Hot Spring Tour of Japan has one more stop before we head home to the United States. So far it has been a wild experience for me, my Japanese wife Takako, and our two traveling buddies, John and Cathy. Fulfilling my long time fantasy, Takako had begun fucking other men. First, she sucked off John, and then thoroughly humped him in an open air Hot Spring Bath, while I watched. At the next stop on our tour, she not only screwed John again, but also took on four Japanese men who she encountered in an Onsen Bath, while John and I were playing golf. By the way, I had the opportunity to pump Cathy and later she joined my wife in that orgy with the four Japanese fellows that I just mentioned.

We are now in a fabulous Hot Spring Resort near the city of Misawa; which also happens to be where a large U.S. Jet Fighter Air Base is located. We didn’t know that fact when we first arrived; but upon visiting a local nightclub near the resort, we noticed a large number of Americans enjoying the company of the local ladies. Asking around, I discover that the town was host to Misawa Air Base. It didn’t take long for two of the very assertive jet jockeys to make their way to our table and ask Takako and Cathy for a dance. With our permission, the girls happily accept the opportunity to boogie with two young, good looking hunks.

As the booze, flows and the music slows, Takako and Cathy have their round, firm bottoms caressed and perky, full breasts massaged with subtle mastery, while on the dance floor. Needless to say, they are both helplessly horny when we finally returned to our hotel at 2 a.m. Instead of going to our separate rooms, we crashed in our room. Soon we were naked and seriously engaged in group sex. Cathy rides my stiff cock with drunken ecstasy, while Takako licks my balls and Cathy’s moist rosebud. Behind her, John is shoving his rock-hard shaft into her tiny twat. In our state of extreme inebriation, we are not aware that our loud moans and passionate screams fill the hallways and occupied rooms surrounding us.

Cathy must have experienced three or more orgasms during her vigorous ride on my rod. She is very verbal when going through the throes of a climax. When I finally fire gobs of sperm into her soaking cunt, Takako licks and sucks all the excess that seeps from her pussy. The feeling of shooting your load into a squeezing vagina; while a hot, wet tongue sucks your balls and licks your penis is indescribable. Meanwhile, my wife was being rammed by John’s respectable rod, which drove her through several waves of orgasmic bliss. John empties every last drop of his semen into her throbbing hole. When Takako, John and I wake up, at around 10 that morning, none of us feeel like getting out of bed; so, John and I perform double penetration on Takako, as Cathy sleeps next to us.

My wife is truly in her element as she shares with us her newly-developed cuckold style of pillow talk. “Oh yes, John, do my naughty cunt with that fat, hard dong of yours; while hubby drills my tender asshole. Honey, do you like your new, slut wife? Do you enjoy watching big cocks stretch her petite pussy? Would you like to watch other men fuck her into submission as she sucks dicks with her cum-hungry mouth? I bet you would like to have seen those two Air Force pilots fuck me last night… wouldn’t you?” I caress her hair, “Yes, Baby, that would have been awesome.” She turns her head and looks at me, “Shall we call and have them come over today. I have the black guy’s phone number!”

Just then, John grunts as he erupts deep inside her. “Oh yes John, give it all to me. I love the feeling of warm gooey cum in my pussy. Just think, later today two handsome fellows from last night will be pumping me and your wife with their long cocks. Cathy and I both got to feel them through their pants. They must be 8 to 9 inches long. Honey, would you like to see your wife be fucked by a black man? Imagine his long black cock sliding in and out me while I moan and use my vaginal muscles to urge on his ebony shaft.”

Later that day, when my Takako makes the call, the military pilots can’t resist her invitation to join her and Cathy for an outdoor, hot spring bath at 5 pm. John is not as accepting as I. He complains, “I thought I was gonna get to watch the action; now I’ll be up in this room while you’ll be down in the bath with two young studs.” Cathy grabs his hand, “Johnny, if you feel like that I won’t go. I’m sure Takako can take care of both of them.” We all laugh, then I add, “And probably a couple more!” This brings a huge roar of laughter. Cathy then turns to Takako, “I won’t be going with you to the Onsen.” Takako is disappointed, “Why not… it will be fun and sexier than the last time.” Cathy responds, “Yes, I know, but you heard John

My wife is waiting in the Onsen when Mike and Dewayne arrive; however, they are not alone. Dewayne’s wife, Kala and Mike’s Japanese girlfriend, Michiko are by their side. Takako is a little surprised but keeps her cool as Mike explains, “Dewayne and I sometimes swap mates. So we all thought tonight might be a good chance to expand our circle of lust… what do you think?” Takako smiles, “It’s Okay with me and I am sure my husband won’t have an complaints. If your girls want you can go up to our room… 418… and Jim will be thrilled to entertain you while your guys can get things started here. We’ll join you soon.” Kala and Michiko don’t hesitate, heading back into the hotel immediately. Mike and Dewayne start to soap and rinse before joining Takako in the bath. When she sees their long hard cocks, she begins to masturbate under the water.

