Best Friends Share Everything

Sarah and V have been best friends for more than 15 years. They do everything girls do together. Lay out by the pool. Go see movies. Go out to eat. On this afternoon, V and her husband, Joe, came over because the ladies where going out for an afternoon of shopping in town while their husbands watched a game on TV.

They wasted no time in getting their afternoon started. Sarah grabbed a few beers for the road and headed for the door.

“See you boys later.” V said.

“You girls going partying?” Joe asked.

They giggled and devilishly answered, “Uh huh. We sure are. Don’t wait up boys.” With that they locked arms and bounced out of the house, laughing all the way to the car.

Sarah stopped in front of the car as V rounded the other side. “You know they wonder about it.”

They got in and V looked over at Sarah. “Yeah. I’ve wondered what Joe would say if… Isn’t it fun to keeping them wondering.”

They gave each other that secret grin and Sarah backed out of the driveway.

“So where are we going?” V asked.

“I thought we’d go into town, do a little shopping and grab a bite around six o’clock. Um… And then maybe go pick up a guy or something. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

V gripped the armrests, got a big grin on her face and, without turning her head towards Sarah, she commented. “Fun! We can skip the first part…”

Sarah laughed as she cracked open her beer and stepped on the gas. “Let’s go shopping!”

They had to get their shopping fix, but neither one of them could get what they talked about out of their mind all afternoon. While they were shopping, they would make comments here and there. At one point V asked Sarah what type of man she’d like to pick up.

“As picky as we are V, he’d have to be perfect.” Sarah quipped. “Dark hair. Seductive blue eyes. A smile that just absolutely melts you. A great body. You know… perfection. The kind of guy you only dream about.”

V quivered at the thought, smiled and continued thumbing through the rack of summer dresses. Sarah walked off towards the dressing rooms.

A moment later, V heard “V. C’mere. What do you think of this dress?”

V poked her head around the corner into the dressing room area. Sarah’s back was to her as she stood on a raised platform under a spotlight in front of the mirror wearing a translucent orange knee-high summer dress with big white flowers on it.

Sarah’s back was arched. Her legs were stiffened. She stuck out her ass and had the dress hiked all the way up her left leg, showing her ass and the lace strap of her white panties.

She leaned her back and to the side so she could see V and queried, “You like?”

V approved with a smile and walked right up behind her.

“I like.” V whispered as she put her hand on the back of Sarah’s knee. She slowly ran her hand up the back of Sarah’s leg. She brushed her hand against Sarah’s and then jerked the dress back down as she let out a sigh.

“You look beautiful in that dress.” V said in a low voice and walked out of the dressing room.

They continued with a little playful flirting as they tried on dresses, but they never vocalized their flirtations. It was mysteriously erotic. Even though the boys weren’t around now, they still played their game of not admitting what they’d done long ago.

A few minutes passed and Sarah passed V coming out the dressing room. “Have you found one you like yet?”

“Mmmm hmmm.” V answered sexily. “Would you like to see it?”

“Yes, please.”

“Well. C’mere!” V said as she ducked into a dressing room.

Sarah briskly walked towards the dressing room. She peered in and V was facing her, removing her top. V smiled, turned around and bent over to remove her shorts. Sarah stepped in and put her hands on V’s bare hips and massaged them in large circles, moving closer and closer towards her ass. V remained in her bent-over position for a moment and then grabbed the back of her leg with one hand and slowly stood up. Her other hand was moving up the front of her other leg. As she stood upright, her hand went under Sarah’s dress and met her warmth. Her other hand caressed her own breasts.

Sarah’s hands wrapped around to V’s front. She moved one hand down from V’s stomach to her wetness and the other hand found V’s breasts. Their bodies were pressed tightly together. They began undulating in unison. The wave of motion started at their knees and ended with their heads falling back. Over and over and over again, their bodies were waving in ecstasy as each other’s hands explored one another.

The heavy breathing was peppered with little whimpers and then escalated to quiet moans. Sarah knew how loud she could get and slowly winded down. She backed up a little and bumped into the open dressing room door.

