Eavesdropping on Eve

I joined Waterman’s at the turn of the year craving managerial advancement, a pay hike – naturally – and fresh pussy. Having found myself going nowhere fast career-wise at Forster Clark, having dated just about every eligible girl in the office and in need of extra cash to fund an ever extravagant lifestyle, I felt it was time to move on.

Well, two out of three wasn’t bad. The boss at Waterman’s was only too pleased to advance my career if I put in the hard work, he almost doubled my pay in one fell swoop but, with a team of just seventeen, most of whom were guys, something told me it was time to put career above sex life. First appearances can be so deceptive!

I wasn’t reckoning on the one beacon of hope on the female front, in the shapely guise of Eve Palmer, fulfiling my fantasies. She was, after all, way out of my league, and then some. In her mid twenties, a few years my senior, a horny single single guy like yours truly couldn’t help but fancy her from the very start. A stunning curly-haired brunette with killer tits and arse and the most gorgeous pouty blowjob lips, Eve was the girl every other guy in the department wanted – but could never hope to get.

I remember that first lunchtime in the bar with the guys well. Being the new guy, everyone, it seemed, wanted to be my friend. I was plied with drinks and bombarded with questions, mainly about what I thought of my sexy female co-worker. Come two o’clock, each and every fantasy of the half a dozen other guys I shared the department with had been imparted. We shared a common bond: we all wanted Eve.

Sat opposite, Eve was given the task of teaching me the systems and working practices and generally taking in hand my initial training. There were, of course, other things I wished she’d take in hand and I soon found myself embroiled in the kinds of fantasy my fellow colleagues indulged in. As the first afternoon wore on, it became harder and harder to contain myself. I craved so much to touch her, I had to link my fingers tightly together on my lap. A dual purpose, they concealed a raging erection.

As the days went by quickly like passing trains, things became ever harder. Seemingly a perfectionist, Eve had office chic down to an art form, each day finding new exotic outfits with which to tease the senses. Her breasts would strain against sheer pastel shirts, constricted and seemingly aching to break free whilst her nipples retained a permanent nub, owing to the air conditioning. As time went on and spring arrived, the shorter her skirts became, revealing soft, creamy thighs and the most angular legs outside the catwalk. Rarely was she without heels, always black, always high, always sexy as hell.

To put it crudely, I wanted to lift Eve onto the desk, pull up that little skirt, and fuck her brains out. She was my permanent wank fantasy and I craved her like nothing else, coveting our times together and savouring every moment and joyous for a glimpse of out-of-bounds flesh. And it wasn’t just physical. Eve abounded with joie de vivre, was rarely down in the dumps and always able to see the positives even in the most negative situations. I’d never thought of any girl in those terms before, but Eve was wife material.

The trouble was, after three months my training was over and I was on my own, no more close contact, no more legs brushing, no more furtive glances and no more sensuous scent teasing my nostrils. And though I still got to sit opposite the delectable beauty, we had those great big partitions that turned each desk virtually into its own private booth, isolated from those around us. Denied a fix, I had to keep thinking up new and inventive ways to slip round and see her, finding the most stupid of queries on the most simple of cases. Eve must have thought I was a complete moron which hardly helped my cause.

Six tortuous months passed and, despite a little innocent flirting back and forth, the odd giggle and an ever-helpful demeanour on her part, there was no reason to suspect feelings were mutual. My love, or lust, no it was definitely love, it seemed, was unrequited. Besides which, the office telegraph and a suspicion or two of my own suggested Eve preferred women to men. I very nearly cried myself to sleep.

Plucking up the courage – well not quite enough courage to speak face to face – I sent her an e-mail, wondering if she might like to go with me see a band she liked who were playing in town. She thanked me – by return of e-mail – but said she already had tickets. Of course, I turned up on my own, hoping, but our paths never crossed. After that, I started seeing this other girl I’d known a while and allowed my interest in Eve to cool, if not extinguish completely.

One morning, however, events took an incredible turn that even my wildest dreams hadn’t foretold. It was to set in motion an incredible chain of events that would make those six barren months of lusting after Eve all worthwhile.