I hear the knock on the door. Expecting Takako and the guys to join me in their room, I was very surprised to see a tall, sexy black woman and very attractive oriental babe standing in front of me. Kala spoke first, “Hi, my name is Kala and this is Michiko. Your wife sent us up. My husband and her boyfriend are getting acquainted with Takako. We thought that we should do the same.” I invite them in and ask what they want to drink.

In the meantime, Takako was sucking on Dewayne’s thick 9 inch cock, while Mike licks and sucks her wet, horny pussy. Takako begins her dirty talk routine, which really turns on her sex mates. “Mike, do you like my hot little pussy? Do you want to eat it all night or stick your long penis inside and fill it full of white goo?” Mike replies, “Both… but first I want to taste your love juice on my tongue. Cum for me, baby!” She sighs, “Soon honey, very soon.” Then she looks into Dewayne’s eyes, “Do you like my tongue licking your hard staff. You are the first black man I have ever had. I feel so naughty doing two guys at once. Do you want to cum in my mouth?” Dewayne, moans, “Oh yes bitch… I’m gonna fill that pretty mouth up with so much white cream you won’t be able to swallow it all.” She smiles, “That would be a big waste. I will try to catch it all… I swallow very fast!”

Back in our Hotel room, my two pretty guests are naked, sitting on the bed drinking Champagne. Kala is very assertive, while Michiko remains silent. “Do you mind if I have a taste of that big white cock of yours?” I smile, ‘Be my guest!”. She leans over and begins licking the swollen tip like an ice cream cone. I pull Michiko to me, take a big sip of Champagne and feed it to her. I then reach down and start fingering her tight little pussy. She lest out a soft moan as my middle finger flicks her clit.

Kala takes my entire dick into her mouth, with about an inch penetrating her throat. She is able to move up and down while breathing though her nose. The sensation is like fucking the tiniest pussy in the world. Michiko moves down and begins sucking and licking my balls. I know at this rate the women will have me firing my wad in no time. “Climb up on my rod, Kala and take a ride.” She follows my command, while Michiko repositions herself to continue licking my balls; and from time to time, attends to Kala’s rosebud. Kala’s pussy rotates and slides back and forth on my shaft. I have to admit, she’s an outstanding fuck. Together with Michiko’s assistance, I am drifting into a euphoric state of pure lust.

Outside in the hot spring bath Takako is being double penetrated with Dewayne in her cunt and Mike up her ass. “Do me babies, do your naughty slut. Fuck my married pussy and ass. Spoil me, so my poor husband will never be able to match this heavenly sensation. Do me… Yesssss!” Dewayne wants to get into the dirty talk mode too, “Yeah baby, when I finish with you… you’ll never want to fuck your husband again. You’ll be our bitch.” Suddenly Mike’s legs start shaking, as he explodes into Takako’s squeezing rosebud. “Yes, Mike! Give me every drop. Fill my ass with your thick cream.” Dewayne is next. His balls expand. His butt pushes his cock as far inside Takako’s cunt as it will go. My wife screams with pleasure as an orgasm vibrates from her brain to her curled toes. She feels cum flooding her juicy twat. The two of them hold still for over two minutes, as the pleasure of their intense climax slowly drifts down from its awesome high.

I hear a knock at the door to the room. Kala and Michiko are lying on the bed to either side of me. We are still flush pink from the massive orgasms we felt just one minute earlier. I jump up, while wrapping a towel around my waist, expecting to greet Takako and friends, but instead I find Cathy and John standing outside the door. “Come in!” I motion for them to enter the room. John explains, “We’ve been thinking about it and Cathy wants to join Takako….” He then notices the beautiful black women and Japanese lady on my bed… naked. It’s my turn to explain, “Takako is downstairs with Dewayne and Mike. Kala, Dewayne’s wife and Michiko, Mike’s girlfriend, came up here to keep me company. If you like, you can join us. That is if it’s ok with Kala and Michiko? “The more the merrier”, replies Kala. Michiko is staring at John with a smile on her face, “I’m open for some more action!” Within minutes, Kala is straddling my face with her magic pussy and Cathy is humping my cock with her hot cunt. Michiko is keeping John busy, as she takes him to pound her tiny Japanese vagina.

Just as things are heating up, the door to the room opens and Takako arrives hand-in-hand with Dewayne and Mike. They are surprised to see Cathy and John in bed with us; however, the surprise wears off soon as Mike pulls Cathy off my cock and Dewayne and Takako start up were they left off downstairs in the Hot Spring Bath. I now have Kala all to myself… at least for awhile. Until five in the morning, we change partners and sexual positions… ranging from the girls each taking on two or three partners at the same time… to one man and two girls. I stopped counting how many times I came. When everyone has finally said their goodbyes, Takako and I snuggle in bed and fall to sleep, knowing our train leaves in just 4 hours.

It was, indeed, a Hot Spring Tour of Japan that none us will ever forget; and who knows, we might repeat it soon in Arizona.