“Oh my god. Did anyone see?” Sarah thought to herself. She closed the door and leaned against it. “Ooops!” Sarah exclaimed as she began to giggle.

V smiled and began to put on her dress, which was a solid yellow sundress with a low-cut v-neck. It complimented her body superbly.

“Wow. You look great in that.” Sarah said. “Let’s wear these out of here. K?”

“Great idea!” V confirmed, smiling.

They giggled and stepped out of the dressing room as if nothing had happened, but both of them were still filled with desire and that chilling feeling of getting away with something that they shouldn’t be doing. The feeling was exhilarating.

They continued shopping and found everything they wanted. It was getting late so they decided to leave and get something to eat. They checked out wearing their new dresses.

On the way to the car, V mentioned that she wanted to go to this new Italian place that she’d heard about, but Sarah insisted that they go to some out-of-the-way wine bar that she thought only served cheese and crackers, if that. On the way out of the parking lot, V gave in and decided wine and cheese would be fine.

“As long as they have Pinot Grigio. At least I can have some Italian wine.” V said with defeat.

“Well I’m sure they have Mozzarella, too.” Sarah teased. “You’re gonna LOVE this place. Trust me.”

They pulled up in front of the quaint little wine bar. As they walked towards the door, they could hear a live band quietly playing blues inside. There were a few people sitting outside in front. A sign on an easel near the front door showcased the blues singer, Dez, and the week’s theme for the art gallery upstairs, Modern Sculptures.

They stepped into this dark, small bar and saw another ten people or so listening to the band. The bar was the size of a small loft apartment, and very cozy and dimly lit.

They scanned the room as they walked towards the counter. “Ooh. Look at that one!” V said with excitement. “Such a distinguished gentleman.”

Sarah pretended she didn’t hear her and continued towards the bar. “A Pinot Grigio and a Chardonnay please.” Sarah said politely. “Also, do you have anything to snack on?”

“Yes ma’am.” The bartender answered. “We have complimentary pretzels or you can order an assorted cheese tray with French bread and grapes.”

V leaned over Sarah’s shoulder and piped in, “Great. We’ll have that!”

Sarah took two drink menus from the bar and they sat down on the same side of a little round table facing the band.

“So what do you think the guys are doing?” V asked.

“Are you kidding? They’re at The Cat’s Meow as we speak.” She answered promptly without looking up. “They’re on their fifth lap dance by now.”

V interrupted, “So look at Mr. Distinguished over there.”

Just as Sarah looked up from her menu to look at this man, the door, which they both faced, opened. The bright sunlight shown through the door and caught both the girls’ attention. The figure of a man walked in, his shape distorted by the collision of the darkness and the intruding sunlight.

The image of this man sharpened as the door began to close. He was tall, tan and had dark hair. He had big shoulders and was athletically built. He was wearing tan slacks and a white dress shirt. As he walked towards them, they finally got a good look at his face. He had a big smile on his face. He was gorgeous.

They were both speechless. They weren’t even nudging each other under the table as they usually do when one of them sees a cute guy. As he passed them, his cologne engulfed them.

Sarah fell back into her chair and thought to herself, “I love it when he wears that.”

V managed to get out, “Scrumptious! Oh my God!”

He walked behind them and greeted the owner of the bar.

Sarah and V turned and noticed he didn’t order a drink. The owner offered him his usual they guessed. As he waited for his drink, he turned towards the band and leaned back on his elbows, resting on the bar behind him. He scanned the bar, looked towards the band and then down and Sarah and V.

V was reaching for a bite of cheese, but Sarah eyes connected with his. He squinted his eyes and grinned at her. She didn’t smile, but she didn’t look away either. She sat there for a moment, glanced over at V and then reciprocated his little grin.

“V. Turn around. Look at his eyes. I think they’re blue… No. Not ye…”

V turned around and he was staring right at her. It caught her completely off guard. She blushed and jerked her head back around.

“Bitch!” V said as she jabbed Sarah. Like two little schoolgirls, they were making no attempts to disguise their flirting. Nor could they.

