Drive In Memories

I guess everyone my age has some drive in memories. I have a lot actually but one night in particular stands out in my mind. It was 1966 and I was a newly liberated young woman of 19, all graduated from High School and on my way in life. I’d managed to land a job as a stewardess and was preparing to move to Minneapolis to start work. My boyfriend Bob wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of losing his “Hot blond surfer girl” as he called me, but I was thrilled at the upcoming opportunity.

The night in question began rather awkwardly. My little sister Crissy had been seeing a boy and, after two dates to chaperoned high school events, they wanted to go to the drive in to see a movie. Our mom wasn’t too keen on the idea. I don’t know why she was so protective of Crissy. Maybe it’s because they look so much alike. My sister has small, almost non-existant tits but with large firm nipples that are actually flat on the tip. Her butt is rather prominant and she sports a shock of curly red hair. She doesn’t think so, but she’s actually really cute. Our mom has similar features and, though her hair has lost it’s color, she was a redhead too at a younger age.

Anyway it was decided that we would “Double” to the movies. “She just might need a little looking after Debbie.” My mother told me.

Oh Great. Just what I wanted. Babysit my little sister on probably my last night with Bob before I left for Minnesota. My mother was adamant and I knew I couldn’t change her mind. Bob, as you might imagine, was similarly disappointed. “She’s 18 for God’s sake! Can’t we ditch them?” he hissed.

At a drive in? Besides, we were taking my sister’s date’s car. It was a big ’65 Ford Galaxy so there would be plenty of comfortable seating. That’s just fine and dandy except Bob and I didn’t exactly want to “Sit.”

So Bob met me at our house and we waited for Crissy’s date, Matt to show up. Crissy was wearing a typical outfit for her: A short green dress that did nothing to accentuate her positive features, no bra since she didn’t really need one, and, I assumed, white cotton schoolgirl panties. The only kind we were “Allowed” to wear.

Matt finally showed up and I was surprised to find Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome standing there when my mom opened the door. I wondered why he was interested in Crissy who rarely dated and was introverted and shy by nature. He extended his hand and squeezed mine when we were introduced. His dark brown eyes just burned into mine!

“Crissy you didn’t tell me your sister was Kim Novak!” he joked. He really was a hunky guy! I guess they’d been assigned as lab partners in chemistry class and developed a little chemistry of their own! Bob and Matt knew each other from the track team so the four of us actually got along pretty well.

We headed out for the Sepulveda drive in which was considered the local “Passion Pit.” We’d told our mom we were going to a walk in theatre just to appease her but…nah! The conversation was flowing as we drove along and Matt spoke to me several times, always calling me by my name, which was…nice.

The movie we went to see, Alfred Hichcock’s “The Birds” is now considered a classic but I really didn’t think it was so great back then. Especially when Bob took me in his arms and began to french me right there in the back seat. I forgot all about my little sister and her date in the car with us and eagerly returned his kisses. We both felt the urgency of our now limited remaining time together. I reached for his cock and wasn’t at all surprised to find that it had already hardened in his pants. Oh my God! what could we do?

My little sister, whom I assumed was still a virgin, and her boyfriend whom I’d virtually just met were only a few feet away in the front seat! Matt had his arm around Crissy and they seemed to be engrossed in the movie. With my heart racing, I unzipped Bob’s slacks and reached for his cock, hoping a hand job could be discreetly accomplished here in the back seat.

But when I felt his hot hard flesh in my hand, my pussy began to wet my panty crotch. I dropped a mouthful of spittle onto my hand and began to stroke him as softly and quietly as possible. But Bob wasn’t going to be satisfied with my hand.

“Oh Debbie let’s fuck!” he breathed into my ear. “They aren’t paying any attention to us! And if they do…so what?”

“Bob we can’t!” I desperately fired back. “We can’t just do it in front of them!”

“We’re not in front of them, we’re behind them!” He joked. I had to smile. Bob’s sense of humor was always ready in any situation. He kissed me again and again and I continued to rub his cock sensuously. At one point, he grunted in pleasure and my sister turned her head towards us. I saw her eyes briefly lock on Bob’s penis with my hand encircling it and she quickly looked away.

