First Stag Party Girl

WOW! What a bachelor party! I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought that I would actually have an opportunity to take on 15 guys at the same time! When I walked into the room and was greeted by all those tipsy guys, I knew my fun was just about to begin.

I must admit I was a little nervous at first after all it was only the third bachelor party I had ever done, but the others were different. I had someone with me. This time I was the star attraction. Talk about pressure!

The guys seemed to be extremely turned on by what I was wearing. When I took off my coat, I had nothing on but a black lace teddy with black stockings and hi-heel shoes. 15 cocks stood at attention immediately at the sight of me standing there in just my teddy and stockings. I must admit it didn’t take long for me to lose my fear of being a success that night. I knew when the guys all gathered round me that everything was gonna be just fine.

As I started to unzip the pants of the groom-to-be, everyone else in the room followed my lead. Within minutes I had 15 guys naked from the waist down forming a line. All of their cocks were standing at attention. Of course the groom-to-be was gonna get his first after all he was what the party was all about.

Leading him into another room and locking the door behind us, I knew he was a little nervous. For a minute there I didn’t think he was gonna go through with it, but when my mouth touched his cock, he was all mine! I sucked him just enough to get his cock wet, then I sat up on a table and spread my legs as far open as they could go. Sort of an invite for him to cum in! A smile came to my face as I saw him slowly walking towards me. He touched my pussy for a minute or so, and I knew he was in ecstasy just thinking about what was about to happen next. I reached over and took his cock in my hand, and guided his manhood into my already wet pussy. He moaned as he started pumping away at my throbbing pussy. By this time his eyes were closed, enjoying every minute of what he was doing. I knew I wanted to take him to the moon and back! From the look on his face I would say that we were halfway there. He reached for my tits and let out another moan as he touched them to find out that my nipples were hard. He pulled down the strap of my teddy and started to suck on them. I reached for his balls and squeezed them in my hand. The moan he let out at this point echoed throughout the room. I was so excited by the whole experience

I couldn’t hold out any longer. YES! I screamed. YES!! I must have had at least five orgasms before he was ready to cum. I felt his cock throbbing deep in my saturated pussy. His cock was covered in my pussy juices by now. You’re going to the moon now I said to myself as I took his cock out of my pussy and slid his wet piece of meat right up my ass. That did it! He never expected that He was on the moon. His moans could be heard by everyone in the other room. His cum dripping from my asshole as he finished having his orgasm. I turned around gave him a kiss on the cheek, wished him many years of happiness and went into the other room to take on the rest of the gang!

The rest of the bunch was a little more than tipsy by now, but they still were excited at the thought of what was about to happen. I think they took bets that I wouldn’t be able to bring each and every one of them to orgasm.

Boy did I show them. I don’t think they will be too quick to bet on anything anymore unless they know it is a sure thing. As they gathered round me, I got down on my knees taking 3 of their cocks in my hand while I proceeded to lick each and every one. I could see out of the corner of my eye that I had gotten one of the hunks so hot that he brought himself to orgasm. Continuing to lick the 3 cocks in my hand I felt someone mount me from behind. My ass already wet from the groom’s cum made entering easy. The thought of what I was doing was out of this world. As I was getting pumped from behind, I took my mouth and opened it as wide as I could and took the 3 cocks I was licking and started to suck on them. Switching from one to another still having a rock hard cock up my ass pumping away. My mouth was going crazy back and forth from one cock to another. I didn’t need my hands anymore by now the 3 guys were so hot not only were they holding their own cocks, but they also were starting to masturbate waiting for my mouth to come back to their cocks. I took my hands and with a real firm grip I started jerking off 2 more guys. GOD I felt like I died and went to Heaven! With a real tight grip I started up and down as fast as I could go. My ass was oozing with cum again. Another happy customer. I still had almost half a room to go. The next one to come from behind headed straight for my wet pussy. Pumping away while I continued on the 5 cocks I was working on. One at a time the three that I had been blowing exploded. Their cum was everywhere, in my hair, on my face and best of all in my mouth. My pussy was going into another orgasm as I was hard at work jerking off the 2 cocks in my hand. When I was finished cumming, I already had 3 more anxious men waiting to have their cocks sucked in the same outrageous way I did their friends. They too were soon brought to orgasm. As for the guy in my pussy, from the sounds coming out of his mouth I think my pussy took him to the moon and back too. My God I couldn’t believe this was happening.

I had already brought 10 guys to total ecstasy, and I was still ready for more. I knew the 2 men I was jerking off were done when I felt their hot cum all over my hands. I had never heard so many moans in one room at a time! It just blew my mind away. I was doing great by myself. The last 3 guys waited patiently for their turns. My knees were getting a little sore from the wood floor I was kneeling on so I decide to lay flat on my back to take care of the last 3. One knew exactly what he wanted as he headed straight for my pussy with his cock. I motioned for the next one to bring his cock to my mouth which at this point left only 1 guy to go. He came over and started to suck on my tits. My hand worked it’s way down his hairy chest till I had him firm in my hand. My pussy once again throbbing was gonna cum. I could feel his cock sliding in and out of me easier each time he entered his cock becoming saturated with my juices. The cock in my mouth was pulsating and ready to cum by now so I sucked the fucking cum right out of him as he screamed in sheer ecstasy. I felt the cock in my pussy pull out so as not to cum in me. I quickly offered him my asshole which he did not pass up. Within seconds more hot cum was oozing from my asshole.

The only one left to cum was the man I was jerking off. I squeezed my huge tits together allowing him for the best tit fuck of his life., while I licked the head each time it came close to my mouth. He too moaned with pleasure sliding in and out of my tits which were being held firmly together. I lay there in total disbelief. To think that when I walked in that night I was nervous about being able to please everyone. Not only did every guy leave happy that night, but I had the time of my life. I lost count of the amount of orgasms I had that didn’t really matter anyway, but my confidence had soared through the roof that night! That was a night I will never forget!