It was too late to not feel a little embarrassed so V turned back around to give him a good look. He obviously noticed their flirtations because he was smiling when V looked back. He dipped his head so as to nod and gave her a flirtatious smile.

Just then, the owner called his name, Alex, and handed him his drink. He turned around and mentioned something to her. She smiled and nodded. He turned back around with his glass of wine and began walking towards Sarah and V.

He stepped up in between them. Sarah and V were looking straight up at him. In a very playful voice and a very playful look, Alex’ first words were, “Did you know wine is an aphrodisiac?”

“It is not!” replied V.

“I know, but don’t you wish it was!” Alex countered. “Hi. I’m Alex. What are your names?”

“I’m Sarah and this is V… for Vanessa…”

“I haven’t seen you ladies in here before. This is a great place. Did you know they have an art gallery upstairs?” Alex asked.

“You’ll have to show it to us in a little bit. Sit down. Please!” Sarah exclaimed.

V was surprised at Sarah’s forwardness, but thought she’d play along. “Sit over here.” She said as she patted the chair on the other side of her from Sarah.

Sarah smirked at V.

Alex turned around, pulled up a chair and stood there. “I like this attention. I think I’d like to be in between you two. Do you mind?” Alex pushed both of their shoulders hoping they would move away from each other a little so he could fit in. They laughed and Sarah moved over a little to the left. V looked up at Alex. Then she looked at Sarah and reluctantly moved over a little to the right.

“Am I interrupting a girls night out?” Alex asked apologetically.

“On the contrary!” Sarah exclaimed. “You are part of our girls night out.”

V started to shout “Sarah!” but she didn’t. She thought for a split second and played along. “Yeah. You are our entertainment for the evening.”

Alex raised his hand in the air. “Another round here, please!” he shouted out with eagerness. He knew no one could hear him over the music.

They laughed. “Are you trying to get us drunk, Alex?” V coyly inquired.

“Those are for me! It sounds like I’m going to need them!” Alex chuckled.

The conversation went on and the girls got more and more brave with their teasing and flirting. Later, Heather, the bar’s owner showed up with the drinks that Alex ordered the girls before he met them. Alex grinned as if to say, “I know. It was presumptuous…” and excused himself for a moment.

V leaned over towards Sarah. “Now’s your chance.” She said.

“Isn’t he perfect.” Sarah replied. “He’s who we were talking about on the way over here.”

“I know. And that smile. Oooh! What I could do with him!” V said as she stretched in her chair.

“Yes. What WE could do with him.” Sarah reminded V as she put her hand on V’s leg. “WE. Darling.”

Just then, Alex emerged from the bathroom and walked past them towards the band where the stairs led to the art gallery above. As he turned to go up the stairs, he paused for a moment and gave the girls a look. Then he motioned for them to follow.

Without waiting to see if they were coming, he went up the narrow staircase with delicate, fragile railing, which went up and around to the left to connect with the loft that overlooked the bar. At the top of the stairs from the edge of the loft, you could see the front door, the band and a few tables below.

In the gallery, the sculptures lined the sterile white walls. Each one was lit up with small spotlights that shown down like stars from the black ceiling. Apart from a few additional sculptures that were randomly placed throughout the middle of the room, the only other thing in there was a black leather couch and glass coffee table. Looking back down at the bar from the back of the gallery, you could barely see the top of the band’s heads and the top of the front door.

Alex walked into the empty gallery. He was hoping his ploy to entice the girls upstairs would work. He browsed the room, admiring the sculptures. A few minutes passed and Alex never turned around to see if they were coming up. He stopped and stared at a sculpture, unfocused, pretending to read it’s description. His mind was somewhere else.

“C’mon, V. Let’s go see the gallery. I think we’ve made him wait long enough.”

Sarah stood up with her glass and reached for Alex’ glass, but V had already grabbed it. Sarah smiled and made her way to the stairs. V caught up with Sarah and they began their ascent up the staircase.

As they reached the top, they saw him in full light for the first time. The light created shadows that enhanced his already perfect body. His slacks draped off his perfect ass like few they’d seen before.