Fresh back off the summer holiday in Agia Napa and doubtless with a mountain of work to catch up on, I decided to catch a much earlier train, heading to the office an hour in advance of my normal arrival. Eve’s eight-to-four shift dictated that she was always the first in of anyone in the department and well into her day before we’d even got our computers warmed up.

As I ambled in, still a bit fuzzy from lack of sleep, it was Eve’s deliberately low-pitched voice that provided the only disturbance in an otherwise empty office. Those dulcet tones drifted lazily down the aisle and immediately made me feel good to be back. So wrapped up was she in the conversation that I made it all the way to my desk unheralded, the solid screen between us ensuring that she remained hidden and regrettably out of reach. Though her words did permeate the barrier and my early morning haze.

Subconsciously, I began to eavesdrop, my attention drawn as the conversation veered from mundane small talk off on an unexpected tangent. “Yeah, yeah, I know honey, I didn’t want to go in this morning either,” Eve apologised. “But as soon as I get home tonight, I want you to be waiting to fuck me silly.”

My eyes widened, eyebrows nudging my fringe and I felt myself shrinking down into the chair, frightened all of a sudden of discovery. I barely dared to breathe for fear of giving the game away. Yet at the same time, I had become curious, not to mention unsuitably aroused. Clearly, from the way the conversation was going, this was her lover.

As the lurid topic prevailed, fearful of being caught, I glanced around for other potential interlopers. Yet the office was as empty as a church on Cup Final day, the first of my co-workers doubtless still battling the trains. Eve knew it too, myself notwithstanding, hence a willingness to indulge further fantasies with her lover. “What do you mean, what am I doing right now?” she enquired with a giggle. “What do you think I’m doing?” she added teasingly.

There was a discernible pause as she listened, before sighing deep into the receiver: “Mmmm, that’s it, oh yeah I’m just squeezing my right nipple a little through my blouse…Oh yeah, it feels wonnnnnnnderful.”

On hearing the words slip from her lips like the finest prose known to man, I shrank deeper into the office chair, a trickle of sweat snaking its way down my brow. I was barely able to believe what I was hearing and that my sexy, yet previously reseved, colleague could act so brazenly. But then I guess I knew nothing about her and she wasn’t used to having company at this unholy hour of the day.

As I sat totally still, I found myself caught in a hybrid of emotions, jealous of the confirmation she had a lover, yet at the same time turned on by her salacious words and my perception of what she was doing to herself, touching distance away. If only I could see through the solid screen. If only…

Her breathing, just about audible above the air conditioning, came quicker, punctuated by little groans of pleasure. My God I’d dreamt of this moment yet my view was obscured by a great big screen. “Oh God, hun,” she gasped into the phone. “I’m going to have to put you on speaker. I need both hands…” Eve added with a throaty chuckle.

As the air conditioning ground to a halt, leaving the office in total silence, I was forced to hold my breath till it hurt. I was killing around the ribs. The scraping of her chair on the carpet and movement as she adjusted position allowed me to let go a lungful and quickly steal another. It was sheer hell yet as close to heaven as hell could possibly come. Suddenly the speakerphone kicked in, the voice of Eve’s previously silent companion filling the still office air. “Mmm, you dirty little hussy,” rang out the voice, a female one unless I was very much mistaken.

So the rumours concerning her sexuality were true.

“Lick your finger, Eve,” continued her lover, the female caller. “Then rub your fingertip between your legs and imagine it’s my tongue.”

All I heard was an exaggerated-sounding slurp, followed by Eve’s throaty groan. I pictured her fingertips easing aside her black thong, always a black thong whenever a hint had inadvertently been revealed in the past. In my imagination, Eve’s finger breached her pink little pussy lips. I heard a light moan to confirm the hunch. Was it also my imagination, or did the first hint of scented female arousal cling to the air and waft over the screen. “Find your clit and roll it, baby – work those fingers,” commanded the voice from the speakerphone.

