Breaking In The New Co Worker

Over the five year period of working as a warehouse clerk at an office supply store, I have seen many employees come and go. Some would realize all of the work that is required of them and quit in a matter of weeks. But about six months ago, the store manager hired a new girl to be a cashier. She was an African-American girl whom I estimated to be 18.

I was fortunate, one afternoon, to meet her in the employee’s lounge during our lunch break.

Surprisingly, I made conversation with her and we got along great. She told me that her name was Tracy and she attended the high school that was right up the block from my apartment. We spoke throughout our entire break and, after a week, we began taking our lunch breaks at the same time. Tracy and I began having a close friendly relationship, despite our age difference of about 10 years.

One evening, Tracy told me that she was going to have to quit the job because there was no means of transportation for her to get to work after school. She explained , “Think about it, Craig. I am using most of the money that I make here just catching the bus here everyday. That doesn’t make much sense.”

“Well, I have an idea, Tracy. What if I just pick you up from school on my way to work and we can ride together?” She liked the idea and called me her savior for helping out. In time, Tracy was like a close friend to me. We spoke of everything. I would tell her of my women problems and she would tell me of her boy problems.

One Wednesday afternoon, I was relaxed in front of my television and VCR. It was one of those lonely times when I would pop in a video of myself and an ex-girlfriend having sex. Gradually, my cock began rising to the occasion and, of course, I would put my hand to work on it. Listening to the heavy breathing and moaning had me totally aroused. But just when it felt as though I was going to explode, there was a knock at the door. Needless to say, my erect cock began going soft. I quickly adjusted myself, turn off the VCR, and yelled out, “Who is it?” To my surprise, it was Tracy. “But, I thought, ‘what in the hell is she doing here. She’s not due out of school for another 2 hours.” I opened the door for her and there stood a young lady whom I had never realized how attractive she was. Her hair was combed back and down to her shoulder. She wore just enough cosmetic to enhance her natural beauty. Tracy was wearing her school uniform of white blouse and brown skirt. Her blouse was unbuttoned at the top to reveal her beautiful black cleavage and her skirt was hemmed short enough to see that she had the most beautiful pair of tight black legs that I had ever seen. From the looks of her legs, I could tell that she, obviously, ran track at her school.

“I thought that you would be in school until 3,” I told her.

“I do but we had a half of a day today. Today’s report card day,” she explained. I invited her in and we talked for a while. She told me that she was sure that she had a B+ average for the semester and that her parents were going to be so proud of her. I hugged her and told her that I was proud of her, as well. The hug was tightened by her grip and I could feel the hardened nipples of her breasts through my T-shirt. For a split second, I wondered how great would they look if she removed her bra and blouse but, instantly, the thought was deleted from my mind because I thought of our age difference and friendship. However, I also thought that it was okay for a man to fantasize, right? I couldn’t wait to excuse myself to my bathroom to finish what I had started while watching my video.

“Well, Tracy, I was just about to go take a shower and get ready for work. So make yourself at home and enjoy the TV. I won’t be long.,” I told her.

“Okay Craig, go get yourself de-funked and I’ll watch some crappy talk show.”

We laughed and I dashed into the bathroom. Once in the shower, I wasted no time lathering up my cock and balls and imagined Tracy in the buff. Her strong, foxy black legs spread wide as if she is doing a split on her back. Her round ebony breasts perking with hardened nipples. My cock was so hard that it must have taken no more than 5 strokes of my hand to shoot my seed down the shower drain. I, then, commenced to taking a shower. Once I was done, I thoroughly dried myself off and turned the shower off. Just when the noise of the shower had ceased, I heard the television in my living room. But it didn’t sound like any talk show, I heard the moaning sounds of my ex-girlfriend.

