“You’re not a whore. You’re a slut,” his deep resonant voice sounded confident as he faced her. His denim shirt was open at the neck, hinting at the tanned muscular slabs of his chest. His shoulders seemed incredibly broad to Janine as she looked into his crystal blue eyes.

“There’s a difference. A whore charges for her services, but never gets involved with her customer. She never even falls in lust. You will fuck anybody, anytime. You’re in lust with every man you meet.” He smiled into her eyes as he traced the opening of her blouse, then followed the V of her bra to the depth of her cleavage. His hand followed the soft curve and then he hefted and squeezed her firm, fully-rounded tit, feeling her sensitive protruding nipple rubbing sensuously against the palm of his hand. He flicked the hardening bud of her nipple with his finger. He stepped closer to her, feeling her other breast pressing against his hard chest. His other hand slid confidently between her legs to massage her mound through the fabric of her dress.

Janine swayed firmly against his chest. Her tits seemed to thrust brazenly at the bra restraining them.

“What about my husband,” she whispered. They could hear him about in the living room, watching football and waiting for them to return. The knowledge that he could enter the room at any time and catch them added a heady spice of danger to their lust.

“That poor, stupid jerk. If he knew I was in the room next to him feeling up his wife like some street tramp, he’d probably have a coronary. Open your shirt. I want to see your tits.”

“I can’t. He’ll come in and catch us,” she said.

He kissed her deeply, his tongue first pressing against her inviting lips, then exploring her mouth. Her tongue began dancing with his, and she moaned deeply. It was obvious that she liked his kiss.

The kiss ended, and he smiled into her eyes again. “Open your shirt. I want to see your tits.”

Janine fumbled briefly with the buttons of her blouse, then paused. “What if he comes in here?” she asked.

“He won’t come in here. Hell, he won’t even get out of his chair to get his own beer. That’s why I’m in here,” he reassured her, as he massaged her pussy through her skirt.

She looked skeptical at the same time her body began to sway to the movement of his fingers.

“Hey, how about bringing us out some sandwiches when you come,” her husband called from the other room.

“You see?” he asked as stroked her pussy, massaging her inflamed flesh slowly, sensuously, teasing her passion, his finger tracing her slit.

He looked deeply into her eyes, smiled, and kissed her again. The kiss was terribly delicious. It took her breath away and her resistance dissolved with that breath.

His tongue searched her mouth like a ravaging snake. There was no doubt in either of their minds that she was his to do with as he pleased, regardless of consequences.

She couldn’t help herself. She didn’t want to help herself. Her fingers flew as she unfastened the remaining buttons of the blouse. She arched her back proudly. Her tits and the restraining bra burst into the open like prisoners escaping to freedom. He gazed hungrily at her shapely mounds. The flimsy, lace fabric of her front hook bra strained to contain her 36C bounty. Each globe was formed into a work of beauty, sculpted around her rosette nipples framed in the foamy lace fabric. Her erect nipples, easily visible through the fabric of her bra, protruded shamelessly awaiting his attention. It seemed as if her nipples were begging for his mouth to suck them.

His right hand cupped her left breast, hefting and massaging the voluptuous mound. He bent his head close, and began kissing her under her ear. His tongue made small hot-cold circles along the side of her neck. He slowly kissed along the hollow of her neck, then traced a line to her erect nipple, which he bit through the lacy fabric of her bra. The sensation almost drove her crazy. She could feel his teeth and the fabric of her bra on her nipple. It was deliciously painful. She gasped. Suddenly, he pinched and slipped the catch of her bra, allowing her tits to burst free. He sucked her hard nipple deep into mouth, his tongue dancing across and around so sensuously that she pulled his head firmly against her breast.

After a delicious eternity, he raised he head, looked deeply into her lustful eyes, and then he lifted her skirt. His left hand cupped the curve of her firm ass as his right caressed her pussy mound, only the thin, silky fabric of her panties preventing his fingers from sliding into her wet pussy. He pushed her panties aside, and slid first one, then another finger deep into her sopping pussy. It was too much. She gasped, threw her arms around his head, leaned forward, and bit his neck passionately. She couldn’t help herself. She had to get something in her mouth, and his neck was the nearest thing she could find. He hissed sharply, and firmly slapped her ass. She raked his back with her nails, pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his hips, grinding her crotch against the hard bulge in his pants. He pinched her right nipple hard, the pain slashed deliciously through her body. Shit, but she wanted him in her so bad, she almost came at that moment.

He cupped her ass with both of his hands, holding her. He swung her around, so that her ass rested on the table. She pulled his belt loose, then the button, and pushed her hand inside to stroke his stiff cock.

“You’re going to fuck me, and I want it now,” she hissed into his ear. She tugged the zipper on his jeans open, and pulled his cock out. Stroking his seven-inch dick, she smiled when she felt the heavy girth of his organ. She could feel the slippery precum oozing from the tip. She arched her back and, holding his cock firmly, began sliding it along her slit from her cunt opening to her clit. She quickly swirled the head of his cock around her super-sensitive clit, then used her legs wrapped around his hips to pull him into the opening of her ravenous pussy. She could feel the circumcised head sliding into her slippery cunt. Her eyes shone hungrily as she speared herself. She squirmed sensuously, her legs spread wide around his body. Her heels, again hooking the backs of his legs, pulled his full length into her depths.

After the initial clinch, she loosened her grip on this legs. He drew away momentarily, then slammed her crotch violently, again and then again. Her pussy juices gushed around his cock and ran down the crack of her ass, collecting on her bunched skirt.

Janine moaned. “Yes, Yes! Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck my hot pussy! Fuck me hard!”