“Oh God, yeah,” exhaled Eve, her chair creaking painfully as she busily pleasured herself mere yards away, yet sadly concealed the other side of the damned partition. Feet away from the object of my desire and I couldn’t see a damned thing! All I had was a very inadequate picture in my head, albeit a vivid one. “Oh my, Suze…” my sexy co-worker groaned as she pleasured herself busily. “You’ve got me so turned on.”

“That’s it, sweetie,” encouraged the mysterious Suze.

Suze? The name didn’t ring a bell though a mental image quickly formed in my head of a busty blonde, older probably than Eve and doubtless the dominant one in their relationship. Though she was confident in the office, I had Eve pegged as a submissive. In my fantasies I’d dominated her totally and she’d willingly obliged. “Tell me how it feels,” Suze ordered, breaking the spell.

“Feels wonderful,” marvelled Eve dreamily. “My clit is sooooooo sensitive this morning.”

Whilst I was in rapture hearing the commentary, it was sheer torture being denied an audience to an event I doubted ever experiencing again. Sitting statatuesque so as not to give myself away, I wracked my brains to work out how I might engineer a view.

As I pondered, Suze continued: “Now imagine that hard cock ramming deep into your pussy.”

Suze’s breathlessness suggested that she too was busy at their palatial home eagerly pleasuring herself.

Eve extinguished heavily from her lips. “Oh yes Suze, I need that cock sooooooo bad.”

My ears pricked. There was a God after all. Eve, it seemed, liked cock as much as the next woman. I smiled lustfully: she was a naughty little bisexual beauty. That made me want her all the more. As if. But if I couldn’t have her, at least I should be able to watch what she was doing.

Unable to contain myself any longer and, with the opportunity of a lifetime so near yet so far, as carefully as possible I eased the chair back and lowered to the carpet, rotating on my backside so I lay flat beneath the two conjoined desks like a mechanic under a car. So wrapped up was Eve in her ministrations that thankfully my giveaway scrabbling for position went unnoticed. Though whether the lustful girl could have stopped herself in any event I couldn’t rightly say. Certainly she appeared to be straying dangerously close to the all-consuming point of no return.

Tilting my head back among a mesh of spaghetti wires and cables, a thick cloud of dust rose and threatened to choke me. Yet it was worth the effort and lung cancer in later life for a glimpse as, slowly but surely, Eve’s extremities came into view. Inched nearer on my back like a snake to its prey, my eyes chanced upon her cute little feet, freed from a pair of heels that were kicked inches from my face, toes curling and uncurling to match her breathing. Oh how I could just take hold of Eve’s big toe between my lips and run my tongue across the underside. I wanted to lick every part of that scrumptious pinkie simply because it was a part of Eve.

“Oh fuck, yes,” exhaled Eve, perhaps subconsciously picking up on my telepathy, the unmistakable scent of female excitement wafting beneath the desk to tease my sense of smell.

Tilting back as far as my neck would allow, my eyes found her angular calves, quivering lightly as the sensations from her circled clitoris spread through the girl’s entire body. Then, as my field of vision widened, it was up to her tremulous knees, held together by the lowered black thong. And then…and then those milky white thighs, firm and fully exposed. What little amount of skirt that covered her middle on any given day had been forced up, concertina-like at her belly.

Oh how I longed to climb all the way under the desk, to spring up and kiss and lick her inner thighs, to nuzzle at the skin, sinking my teeth in and sending her into an even greater frenzy of lust than she was already in. It was all fantasy of course but what a fantasy and now my eyes could see what previously they’d been denied I was in rapture. “Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she growled, that delectable swollen pink snatch, seemingly freshly waxed, finally coming into view.

Petalling lightly, there was a feint glistening around a pair of labia that seemed to blow a kiss my way. Oh how I yearned to return the kiss in person, to tongue that syrupy twat and make her writhe in ecstasy. I wanted to flick eagerly at her clit with the pointy end, to hear her beg for more, whilst teasing the knot of her arse with a fingertip. I wanted to drink her cum until I was sick of the taste. I wanted, I wanted…

No doubt about it, that gorgeous pussy had me mesmerised, yet in a flash her fingers were elsewhere, outside of view. The answer came quickly. “Oh God, my nipples are like bullets,” she wailed to her invisible companion, those shapely breasts regrettably out of sight.