“On no! She saw us!” I thought as I continued to slide my hand up and down my boyfriend’s big stiff cock. Bob reached, rather awkwardly for my skirt and I was forced to stop jerking him off. He kissed me again and began to slowly…maddeningly slowly…touch and caress my knees. And then my thighs…until at last he reached my white panties.

“Oh Bob No!” I complained, but it was no use. It was probably our last time together for some time and I knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with a hand job. His fingers lightly grazed my desire swollen pussy through the warm cotton fabric of my panties as I opened my legs a bit further to give him greater access to my loins.

He teased his forefinger right up and then down the tight little cleft of my sex which brought a gasp from my lips. A gasp which unfortunately caught Matt’s ear. He turned his head casually…as though I’d reacted to something on the movie screen. When he saw me with my legs open, skirt up around my waist and Bob’s hand on my white panties, his eyes widened briefly, then he turned back around.

Bob and I were not sexual strangers. I knew that when his cock got so impossibly hard and he got a feel of my pussyflesh, he wouldn’t be satisfied until he’d shoved every inch of his stiff penis into my cunt. And you couldn’t exactly reason with him either. No. Now I had to figure out how and where. I was scoping out the eucalyptus trees that lined the perimeter of the drive in, thinking maybe we could sneak out there…but it was too late. The sensuous feel of my soft hand had worked his bloated prick into a frenzy. Bob slipped his finger inside the legband of my panties and treated himself to a teasing little taste of my bare pussy.

“Lift up Debbie!” He ordered me. I didn’t want to. I really didn’t but I also couldn’t see what alternative there was. So…so I meekly complied and allowed my boyfriend to pull down my panties. Both Matt and Crissy looked back when they heard the rustling of our clothes. I couldn’t believe what a spectacle we were making of ourselves. I mean, my sister and I have obviously seen each othr nude many times but…Matt? For goodness sake I’d just met him an hour or so ago!

Somehow Bob managed to take off my panties in the back of that Galaxy and he coaxed me down onto the seat with him behind me. He hadn’t removed his slacks but there was still plenty of cock protruding from his fly. He lifted my left knee and settled in with his cock now laying right on my exposed pussy. He’d pulled up my skirt too. It was almost as though he was hoping my little sister and her date would look back and watch “The Show” taking place back there.

I knew what Bob expected and I used my hand to press his turgid rod onto my naked vagina. I must admit I got really excited when I felt that hot cock right on my pussylips. He was sliding himself to and fro as I applied pressure with my fingers. Then…then I just couldn’t wait anymore. I took hold of his prick and put it right at the well lubricated entrance to my vagina.

Bob put one hand on my shoulder to hold me in place and then drove his cock right into me with one bold stroke. We both gasped at that point and it was obvious that both Crissy and Matt knew exactly what was going on in the back seat. They knew that Crissy’s big sister was getting fucked back there. Maybe two or three feet away she was taking cock in her red haired pussy. I was afraid to look but, eventually, I did and saw Matt staring at the glistening shaft of penile flesh that was disappearing into my tight young pussy…only to reappear moments later.

Bob held my knee up out of the way so it was easy to see even in the dimly lit car. My white panties were draped over my thigh and my skirt remained around my waist.

I kept my eyes tightly though if I couldn’t see, no one could. But when I finally did open them, my little sister and her boyfriend were both watching as Bob mercilessly fucked my excited little pussy. I brought my right hand down to try and cover myself but it didn’t do much good. I looked up again and I saw my little sister looking at Bob’s big cock as it plundered my helpless pussy. But Matt. Matt was staring right into my eyes.

I remembered the little squeeze he’d given my hand when we were introduced. I remembered his eyes obviously checking me out while my mother was speaking. Now his eyes were speaking wordlessly to me as I was shamelessly fucked right before his eyes! I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t! I just couldn’t!

Then I heard the subtle little moan that Bob emits when his crisis of pleasure is upon him. I pulled his cock quickly from my pussy and held it softly, feeling the twitching and jerking that accompanied his climax. With all four of us looking on, his cock proceeded to stripe my belly with sticky white Jism. I gently tugged on his erupting manhood to coax every drop of seed from his balls until, at last, he was finished.