The band disguised their audible footsteps, but Sarah tiptoed towards Alex nonetheless. She sat her glass down on the table, glanced back at V, smiled and continued on. She couldn’t stop looking him up and down.

She slowly approached him and every part of her body touched him simultaneously. The tips of her shoes stopped at the back of his. Her knees touched the back of his. Her open palms caressed his ass. Her bosoms pressed against his back and her lips connected with his bare neck. She exhaled deeply and whispered, “I’m here.”

She could feel his torso vibrate as he let out a deep “Hhhhmmmm” of satisfaction as he exhaled.

V’s heart was racing. “Sarah was serious!” she thought to herself as she walked towards them.

Alex moved his hands behind him and ticked Sarah’s upper thighs just below her waistline with his fingers. He moved them inwards towards Sarah’s excited, now beating warmth but stopped just short of it. Sarah breathed out deeply again onto his neck, pushing harder into him.

V, shocked but excited, put down her two glasses and hesitantly walked towards them, whose bodies were swaying slightly from side to side.

Just as Sarah had approached Alex, V walked up behind Sarah. She saw what Sarah had done to Alex and she wanted to give Sarah the same thrilling embrace. First her lips connected with Sarah’s neck. Then her bosoms pressed into her back. She ran her hands down Sarah’s sides, over her ass and stopped on the back of her legs, giving her a slight squeeze and a pleasing scratch with her nails. And her knees pressed into the back of Sarah’s.

Alex steadied himself from the new force upon him and then he felt two more hands come around each side, over his biceps and over his chest. He knew V had joined in on the moment. He leaned his head back onto Sarah’s shoulder and began teasing her wetness with his fingertips. Sarah’s tiny convulsions and erratic breathing let Alex know he was on the right track.

The octopus of pleasuring arms quickly brought beads of sweat over the bodies of all three. They could no longer hear the music below nor see anything in the brightly-lit gallery. They only had the senses of smell, touch and taste.

Alex leaned forward slightly to gesture that he was moving. He stepped forward with Sarah and V still embracing him. He turned around slowly, leaned against the wall and opened his arms. Sarah moved into his left arm and V to his right. They each put a hand on his shoulder and the other on his chest and began kissing his neck. Their breasts were firmly pressed against his arms.

Alex moved his hands down to their hips and began inching their dresses up slowly. The girl’s hands were moving all over his chest and over each other’s hands. The last inch of dress came up on both girls at the same time and Alex’ fingers touched the soft bare skin of their asses at the same time. They each let out a sigh. Sarah kissed his cheek and Alex turned his head to kiss her again.

He squeezed her ass only and pulled her into him tightly to let her know he knew she was special. She smiled, moved her free hand up to his face and pulled it to her lips. A slow, wet kiss ensued. They shared each other’s warmth as their tongues met. It grew with intensity and motion. Sarah was breathing into Alex’ mouth. For a moment, they were one.

V, feeling neglected, kissed Alex’ ear and ran her hand down low, just above Alex’ bulging excitement and back up towards his neck. Alex gave Sarah one last nibble on her lip and turned his head to met V’s moist lips.

The energy building was so great, that Alex had no regard for where they were. His hand pressed hard into V’s ass and moved upwards over her waist, dragging her dress with it. She was completely exposed and didn’t care. His hand continued moving upwards and met her breast. They kissed even more deeply. He gently worked his hand under her bra to find her hard nipple. He cupped her breast and let her nipple slip between two of his fingers. He squeezed his fingers together, further teasing her nipple to attention and trying to elicit a moan from her. She obliged.

Sarah, seeing V exposed, moved her hand over to V’s stomach. Moving up and down between her breasts and back down to her panty line. She’d occasionally slip one of her fingers into the top of her panties, touching her hair. V would twitch her pelvis each time.

As Sarah teased V, Alex moved his arm on Sarah’s side back to her ass. She was wearing g-string panties. He slipped his hand under the string and moved down over her ass and under her. He pulled up on her to put pressure on her just as his finger met the wetness. Sarah lifted off the floor to her tiptoes in excitement and buried her head in his neck, sucking and licking it. In her excitement, Sarah ran her hand down into V’s panties, finding her now-soaking pussy and began teasing her clit.