The sad fact was that I could fashion no better a vantage point without my head leaving the desk and entering the open. So I had to content myself with watching her pussy intently, not a bad booby prize! Waiting in heightened anticipation for it to receive attention once more, my breath was uncontrollable, very nearly giving me away. Thankfully, Eve was so occupied with hedonistic abandon that a fire could have broken out in the building and she’d not have noticed. I was aching for Suze to command Eve to finger herself once more.

The order came and I smiled as Eve’s cunthole was plugged, two eager fingers buried inside to the accompaniment of a breathy groan. Expertly the digits worked in and out, in and out, pausing only to squeeze the clit, upon instruction from Suze. Eve’s fingertips danced, circling the luscious labia, then penetrating easily, all slick and buttery. Once inside they curled over her sensitive clit. From her pretty tippytoes to a pancake flat belly, Eve’s skin was trembling uncontrollably. ‘Oh Suze babe, I’m gonna cum soon,” she moaned, voice reaching a new high pitch.

“Oh God, Eve hunny, me too,” sounded her girlfriend from the speakerphone. “Keep imagining his thick cock drilling you,” resonated Suze’s voice, “his balls itching to unload his thick hot seed.”

“Oh fuck, yes,” pleaded Eve, a hair’s breadth from the throes of ecstasy. “Oh fuck, yesssssss, I want it in me. I want his lovely cock.”

I had to confess that these two were fucking good at this, my only complaint that, whilst it was just about physically possible, a quick tug of cock was out of the question. How I wanted to, but I’d need to be a contortionist. Oh well, I’d save it up for the cubicle later.

Suze continued apace, her voice laced with sighs and moans: “Imagine him bending you over the desk and fucking you hard from behind like the complete slut you are, while I sit in front and make you lick my cunt.”

Wow, this other girl really was good, a virtuoso in the art of phonesex who knew exactly the right buttons to press for Eve. Nearing ker-ching time, my masturbating female colleague stood, turned around and leant back against the chair, arse wiggling in the air. I had the perfect view as one leg was half-raised, the thong still attached at her knees. Mashing her fingers together to resemble a swan’s head, she thrust back and forth into her pussy, mimicking the action of a cock fucking her from behind. In and out went the fingers, right to the bottoms, each thrust eliciting wail after wail of pleasure. Juice pooled in her palm as she frigged herself ever harder. “Fuck me Nick, fuck me hard,” she groaned.

“Fuck her, Nick,” echoed Suze from the phone. “Make the bitch cum.”

In and out pistoned the hand, her cunt stretched and dilated, heightened moans filling the whole office. My word, it was lucky we were a team of idle so-and-so’s, for there was no subtlety in Eve’s actions, and no stopping her should another worker happen to fancy an early start. She was way past the point of no return. Oh how my male colleagues would have killed to witness this. The grin of knowing spread across my face.

“Oh fuck, yessssss,” breathed Eve, the words tailing off before she shrieked like a startled polecat, and all of a sudden the frigging slowed as her climax came intensely. “Oh Ni-i-i-i-ck.”

Cum gushed over her knuckles as the orgasm prevailed. Her toes curled one final time and her body pulsed repeatedly. Leaning forward over the chair, knees planted on the floor, breath racing, she controlled herself steadily before hungrily cleaning each finger, smacking her lips together. Oh how I wanted to taste Eve’s syrupy drops on those fingers.

Satisfied, my colleague smoothed the tiny skirt back down her thighs and adjusted her thong back in place. A few loving parting words to Suze and the office was quiet once more, but for the thumping off my heart. God knows how I managed to get back out of the tight spot without being discovered, get back into my seat and sit silently for fifteen minutes. Finally I emerged around the corner as if I’d just arrived. “Good morning, Eve,” I heralded.

She looked up with a sexy smile. “Good morning, Nick.”