And you talk about an awkward moment! There I was on the back seat of somebody’s dad’s car, my freshly fucked pussy still wide open and plenty of sperm beginning to slide down towards the unspoiled fabric of the car seat. Thinking quickly, I used my still warm panties to wipe up Bob’s come as my sister and Matt self consciously returned their gaze to the movie.

The heady smell of sex now filled the car. I pulled my clothes back into place the best I could and then, as cheerily as possible, I suggested we go get some food from the snack bar.

I walked to the snack bar with Bob feeling like a total slut. I’d been fucked in the back seat of someone’s car with my sister and a complete stranger watching. I’d wiped up Bob’s come with my panties and left them in a wadded up mess on the floorboard under the seat. I was now naked beneath my skirt as we walked among the cars.

Since the movie wasn’t quite over, the snack bar was virtually empty when we got there. I was relieved. I just felt so much shame I assumed anyone I saw would be able to tell I’d just been fucked in a car and had no panties on. I went to the ladies room and heard the arrival of the hungry moviegoers as, apparently, the first feature had ended.

After a few minutes, I came to understand that, no… those people didn’t know what had just transpired in Matt’s dad’s car. I washed my face and tried my best to compose myself. As I rejoined Bob he ran into a bunch of his friends from the track team and, after listening to them catching up for a while, I excused myself and headed back to the car.

The second feature was beginning and I’d bought enough popcorn and soda for my sister and Matt. But when I got to the car I could see that popcorn wasn’t at all what they were interested in right about then. Even in the movie lit darkness I could see Matt’s hand was under Crissy’s dress as they made out there in the front seat. I wondered if I should just wait rather than interrupt them, but then I saw my little sister pulling Matt’s hand from beneath her dress. “She might need a little interrupting” I thought to myself.

“Popcorn! Popcorn!” I loudly announced as I opened the rear door. “Get your popcorn!” The two young lovers quickly ceased their torrid make out session and went through the motions of eagerly diving into the tub of popcorn I handed up to them.

The second feature, a crazy film called “That Man from Rio” had begun and I was doing the best I could to watch it but, well, I was really more interested in watching Matt and Crissy in the front seat. They soon went back to necking as if I wasn’t there and I began to feel like the proverbial fifth wheel.

And where was Bob? I didn’t blame him for chewing the fat with his buddies but it was getting kind of embarrassing now. My sister obviously needed some…privacy. It may seem silly to say that since we were in a drive in…hardly a “Private” place but…

Finally I just kind of yawned and laid down on the back seat in an effort to allow Crissy and Matt to enjoy some intimacy. I tried to follow the plot of the movie through the dialogue but It was hopeless. I could still see Matt and Crissy wagging their tongues in each other’s mouth and soon after that I heard my sister begin to emit gasps of pleasure that could only mean she’d allowed Matt to fondle her virgin pussy.

Then I heard the rustling of clothes and the sound of a zipper being opened. Right about then, Matt glanced over into the back seat where I lay. Our eyes briefly met before I returned to my feigned nap. Matt knew I was listening now. Listening and getting an odd sexual charge out of this situation.

“Oh Matty No!” I heard Crissy exclaim. “Don’t take off my panties…Oh My God!”

In a few moments, in spite of my little sister’s protestations, I saw Matt bring her panties up to his nose where he briefly sniffed them and then, without looking, he tossed them casually into the back seat where they landed near my face.

“Oooo,,,oough!” My sister’s voice dropped a few octaves as her boyfriend’s fingers were apparently now touching her tight young pussy.

“Mmmm…” she cooed, obviously enjoying the thrilling sensation of her boyfriend’s finger feeling her up.

“Open your legs a little wider Crissy…” He instructed. “Yeah, like that! Now…now help yourself to some more of that popcorn. That’s right…get your hands good and slippery!”

I could see where this was going now and I knew it was time for me to get out of the car and head back to the snack bar. But I didn’t. Who was I kidding? I found my little sister’s date to be pretty cute and…and the way he looked at me, the way he’d tenderly squeezed my hand…I…I was confused but excited at this unusual situation I now found myself in.