The fevered pitch among these three was reaching a climax. Sarah, knowing the band was playing, knew she did not have to restrain her vocalized approach to orgasm. She began her journey to ecstasy. Her entire body was twitching. Her moans grew louder and louder even though her face was buried in Alex’ neck.

Alex kissed Sarah’s cheek enticing her to leave to comfort of his neck and come back to his lips. Her moans got louder as she brought her face up and met his lips. She quickened the pace of her fingers teasing V’s clit as her own orgasm climaxed. Moans overcame both girls as they ground their excitement into the others’ hand. Alex worked Sarah’s clit faster and faster and began pinching V’s nipple harder and harder. V’s moans got louder. The roof could have blown off the building and none of them would have known it.

Hearing and feeling Sarah, V’s climax overcame her. Sarah and Alex were breathing each other’s breath again, as her orgasm began to wind down. As Alex pulled his hand away, he slipped it between her lips and into Sarah one last time. Sarah convulsed and stiffened her tongue in his mouth, running it around and around.

V’s orgasm, at its peak, had her convulsing and moving up and down Alex’ side – grinding her breasts into him. Alex turned to her. Her head was back. Her eyes were flickering and her mouth was open awaiting him. He kissed her hard and furiously, as Sarah worked her clit faster and faster. V was moaning indiscernible words in Alex’ mouth as they kissed. Sarah leaned over closer to V and began kissing and licking the part of V’s neck and chest that was exposed through her v-neck dress.

V grabbed Alex’ stiffness and arched her back as she winded down. Alex pulled them into him tightly and their hands returned to his chest. The girls’ hair was slightly matted to their foreheads with light perspiration. Their dresses had fallen back down. He hugged them for who knows how long and then looked up into the room. He saw a shadow approaching the top of the stairs.

He returned his hands to the girl’s asses, gave them one last squeeze and pushed off from wall with his back. He walked towards the middle of the room as a young waiter made his way in to see if we required more drinks.

“Alex. How are you this evening? See anything you like?” the waiter asked.

“Jimmy. There are two beautiful pieces up here that I’m tempted to take home with me.” Alex replied.

“I see you don’t need any drinks.” Jimmy stated as he looked down at the coffee table with three full glasses of wine. “I’ll come back a little later to check on your party.”

Alex nodded and turned around to see the girls. They were holding each other, looking at Alex and laughing.

“I think little Jimmy was embarrassed.” Sarah said.

“Come back here, Alex.” V whimpered with pouting lips. “Hold us.”

Alex walked up to the girls. He could feel their heat emanating from them just before hear hugged them both.

“That’s probably the best tip Jimmy has gotten in a long time!” Alex exclaimed. “You should have seen how sexy you girls looked hugging like that.”

Alex slowly ran his hands down the girl’s arms as he backed away from hugging them. He grasped their hands.

“Come sit down with me. Let’s finish our wine on the couch.” Alex seductively implored as he walked backwards towards the couch.

The girls smiled and walked with him. Alex turned around, picked up his glass and sat down in the middle of the couch.

The girls grabbed their glasses and walked to opposite sides of Alex. As they sat down right next to him, Alex spread out his legs further and Sarah and V each brought a leg over onto Alex’ legs.

“So what’s your last name, Alex?” V queried.

Before Alex could answer, Sarah decided it was time to let the secret out. “It’s Daniels. Alex Daniels. Sarah answered with a huge grin on her face. “It’s he wonderful!”

“Oh my god! You set this up, didn’t you? V shouted with a gaping grin.

“I sure did! I’ve been seeing Alex for weeks and when I told him about you and me, he got so excited. He wasn’t in on it. Were you, honey?” Sarah leaned over and kissed Alex.

“And I knew he wouldn’t blow it because I knew he wouldn’t let on that he knew me in front of you. He had no idea know you were coming tonight.”

“You little devil. I don’t know if I should be happy or mad as hell! When do we get to do this again?’ V jokingly asked.

“The night’s not over, sweetheart! Finish your glass of wine.” Sarah said with authority.