“Damn, she’s looking at the video,” I said. I was too embarrassed to go out there now. I thought that she would think that I was some kind of pervert or something. I quietly opened the bathroom door and crept into the living room. And what I saw truly amazed me. There was Tracy looking at the video. But I wouldn’t have imagined how relaxed she had become while I was in the shower. She was sitting with one foot on the floor and the other on the sofa. Her right hand was fingering her pussy. She had her blouse opened and her left hand was rubbing and squeezing her left breast, which she had removed from her bra. I quietly stood behind her in the doorway of the living room and watched this young girl pleasuring herself in my apartment. I could hear the soft moans that escaped her throat. Her eyes was nearly closed; opened only slightly as to view the video. But it was what I heard that woke my cock up again. I watched her glanced at the video and then her hand moved faster on her sweet young pussy. Tracy threw her head back and moaned my name. “Oh Craig, yes,” she moaned.

With my cock at its hardest, even harder than before I masturbated, I walked up to her and she was totally lost in her own estacy. Her eyes still closed and her head back. So I knelt in front of her tender body and, damn, she was wearing no panties under that uniform. Before she could notice me there, I brought my face to her wet pussy and stuck my tongue in. For a second, she was in shock but it quickly turned to lust when I moved her hand and replaced it with my tongue. “Oh Craig, that feels so good,” she said as she ran her fingers through my hair. I reached up to grab hold of her firm tits. She was in total estacy now. She must have cum about 15 times while I nourished her pussy with my oral attention. But after all of this oral sex and watching her pleasure herself, my cock was enormously hard. I could no longer take it and I had to slide it into her pussy soon. I stood up in front of her and she was just so strung out from the pleasure that she didn’t even bother opening her eyes. I planted my lips on hers and she slid her tongue in my mouth. Damn, she was so hot. She wrapped her arm around me as her other hand continued to rub her pussy. As we kissed, I reached for her pussy hand and placed it around my neck. She obliged and we kissed passionately for what seemed liked hours. I held my stiff white cock in my hand and guided it to her young wet pussy. I felt her cum spread onto the head of my cock as I rubbed her clit. Then I pushed it in. Her kissed immediately ceased when I felt the tightness of her entry. “Oh shit,” she said. “Is it hurting, baby,” I asked. “A little” “Haven’t you done this before?” Tracy looked me in the eyes with her beautiful brown eyes and nodded no. “You mean you’re a virgin?” Her eyes closed, as if to ease her mind of the pain, and she said, “Yeah, but don’t stop. I want to.” Slowly, I pushed in and out of her tight, young pussy and I was able to get a little more of my cock in on every push. Before long, I had managed to work all 8 inches of my white cock in her black virgin pussy. And I could tell that the pain had subsided. She began moaning and breathing harder on every in and out motion. She rested her hands on each side of my waist and was pulling my body towards hers everytime I pushed. “Fuck me, Craig. Yeah, harder. Harder. OH FUCK ME, BABY,” she demanded. She was so hot. I couldn’t believe that this was my coworker with whom I’ve become friends. For that moment at least, all friendship went out of the window and lovers took over. Right here on my sofa, Tracy had decided to give herself to me.

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and I didn’t want to explode too soon. So I took my cock out and lifted Tracy off of the sofa. I held Tracy in my arms with her body facing me and her pussy just inches from my cock. I lowered her body just a little to allow my cock to slide back in and I bounced her on my hip. She nearly screamed. She told me that she felt impaled on my stiff cock and it made her hotter. I carried her into the bedroom and lowered both of us onto the bed. I then lifted her legs and bent her knees to her chest and proceeded to pound the shit out her pussy. Tracy went into several screaming orgasms before I finally blew my massive load into her pussy. We were exhausted after that and just laid down aside each other. She then told me that she wanted me to be her first eversince we became close friends. About 20 minutes later, we regained some energy and fucked for another 20 minutes before finally cleaning ourselves and leaving for work.

After her first time having sex, Tracy began wanting us to have sex at least 3 times a day. We were coworkers/lovers for about a year, until she found a better paying job and her family decided that it wasn’t too keen for her to be seen with a man outside her race, especially a White man. We thought of sneaking around but, later realized how wrong and disrespectful it would be to her family. Either way it goes, Tracy will always be my most favorite coworker.