I could hear my little sister’s breathing quicken as Matt succeeded in penetrating her virgin pussy with his finger. He began to groan as Crissy’s little hand grasped his prick. I used to wonder exactly what that stuff was…that stuff that passed for butter on drive in popcorn. At least it had one practical application!

“That’s it honey…” he encouraged…”Nice and smooth…just like that…up and down…not too fast Crissy…I want to come in your pussy!”

“Oh Matty No!” she quickly shot back. “We can’t do that. I’ve..I mean I…I never..”

Matt silenced my sister’s response by locking his lips to hers. They then resumed their petting session. Matt glanced over the seat to where I lay. Our eyes briefly met and…and I got the nastiest idea. No! No! I said to myself. And for a least a few minutes I just laid there quietly with no panties on. My pussy was bare and all I would have to do was…but no! I couldn’t!

Oh yes I could and I did. I reached for my little sister’s white cotton panties and brought them down to the hem of my skirt. I then lifted my skirt up to my waist and draped Crissy’s panties over my pussy.

Did Matt notice? In a word, yes. Oh yes he noticed. With Crissy’s soft hand masturbating him and his finger buried in her cunt, his attention was definitely elsewhere. I dropped my right leg to the floor and pulled my left knee up against the rear seat. My legs were now well spread and only the flimsy white panties prevented my little sister’s date from viewing my naked pussy. Crissy was totally oblivious to my lewd display as she was busily stroking Matt’s cock while he finger fucked her never before touched young pussy.

No, no this was between Matt and I now. I held the skimpy panties right on my freshly fucked vagina and then began to subtley rub them up and down, causing my feminine lubrication to flow freely. It was different than any other sexual thrill I’d experienced. He wanted to see my pussy! I could see it in his eyes as he stared unabashedly at me now.

He winked again and then quietly (But loud enough for me to hear) told my sister to “Taste that butter Crissy!” I wasn’t at all surprised to see that my naive younger sister had no idea what he meant. Nope. No clue. It took a while for Matt to coax her down to his lap where his overstimulated penis demanded satisfaction. I can only assume my little sister was so determined to preserve her virginity she’d reluctantly decided to take him into her mouth.

“That’s real nice Crissy…” Matt told her. “Now just open up a bit more and…” Then he cried out in peasure as my little sister surrendered her mouth and became his cocksucker!

“Mmmmph!” she grunted in protest as Matt somehow had managed to slip his cock into her inexperienced young mouth.

This was exciting me all the while too. I knew Matty was enjoying the lurid sensation of my little sister’s soft warm lips and tongue now lightly sucking his penis but still, he looked back at me.

I began to sense the power I now held over him…and, in a way, over my little sister too. I slowly began to draw Crissy’s panties upwards…exposing more and more of my secret place until the tightly closed lips of my pussy became visible. Matt caught his breath and a small smile crossed his face as he looked on.

I could hear my sister’s lips sliding up and down her boyfriend’s shaft as I moved her panties higher and higher until I’d completely exposed my pussy. With my legs well apart, Matt could now clearly see my pussylips and curly red pubes above.

I couldn’t believe how exciting it was to show my little sister’s date my pussy! I could see in his eyes how much he was enjoying the view. Then, with my sister’s mouth slurping up and down on Matt’s prick, I reached down with one hand and teasingly opened the soft pink lips of my pussy, completely exposing the darker coral colored interior of my sex. I held my pussy open and then used my sister’s little white panties to softly touch my tight hole. I was panting now and realized I was close to an orgasm myself.

Just then, I heard a muffled cry of surprise as Matt unloaded his balls onto my little sister’s tonsils. I couldn’t see what actually happened but I knew she had little choice but to swallow his seed and send it to her belly via her now violated throat. Realizing my fun was now ending, I used my sister’s panties to pleasure myself right in front of her boyfriend. I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the carnal pleasure I was experiencing. Even with my eyes tightly shut I could sense Matt’s gaze on my luridly exposed pussy. I pushed my legs outwards into the padded fabric of the car seats in an attempt to spread my pussy even wider.

Oh I was close! So close! And…and then the dome light came on as the back door of the car opened! Oh My God! I’d been caught! I’m still not sure how long Bob had been outside the car watching but he’d obviously seen plenty, and he was none too happy with me at the moment.