“Hey, you guys hurry up. You’re missing the game! Don’t forget the pickles on those sandwiches, and you better put some more beer in the fridge for later” he husband called from the other room.

“Unnnh, unnnh” she sub-vocalized. “Ok, honey” she finally managed to call out, hoping that her voice didn’t give her away. “We’ll be back out there as soon as we get done in here” she managed to squeeze out.

Grasping her ass with both hands, he used the power of his massive arms to make their thrusts even more powerful, slamming his cock as deep into her as he could. She pulled her knees up high so that her legs could spread even wider. His cock thrust into her pussy like a powerful piston. Her tits swayed wildly back and forth, and the muscles of his chest clenched powerfully. The sound of his cock slamming into her pussy was thunder in their ears. He picked her up from the edge of the table, turned and pressed her ass against the counter top, and began long hard strokes, his balls pounding against her ass.

“Oh, fuck, Oh, fuck, Oh, fuck, Oh, fuck,” she gasped breathlessly biting his neck to muffle her words. Suddenly, her eyes roll back as she peered intently into the inner flame of her soul. She gasped, panted, moaned, held her breath for a timeless moment, gasped, gasped again. She moaned deep in her chest. Her teeth clamped hard against the corded muscles of his neck. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling his head to her breast. Her strong legs wrapped tightly around his ass and clamped his cock deep inside her pussy as her climax rolled over her like a flood. Her head was swimming. Again, and again, her body spasmed as orgasm after orgasm, in rapid succession washed over her.

The passionate sounds of their love-making crashed around the room, and yet her husband remained unaware, engrossed in the TV his precious pay-per-view football game.

He felt her cunt muscles clamp deliciously against his cock, and then her legs slammed his cock deep into her, holding his powerful body momentarily motionless. Suddenly, pain sliced from his neck where she bit him, and her pussy honey gushed around his cock.

After a short pause that seemed to last an eternity, she relaxed slightly. Two more shattering strokes from him, and he moaned. The same distracted look came into his eyes. With a final thrust, he gushed like an erupting volcano, again and again, jolt after jolt of his hot cum blasting deep inside her hot pussy.

When they separated, he could see her still sitting on the counter, his cum oozing from her pussy. She looked lustfully at his still-erect cock. Licking her lips, she slid off of the counter and knelt in front of him. Then, like a connoisseur tasting a rare vintage of fine wine, she began to lick the moisture from his dick. She could smell the musky perfume of her pussy juice on his cock and balls. Her tongue ran greedily up his shaft. She could taste her own delicious pussy honey mixed with his cum. Her mouth engulfed his entire cock, as her hands massaged his balls. As her head moved back and forth, her tongue slathered over the swollen head of his prick, and she swallowed his cock deep into her throat.

He quickly became rock hard again, and placed his hand behind her head. His hips began to rock, thrusting his cock deep into her mouth. She looked up at his body without allowing his cock to leave her hot mouth. She could see that he would soon be approaching another climax.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, lifted her to her feet, and turned her around to face the counter. She bent at her waist, leaning against the counter, and spread her legs wide for him. He lifted her skirt up, and pressed two fingers into her still sopping hole, then used her pussy juice to lubricate his cock. He then spread the cheeks of her ass, exposing the brown star of her asshole. He pressed first one, then two fingers into her hole, making sure that she was well lubricated. As his fingers entered her tightly puckered opening, she quivered with tension, groaning audibly. He then inserted the head of his cock, slowly rocking back and forth to get her lubricated.

“Yes, come on, fuck my ass hole,” she groaned, as she reached down to plunge her own fingers into her cunt and flick her thumb over her swollen clit.

He quickly built up speed, thrusting deeper and deeper into her. He bent forward over her, and cupped her tits in his hand, rolling and pinching her nipples between his fingers. She suddenly gasped and groaned, and bit her arm to stifle her orgasmic scream. Her asshole clamped tightly on his cock. It was more than he could stand, and suddenly, he blasted his cum deep in her brown tunnel as he thrust against her ass, over and over.

They stood motionless for a couple of moments him bent over her back, his once hard cock softening in her. Slowly, they stood up. She could feel his cum seeping out of her pussy and asshole. She turned to face him again. He smiled at her, and kissed her deeply. Then, he chuckled. “You see. Anytime, anyplace,” he smiled.

She stood, smoothed the fabric of her panties back over her swollen pussy and ass. She then refastened her bra and buttoned her shirt. Finally, she smoothed her skirt, and smiled back into his eyes.

“You’re right, but I’d like to know how you knew about me. How did you know I’d let you do anything.”

“It doesn’t matter how. I knew, and I know about your daughter, too. I’m going to fuck you and her too, and you’re going to help me. Not only are you going to help me, but you’re going to fuck her, too.”

“No, I won’t. You can’t. She’s only nineteen. She’s still a baby. Besides, she’s not like me.”

“You can, you will, and we’ll find out. She is just like you, and we’ll all have a real good time together,” he smiled confidently.

“Hey, you guys about done in there? Come on, you’re missing the game. Erickson just threw a pass for sixty five yards, and Drewson fumbled it,” her husband called.

“You see,” He smiled at her and patted her on the ass.

“Yeah, we’re coming. Just have to put a few things away,” he said as he zipped his fly shut, and reached inside the fridge for the beer and sandwiches she had made up earlier that day.

“Don’t forget the pickles,” she whispered with a secretive smile

Five minutes later, they sat comfortably with her husband in the living room, for all indications as if nothing had happened. All indications, that is except her slightly flushed face and a satisfied look in his eyes, the large hickey beginning to grow on his neck and the visibly damp stain on the back of her skirt that her husband hadn’t noticed.


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