Assfucking 101

I was an 18 years old college freshman and living in a coed dorm. I was also quite a shy kid and didn’t know very many people in the dorm but I did make friends with the RA. She was a 21 year old Puerto Rican senior pre-med major. Since I was also pre-med, she sort of took me under her wing when I came to the school.

One evening I was preparing to take a shower, so I slipped on my robe and was walking down the hall to the showers. The RA was standing in the hallway, she complimented me on my robe, which was a black, silk robe that barely came down to my knees. It was a high school graduation gift and since I never used a robe at home, I had no other robe to use, so I used it despite the many jokes from the other guys in the dorm that called me Hugh Hefner whenever I wore it.

Well I thanked her for the compliment and she said “before you take your shower I wanted to give you that book you were asking me about, however, I am about to go out so come and get it now.”

I said “Ok” and followed her, actually I was walking behind her staring at her soft ample behind. She normally dressed down with sweats and t-shirt but tonight she had on a tight black dress with her hair and make-up done to perfection.

As I walked in her room, I noticed that it wasn’t in its usually state of student disarray but neatsome may even have considered it clean.

I said to her jokingly, “expecting someone over?”

She said “yes.”

“Ok, let me get the book and go before they get here, I said.

She said, “it’s over there on the desk.”

So I went to retrieve it. As I did, she closed the door. This was strange because anytime myself or any of the guys in the dorm was in her room, the door was to remain open, university rules.

So I got the book and was about to leave when she said, “do you like me?”

“Sure,” I said naively, “I like you a lot, you have been a great mentor.”

“No,” she said, “I mean if you had the chance, would you want to sleep with me?”

Now I was completely stunned, here is this gorgeous woman and she want to know if I wanted to have sex would her, was she crazy, of course I did, shit, I had sex with every day in my fantasies.

So I said, “Uhh…yeah…uhh, I think so.”

I was scared as hell not knowing what to say or do next. She told me to go sit on her bed and told me to lean back.

“Don’t be nervous” she said, “I like you alot and I think we can be real close.”

She then began to kiss me. She kissed me more than I kissed her because I was still shocked. She saw how nervous I was and asked if I was a virgin.

I said “no,” which was technically true, I did have sex one time with my old girlfriend but she chickened out midway through so I never came. But I did penetrate, so I wasn’t a virgin. I don’t think she believed me.

She said “I going to treat you real nice, we can take it nice and slow.”

She started to move to my crotch, she undid my robe and my dick sprang forth, it was rock hard. She looked at it, smiled at me and then she flipped her hair out of the way and then began to suck my dick. She licked the head and worked her way down to my balls, which she put in her mouth and then began to hum. It felt weird and good at the same time. I didn’t know what to do next. Was I just suppose to lay here while she sucked my dick?

So I said to her, “let me eat you.”

She shifted her body around so that her pussy and ass were in my face. She still had on her underwear, so I pushed it to the side and started to lick her pussy. I know I wasn’t quite doing it right because she stopped me and pointed out her clit and told me to suck that, which I did. It eventually produced the desired effect because she started moaning and writhing around over my face. My hands were all over her big, juicy ass and becoming emboldened by her response, I decided to slip my finger in her asshole.

She stopped sucking my dick and said, “Oh that feel so good, Papi” and then some other things in Spanish I didn’t understand. So I kept sucking on her clit and sliding my finger in and out of her asshole.

She cried out, “Aye Papi, I am gonna cum. Aye no mejo” or something like that and then she said “shit, motherfucker” and started wriggling until she fell off of me and slid to the floor.

She looked at me and said, “You got a little freak in you, don’t you.”

I didn’t know how to answer that, so I just smiled. She laughed and said she like my smile and then asked me if I liked her big ass.

I quickly answered, “Of course, I do.”

Then she asked me “When the guys in the dorm get together to talk about women what do they say about me.”

I hesitated for a second and she told me to be honest. “Well,” I said, “they don’t talk about you much because of the type of clothes you wear but about two weeks ago, you did become the topic of conversation because of some bicycle shorts you had on.”

“Really, I remember that. What did they say?” she said as if she barely wait for me to finish the sentence.

“The guys who saw you, all they talked about you was what a big juicy booty you had and how they would have never guessed that had such a phat ass.”

She just smiled and then she said “I know they said dirtier stuff than that.”

“Yeah,” I said , “they all agreed that if given the chance they would love to fuck you up the ass.”

She looked at me and said, “well what about you, would you like to fuck me up the ass?”

She stood up and turned around and said “Would like to stick your big dick up my ass?”

It looked so fucking good, I blurted out, “Hell yeah!”

Which caused her to laugh more and say “I knew you were a stone cold freak, the quiet ones always are.”

She walked over to her bureau and pulled out some condoms and some KY jelly. She told me if we are going to do this, we are going to do this right. She took off all of her clothes and opened the condom package and put the rubber on my very hard dick.

Then she laid on her back, on the floor and said, “I want you to put it in my pussy first and fuck me a little, while trying to see if you can make me cum again.”

Well, I wanted to live up to the challenge, so I got on top of her and began to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. My 9″ dick, (at that I was measuring it every day hoping it would get bigger, what did I know) was going in and out of her very wet pussy. She was using her moans and groans to direct my tempo and my movements, finally she said “Pass me the KY Jelly.”

I gave it to her and like the mentor she was, she explained that for first time assfucking, missionary position is usually less painful than doggy style for women. She lubed up my dick and then she eased it into her ass. I could not believe how good it felt.

I started to push all the way in, she stopped me and said, “Slow down, you are too big, ease it in.”

So I slowly moved back and forth inside her as she closed her eyes and whispered something over and over again in Spanish. I knew I was going to cum if I didn’t pull out of her, it felt too fucking good. So I pulled out.

She asked me what the problem was, I told her it felt so good I was about to cum.

She said, “That’s the problem so was I, I was almost there.”

Then she told me to lie down. She turned her back to me and grabbed my dick and slid down on top of it, then she leaned all the way forward. All I could see was her perfect luscious ass in front of me, my dick buried in her asshole. She told me not to do anything and she began to rock back and forth.

If I thought it felt good before, the sensation just increased by a 1000 percent. The combination of the visual of her big juicy Puerto Rican ass and her squeezing my dick with each rocking motion was driving me insane. I wanted to cum so badly. Then I heard her let out a soft cry and she sat up and began to bounce up and down on my dick for a few minutes. Then she leaned back and said, “Roll me over.”

So I rolled over with her and was now on her back with my dick deep in her ass. She shouted at me to fuck her hard. She didn’t have to tell me twice, I just started fucking that soft behind, when she said harder. Yes, I will fuck you harder and I began to pound that big ass into the ground. She was just grunting underneath me and I just kept fucking her.

Then she said, “Oh God, I want you to cum with me, I want you to shoot your load in my ass.”

So she started moaning even louder which turned me on even more, until she screamed, “Oh God, I am cumming,” as loud as was possible.

My dick jumped inside of her and I let loose a huge load and then it must have jerked ten times afterwards with her squeezing her asshole each time as if she was milking it.

After awhile she told me to take it out. We climbed into her bed and she fell asleep in my arm. We continued to see each other on occasion but she was preparing to go to Medical School and her time became limited. But I have never forgotten how she sent me on neverending quest of finding that perfect ass.

Thank you Dr., wherever you are