“What are you doing?” He hissed as he climbed into the back seat. I tried to cover my pussy with Crissy’s panties but Bob wasn’t having any of that.

“Oh so now you’re Little Miss Modesty of 1966, huh?” He sneered. He snatched my sister’s panties from my hand and angrily threw them into the front seat.

“Now get up on your knees you two timing little tart!” he ordered. I had little choice but to comply and, honestly, I was more concerned that my sister didn’t learn exactly why Bob was so mad.

So…I said nothing and scrambled onto my knees on the rear seat. Crissy finally reappeared, wiping her chin and wondering what all the hub bub was about. She later told me she assumed Bob had become aroused while watching her suck Matt’s penis and actually apologized for what happened next.

“What happened next” was I received 6 or 7 stinging slaps on my exposed asscheeks as Bob punished me for showing off my pussy to my sister’s boyfriend while she was busy sucking his cock.

In spite of the pain, I was still horny beyond belief and my pussy was anxious to be fucked again.

Unfortunately that wasn’t Bob’s plan. No, I received a few swipes of his bloated cockhead up and down my pulsating vaginal slit before he moved it up to the forbidden hole just above. Without giving me a chance to beg for mercy, he shoved hard and buried about half of his sizable cock in my asshole. I didn’t dare complain for fear of drawing more incriminating taunts from Bob so I just knelt there and took it.

The shame of knowing my little sister and her boyfriend were watching my humiliation made it even worse. Bob stabbed a few more times, managing to force more and more cock into my now devirginated fanny until finally I felt the subtle little “Slap” of his balls onto my neglected pussy. He’d made me take the entire length of his big cock in my tight pink asshole.

“Oh Yes!” I managed to lie. “Oh fuck me Bob!” I had to do anything I could to mask the real reason for this lewd act of sodomy being perpetrated on my poor little asshole.

“Fuck you where, Debbie?” he asked quietly as he redoubled his efforts. I think by now Bob understood what I was trying to avoid and he knew I would do anyting to keep my “Secret.”

I was beaten and I knew it. “Oh C’mon Bob…” I begged, ” Fuck me good and hard back there.” I knew Cristy and Matt could hear me as well as people in the surrounding cars too.

As if he needed further encouragement, Bob began to fuck deeply into my ass and then taunted: “Use that nice word again Debbie. That nice word that helps you get something you really want.”

I closed my eyes, knowing I had no choice but to do what he wanted now…and he wanted me to beg. I was already on my knees as I spoke…”Please Bob…Please fuck my…my little asshole with your big hard cock!” I heard my little sister gasp in shock at my salacious request.

Bob’s cock seemed to swell up even larger when he heard me beg and he threw at least a dozen more ball jarring strokes into my wildly stretched back hole until, with a triumphant cry, he spewed his jism right up my ass. I could feel the hot wet load splashing into my bowels as he pressed himself into me as deeply as possible while he came.

Finally, I felt his now rapidly deflating penis being carefully withdrawn from my asshole. Then, with a slight “Pop” it was gone. I was so stunned I didn’t move for a least a few seconds, affording my little sister and Matt an opportunity to see my lewdly displayed and still stretched open asshole. Some of Bob’s creamy white sperm had begun to leak out of my anus and drizzle down onto my cock starved pussy.

Trying to maintain the charade, I reached back and pulled Bob’s face to mine. We kissed. A kiss that I knew meant goodbye and nothing more at that point.

So I left for Minnesota and a lot more sexual adventures shortly afterwards. Matt? Never saw or heard from him again. Bob? Bob is now my Brother-in-law! Yes, he ended up calling my sister a few months later when the leaves began to fall and summer ended. Is it a bit awkward at family gatherings? I mean, having to make “Nicey nice” with a man whose had his dick in your asshole? No. Not really. In fact, if you ask me he’ll never forget that night. That fateful night when he fucked me right in front of his someday wife to be. Then spanked and sodomized me while I begged for his cock.

Maybe my little sister does stuff like that for him…but I doubt it. Nope. The sexual highlight of his life is sitting across the table from him…passing the gravy!